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You Knew You Were Good When...

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There have been a couple moments where I thought "Wow, I'm getting pretty damn good at this game..."

I dabbled in a bit of Zombies in WaW, but nothing too serious. Started playing it a lot more in Black Ops, and when the game came out I was playing a lot of Kino with a friend who played a lot of zombies in the previous game. I thought he was amazing at the game. A few months later we played Ascension, and I carried HIM to round 32. He had something like 30 downs by the end, and I had none (until the very end). It was one of those "The student has become the master" type of moments, when I realized I had clearly surpassed the guy that I thought was an amazing player in the beginning.

Another was a 4 player game on Moon. All three of my friends ended up dying early in round 25, and I had to solo the entire round with all of them spectating. I wasn't even struggling at all, and they're all going on about how "beast" I am and everything, while I'm like "Nah, this is easy mode!"

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I spent a week sick in bed just after Ascension came out but was sticking to Kino. Almost every game I was getting messages from people spectating asking me why I was doing this, that, how I was kiting etc.

Then I played COTD co-op and my first down was on 49. I thought that was a little bit special, especially as it was a 11 hour game.

What.The.F*ck.Explain.please!!! :D

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I knew I was good when playing Kino with some randoms, brother and sister on split screen.

I admit, their ability to handle boredom was admirable as they began going down every round past 10. I was running the whole map loop (MP40 side only) and took it to about R22 when the hordes started to get pretty thick, 0 downs at this point. The siblings were at first astonished, but as I started to make clutch moves to grab powerups and keep myself interested, i.e. go prone in spawn room and try to kill the train with Dragonuv, then run and grab powerups before continuing, the siblings began to voice their concerns for my well-being.

I was being silent on the mic and just snickering to myself at their exclamations. After a few rounds though, they started to get a bit abusive, yelling obscenities and ordering me to go this way or that. I took them to R27 before I decided I'd had enough and came on my mic to let them know how rude they were being, before suiciding by frag.

You know you're good when you can control the game in such a way.

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