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  1. Writing up a thread full of ideas I have, be sure to check it out soon!

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Looking forward to them.

  2. I wrote something in the Asylum about the British Industrialization and how we may end up in a mine or mineshaft in the future. I predicted that the mine would actually be in Britain because that's where the last Watt's Steam Engine that I talked about in my post was located. So I was right about the whole mine thing but was off on the actual location. Still, I'm pretty proud that I did that much. Here's the thread for those who are interested: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/153206-could-britain-be-our-next-stop/
  3. Played 3 games of Zombies today, all over 30. I gotta say it was a good day.

  4. Tired AF but need to learn about all the cool new features!

  5. Hello, name's Rickety Cricket. I've been on the site for almost two years, I'm glad to see that it's back! I just thought I'd post an intro for anyone new and for those who might remember me. I used browse these forums everyday and post occasionally and now that I'm in college and have a ridiculous amount of free time, I'll be here a lot more and I'll definitely be playing zombies way more too. So add me if you're down to play! I'm also working on some zombies fan fiction that I'm really excited to share with everyone here on the site. See you around, Rickety Cricket
  6. In Ascension you recovered the Kashmir mechanism with was used to charge the V device on Moon, so it's EE was important to the story and the Moon EE. However I do agree in that the MotD crew's story is finished It would be cool to find out what happened to Weasel after what happened in MotD but chances are that we'll never see them again.
  7. Flamethrower without a doubt. So many good times...
  8. There's also a cure in the begining of Turned too remember? I defintely think there's more to the VR-11 that is to be discovered.
  9. I'm not new but I never got around to actually making one of these but now I think it's appropriate since I'm posting and participating on the site much more than I used to be. Anyway, name's Rickety Cricket and if you watch or have seen Sunny in Philadelphia you may notice that my user name comes from one of the characters in the show. I'm a big fan of the show and this was alias when I played Garry's Mod so I figured I'd just use it universally for everything I do on the internet. I'm a big Zombies fan, obviously, but I'm also a huge fan of other series like BioShock, Dead Space, Halo, Borderlands and the list goes on. I also live in Iowa, and no I don't live on a farm. If you're ever down to play some zombies or anything else just hit me up, my gamertag is loacted on the right.
  10. The TranZit navcard does actually work on the Die Rise table. And if your refering to Microsoft points when you say MS points, thats probably not what Jimmy is refering to when he says points, CoD doesn't do microtransactions. Plus having to use real cash to unlock parts of the map would just alienate the entire fan base. However I think these navcards could very possibly open new parts of the map or alter it in some way. I wish we just had more info on them. Oh and welcome to the site! :D
  11. Oh my god, that glitch is so friggin' annoying. I was playing once and my buddy and I went straight for bowie and after I got it we knifed through the Jumping Jack round and I got Who's Who. The following round I went down and I got revived only to find that it glitched and I couldn't knife and the bowie was all I had. I intentionally jumped off the building to my death, spewing vulgarities on my way down.
  12. I can't believe I've never noticed all the clues. Great work bringing this to the light!
  13. I wrote a theory about coal mining in Britain during the industrial revolution and I think i've figured out what the thing is in the corner of the Die Rise loading screen. As for the game over sound, I think the crashing sounds too light to be prison bars. Going along with my theory about mining, I think it could possibly be the sound of a mineshaft elevator/cab slamming. viewtopic.php?f=103&t=29310
  14. Eventually every map becomes easy because we all find our strategies. I was really hoping there would be not very many open spaces because I absolutely hate trains. In my opinion they require no skill and are boring as hell. No offense to those who train I just don't find it as fun as other strategies.
  15. Guess so.. anyone see any sign of revolution? Nope. Just Chuck Testa.
  16. It's 4:15 here in CST and no map pack yet. Will it just eventually pop up in the store or do I have to restart the game in order for it to show up when it releases?
  17. I agree with these two points 100% I miss camping, I think 3Arc needs to bring this back. (IE a good few spots with no "roaming" bosses) And I miss boss rounds. I've tried playing with hellhounds enabled in survival, but it's not the same and the fact that leader boards don't reflect make it seem self defeating to play that way. But the return of a proper boss like The Dr, Dogs or Monkeys would make me very happy. I always have the most fun when I camp with a group of friends. The whole nowhere to run feeling of camping is so much fun. I really hope DR has some sweet spots.
  18. Said it earlier im gonna say it again...Can wait for the hate threads about Die Rise! Close quarter maps will always be a nightmare for train whores, that wont play team stradegy game play. Die rise aparently will be tight and as jimmy says in one of latest tweet: From the first drawing of die rise on the white board wall in my office, all I could think was..."many people are going to fall". Good luck! This map in my opinion will be one of the hardest made! Lets see.. That's exactly why I love close quarter maps. No trains. I cannot stand hearing kids boast about high rounds when all they do is run in a circle. Whenever I matchmake for Green Run it's nothing but jerkoffs who venture off on their own and run trains. Real helpful for the team.
  19. It's not TranZit. Those things you listed will be in every BO2 map from now on. TranZit is the only one to feature them because it's the first map on BO2. Besides Charlie Intel played the map and tweeted about it saying it was one compact map. No bus or anything like that. TranZit was exclusive to Green Run.
  20. I think it's all about ratios. You get those right, you rank up. This guy has a pretty good theory on it. http://community.callofduty.com/thread/ ... ?tstart=30
  21. I totally said Die Rise was the gamemode a few days ago. They advertised Green Run/TranZit by calling the whole thing TranZit. They'll probably advertise all the maps like this by calling it by the main gamemode.
  22. They also never once said that TranZit was the new campaign or that they weren't scrapping it. And if you would so kindly explain which "clues" suggest that Die Rise is a TranZit map? Since they are obvious.
  23. Spoiler alert: Every map is gonna feature that stuff from now on. Doesn't mean it's a TranZit map.
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