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  1. Rickety Cricket

    New Moon Loading Screen?

    It seems as if we're wiping away and rewriting history with BO3, if that wasn't already obvious, but the loading screen is sort of alerting us to the extent in which we'll be doing so, or how far down the rabbit hole we'll be going, for lack of a better word. Let's take a quick look at some things: In The Giant trailer it opens with Richtofen "killing" Maxis and Samantha. However, we know this to be false. In our original timeline Samantha is taken to Griffin Station, but if we look at the actual loading screen it looks like she's gone to Shangri-La rather. (Credit to Slade for piecing that together.) I am uncertain of what forces would have caused this particular change in the timeline, only time will tell. Same goes for the lack of Griffin Station on the Moon and why there's only 2 men rather than 4. Could it be that Samantha was taken to Shangri-La and was able to successfully guide Brock and Gary out before Richotofen could? I find this unlikely but nothing is impossible. So back to The Giant trailer, it's shown in the trailer that the Origins Richtofen kills the OG Richtofen. The loading screen is the testament to the things set in motion by this. A good example is the V-Device disappearing from the new loading screen. http://s3.postimg.org/6a70j9jkz/loading.png With Richtofen dead, there was no one to recover it and therefore, non-existent. I think they key to solving this new loading screen mystery is to look not only forward but also backward. We need to understand what each panel means on the original loading screen and why it's there. From there we can essentially figure out what kind of changes we'll be setting in motion.
  2. Writing up a thread full of ideas I have, be sure to check it out soon!

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Looking forward to them.

  3. Played 3 games of Zombies today, all over 30. I gotta say it was a good day.

  4. Tired AF but need to learn about all the cool new features!

  5. Good Call Out. I saw (and still see) a mine cart wheel and we'll be playing under ground in a coal mining area.. Not really sure where I absolutely agree. If this is the case then I believe it will be in Britain, northern Britain more precisely. Read my thread on Britian's Industrial Revolution I explain why. viewtopic.php?f=103&t=29310
  6. I think I might have a clue as to what it is. I wrote and posted my theory in the Asylum section though. viewtopic.php?f=103&t=29310
  7. Rickety Cricket

    Grief Mode General Discussion/FAQ/Directory

    I can actually act like a douche bag and win now. It's perfect! But seriously I think it's amazing.
  8. Rickety Cricket

    Can you guys catch me up please?

    Forgive me if I come off rudely but all of these questions you are asking can be answered by reading other threads on the site. Just take a little time and back track to some of the old threads to get yourself more caught up on things. As for you not being able to afford the game, have you thought of renting it or hanging out with a buddy who has it already?
  9. Rickety Cricket

    Picture Library- Read and Inform Yourself

    I don't think Tranzit actually ends. You just complete the tasks then you just survive for as long as you can. I remember the devs saying at the CoDXP that the best thing about zombies is theres no IF you will die, it's WHEN and the feeling of that is what makes the game even more fun and gives the game higher replay ability.
  10. Rickety Cricket

    What do you think?

    I absolutely love it. Can't wait!
  11. Rickety Cricket

    Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    I listen to dubstep when i'm playing games sometimes, but it's not like something I listen to on a plane ride. I don't hate dubstep and it's fun to listen to in certain situations however I believe zombies is not the place. Zombies has always had that dark evil feel that rock/metal, whatever you wanna call it, music goes great with. The songs from the EEs always make the game more intense, at least for me.
  12. Rickety Cricket

    Fattening up Zombies

    I must disagree. The majority of players in the community support and love these new additions. This is the third game zombies has been in, if they didn't change anything i'm sure it would get boring and players would get upset. Besides Treyarch isn't stupid they know how to create a perfect balance so players won't find themselves frustrated or disappointed in how the game turns out. You have to trust Treyarch, it's their job to make good games and this forum wouldn't exist if they didn't.
  13. Rickety Cricket

    The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    First of all let me just say I absolutely love your theory Tac you have a lot of great evidence and ideas and I respect the time and effort put into this. However I do not believe Shangri-La is on Mars. I think it's the entrance to Agartha and is on or even inside earth. Mars seems a bit too far fetched and there are some critical holes in the theory.Now I have a theory for the loading screen. I think the loading screen is depicting the destruction of Shangri-La after Rictofen got the focusing stone and left and in the Moon loading screen the pyramid seen is from the tornado throwing it into space during the destruction of the temple.
  14. It loaded fine. Just because it's capable of that doesn't mean it will happen. The were probably saying that so players can understand what zombies will be capable of due to the new MP engine. Well either way treyarch will try to makes its fans happy. Even if there is 8 players or 4. I really hope your right. I'm very skeptical about 8 players. Can't you tell? ;)
  15. It loaded fine. Just because it's capable of that doesn't mean it will happen. The were probably saying that so players can understand what zombies will be capable of due to the new MP engine.

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