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  1. Writing up a thread full of ideas I have, be sure to check it out soon!

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Looking forward to them.

  2. Played 3 games of Zombies today, all over 30. I gotta say it was a good day.

  3. Tired AF but need to learn about all the cool new features!

  4. Good Call Out. I saw (and still see) a mine cart wheel and we'll be playing under ground in a coal mining area.. Not really sure where I absolutely agree. If this is the case then I believe it will be in Britain, northern Britain more precisely. Read my thread on Britian's Industrial Revolution I explain why. viewtopic.php?f=103&t=29310
  5. I think I might have a clue as to what it is. I wrote and posted my theory in the Asylum section though. viewtopic.php?f=103&t=29310
  6. Ok let's look at some of the things that could have something to do with this easter egg. -Pop. Counter -Nuke drop countdown clock -The generator next to the yellow house -The fallout shelter -The honking bus Now we dissect. The pop. counter is still sort of a mystery as is the countdown timer, it appears that the countdown timer shows how close to 00 the pop. counter is. Now the generator next to the yellow house, if you shoot it or throw explosives at it it make a strange explosion type thing. In the MP version on BO1 it also makes the explosion however on MP it releases regular old orange flame but in zombies it's purple. Odd. On to the fallout shelter, if there really is an EE it defintely includes this shelter. In case you don't already know, if you knife it you can hear a voice inside and it sounds like and more than likely is Marlton from TranZit. Getting inside the shelter is out of the question though because sometimes there's a maniquin in front of it but if there's not you can approach it but if you look at the ground while walking into the door you'll notice that there's an invisible barrier keeping you from even touching it. Also the honking bus, some say it's the bus from TranZit and that's how Marlton gets to Green Run. There's really no way of proving that but it makes sense but it could also be the school bus in the middle. Who knows? I also noticed that behind the green house if you look out in the distance you can see two buildings these buildings are not in the MP version at all. They are super far out so there's no way players can interact with them but I do think they are related to the EE and the story of Nuketown Zombies. That's really all that i've observed, i'm sure there's more out there for us to discover hopefully with it coming out for season pass holders we can have more people on the case.
  7. I can actually act like a douche bag and win now. It's perfect! But seriously I think it's amazing.
  8. well, to be fair. im kinda in the wrong i cant really focus right now. sorry. if mods want to delete this page ok. No need to be sorry, this site is a place of debate and new ideas. You're not in the wrong at all. You shared your ideas and we discusssed. Just because we may disagree doesn't mean your ideas are bad. I honestly think you should expand on those other map features you mentioned, you have some awesome ideas.
  9. Your ideas for map features like the flooding and stuff sounds great imo but your ideas for engine and core gameplay changes just sound ridiculous, not trying to sound rude.
  10. I disagree with a lot of what you've said. If the way zombies works bothers you, I suggest you try a new game. However I completely agree with what you said about trains, I feel they require no skill and get extremely boring. I cannot tell you how many times i've gotten into a game where it's either some little kid or some douche bag who just goes awol and runs trains it's incredibly annoying. TA does need to develop a way to counter act people who do this, i'm not saying completely eradicate trains but instead make them more difficult. I know people who talk about how boss they are for getting high rounds when all the did was run a train, it no longer becomes a matter of skill but of time and perserverance.
  11. Maybe, and i'm just totally taking a shot in the dark here, Abigail was one of Samantha's friends and was the daughter of a 935 scientist like Mix said. Abigail grew up and had a daughter of her own but was later killed to cover up any evidence of 935. So Abigail's daughter then grew up and had a girl of her own and named her Abigail after he deceased mother. Abigail II didnt like being named after he dead grandmother and went by the name of Misty instead. Like I said total blind guess here.
  12. Forgive me if I come off rudely but all of these questions you are asking can be answered by reading other threads on the site. Just take a little time and back track to some of the old threads to get yourself more caught up on things. As for you not being able to afford the game, have you thought of renting it or hanging out with a buddy who has it already?
  13. We need a small militia of players to play a game devoted to figuring out what is up with the church. It defintely has something going on with it. Maybe the mysterious EMPs have something to do with the windows and lights in town.
  14. He's probably tweeting about an episode of Law & Order or something.

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