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Strangest glitch EVER?

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Hey guys, so I hit round 37 on the No Doors Open solo challenge on Moon, setting a new world record; proper gameplay video to come soon but I had to show you guys this...

I go down at round 37, get back up and buy my 2nd QR. At the exact moment that the QR registers, I also take a 2nd hit. The result is some strange ghost-mode glitch, the zombies think I'm dead but I'm still basically alive apart from the fact that I can't draw my gun, knife, take off my PES or anything.

I can open doors, so I jump off the cliff and teleport straight back to the Recieving Bay???

So I try teleporting, noticing that new spawners go for me but can't hit me. Once I teleport though, even though I can't do much I can get hit again, so I let the zombies kill me so I can get my end-game scoreboard.

Strange shit...

Gameplay highlights video HERE.

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What I find interesting is that you gain 9900 as you teleport back to the Receiving Bay, as if you had been brought back from Last Stand/Second Chance. The zombies start noticing you as well, so that the teleport must of finished the 'reviving phase', but still left you invulnerable and without any direct actions (except for opening doors).

You still seemed to have Quick Revive after finishing the 'revive phase', but the Cosmonaut steals that from you. I wonder if you would've had Quick Revive indefinitely had he not stolen it?

The MDT teleport must've made you vunerable again, since you're essentially starting a new game mode when you teleport. Must have reset it and removed your invulnerability, but still didn't allow any direct actions.


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Yeah Rissole I was thinking, I didn't try and take off my helmet after teleporting. The game could well have returned to normal but just stole all of my weapons. Either way I'd opened doors so the challenge was over ;)

Yeah yeti I already posted the vid on the forums before you made that post ;) as you see in the video I was getting so many drops in the 30s, nice amount of ammos as well as ammo saving drops like nukes and instas.

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For the Receiving Bay thing, that's programmed into the game. Play a game of Solo, grab Quick Revive, and jump off the cliff. You'll end up back at the Receiving Bay without your Quick Revive.

I'm pretty sure that's happened to me once, but I'm pretty sure a hotfix was released were you die instantly, just like diving into an excavator with Quick Revive will still kill you. I've dived off the cliff with Quick Revive countless times to know you die right away.

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