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  1. Could this actually symbolise the start of a big old egg? saw it ages ago, does not appear when I search in general, and took me ages to find it again. y2LS2v5-Ct8 I know, I've been offline here for ages, but thought I'd come back to say this, hope that's ok.
  2. very weird . . . like others i must now visit your channel and watch the wr, as let's face it, that's the impressive part.. [brains] (excuse the sig, needs updating)
  3. that bit to me sounds like . "maximum amount of two weapons reached" that's what i hear.
  4. can i just point out that is not the sun imo. i think it is an explosion some distance away (nuke). there is a definate flash in the sky above the light, and the general dark sky elsewhere suggests the sun hs already gone . . . .no? still not mystery box, perhaps a suggestion of one, let's hope so
  5. that's the generator, just outside the map. the gershable egg starter.
  6. I don't know what a SN is... o_o And I do have CotD, but I don't understand how to get that trophy, cause I did it before and I didn't get credit. pretty sure "sn" stands for "site name" so his psn tag should be the same as his name here on codz? that's the case for myself and half the guys on here. i hope that's helpfull. i got to say i've been helped and helped many others get the space race. best done with four ppl, we did it four times in a row, each time by round 5, once by round 4!!!! shame i'm an ex boxer . . (xboxer)
  7. i totally agree, to ban someone from posting their fb page because of criticism is just wrong. i love treyarch as a maker of a good game(s) but to hear this upsets me somewhat. [brains] for you for pointing this out.
  8. brief and to the point, and exactly what i was looking to read. greenthumb 4 u sir.
  9. change filter to evryone and see no mans land . . .
  10. then how come there are 14 new names on the leaderboard (the testers names have been removed, 14 new names) :?: :?: :?: :?:
  11. are you using a mobile/iphone/blackberry/ipod, that can cause problems. if not then call xbox support, my classic map code failed, phoned xbox they asked for a scanned image, i sent it, they se4nt me aworking code within the hour.
  12. yes, but how can it be 1000 in uk when it's 1100 in hawaii? that would put hawaii 1hr ahead of uk. hawaii is 10hrs behind uk!!
  13. so . . . how fucking pointless was it getting up @ 730am? cuntflaps!!!!!
  14. have you seen at the bottom, change new year countdown to another timezone? ha ha, bit lazy that.
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