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Zombie/Horde count chart for solo

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Most of you guys know that the old zombie count formula was incorrect.

Here is the new formula discovered by BinText which is 100% accurate past round 12..

Number of zombies per round  
Single player =0.0842 * (R)^2 + 0.1954 * (R) + 22.05
2 Players =0.1793 * (R)^2 + 0.0405 * (R) + 23.187
3 Players =0.262 * (R)^2 + 0.301 * (R) + 33.114
4 Players =0.3462 * (R)^2 + 0.4964 * (R) + 43.164

Replace 'R' with Row() Function in Excel to make this formula work.

EDIT:I promised I was going to update my previous chart and I finally did because the previous one was bit confusing to read. Let me know if you guys see any inconsistencies.

Here is the spreadsheet I uploaded recently which could be a good resource for those that are doing high rounds in solo.

Tested on Ascension.

Credit to DuckCall00 for directing me to http://denkirson.proboards.com website and & BinText for discovering this formula.



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So what exactly does this constitute in terms of how long each round should take versus the general consensus before?

Way, don't get discouraged. A lot of people that read this section are newer and aren't familiar with the logistics like us older users are. I gave you brains :)

See, this is why CODZ rocks! We are redefining the game of zombies and solving the intricacies of the game, making everyone more aware of exactly how to play and how this wonderful creation works!

Solid work; keep it up. Can I get a short written explanation of this for the Master Zombies Guide man? It'd be much appreciated.

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Well as seen in the "Power Up Drop Code" or also here in the zombie spawn formula, we are given some part of the game code, which is just not complete, but goes in the correct direction.

Now this formula made here is made so that it totally fits all the measured values, meaning measurement and formula fit each other. Now I'm not sure if some random variable is in the game calculation, that determines how many zombs you get.But to be honest, I'd rather go after this formula than the other one.

So have also some brains from me.

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I'm possibly missing something very stupid but where is the actual zombie count per round?

This would definitely get brains from me if I got it.

I found CODZ whilst searching for the creators or discoverers of this formula. I had had a big game on COTD and realised that the old one was out, hence searching for here!

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Chopper, that new formula is bit off for first few rounds. But it is 100% accurate after round 12. The numbers on the right are the Actual zombies count in the game and the ones on the left are calculated using the formula I quoted. Green indicates they match. Let me know if it makes sense.

The first 5 rounds were calculated using the code from the game. And we know its correct. Multiplier of 0.15 * round is just not right as it was thought to be.

I will post a better chart that simplifies all variables, this was me at work, may be I need to stop doing this at work so I don't post it in haste.

Thanks for comments guys.


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OK I looked at it again on my PC, rather than my phone and it's clear.

I was looking briefly at the numbers in column A and assuming those were round numbers, looking to C and thinking there aren't enough zombies for the number of rounds. I didn't even realise they matched!!!!! :o:lol:

Good work mate, next time I go for 50 on any map these numbers are going to make a big difference.

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Here is en exerpt from my Zombie Stats thread.

There can only be 24 zombies in the map at one time. Reserve zombies come in when existing ones are killed.


We have been unable to find the true Zombies per Round formula by searching through game files. However, BinText has created working formulas based on observation. They are accurate after Round 10.

Singleplayer- 0.0842 * ®^2 + 0.1954 * ®+22.05

2 Players- 0.1793 * ®^2 + 0.0405 * ® + 23.187

3 Players- 0.262 * ®^2 + 0.301 * ® + 33.114

4 Players- 0.3462 * ®^2 + 0.4964 * ® + 43.164

Below is a spreadsheet displaying how many Zombies appear each round:


On the 1st and 2nd Dog round there will be 6x as many Dogs as there are players.

On all subsequent Dog rounds there will be 8x as many Dogs as there are players.

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A bit high playing skill is necessary for measuring when the zombie's number is actually measured. All zombies have to be killed by only guns and don't take nuke. I have made the formulas for 3 and 4 persons by results of 1 and 2 persons because I couldn't play with 3 and 4 persons with such skills.

But recently I have felt a bit strange for the zombie's number when I played with 4 persons. I apologize for late confirmation. So I'm checking actually the number for 3 and 4 persons. I'll report the result soon.

For the formulas of 1 and 2 persons, I have already confirmed those are accurate by measuring actually.

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Updated chart (Bump) :)

What up Zombie brother! I had to give you those last brains especially for this work of yours. I was made a zombie by another zombie, MonopolyMac, so I think you have deserved that honor for a while. Good job on this again.

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Who is Duckadoo?

I laughed until I cried.

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