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Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

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  1. Thank you for your great information in solo play. I'm interested in your data. Using narrow space like Tunnel 11 leads to high efficiency. I can understand it. But was it difficult to use there? Now I'm trying to measure the time per round in Verruckt with 2 persons. I'll report it when I get.
  2. Tom852: Thank you for your data of MOON. Many Japanese people cannnot smoothly play MOON map with Japanese PS3 version now because of a lot of bugs. So I have never been able to measure data of it. For your chart, I think the fight time with 3 persons is short. So crawler time is not so long for the fight time in the MOON map when it thinks of tel, pap and so on. And then the fight time looks like reflecting number of zombies. It seems a nonlinear trend. I think this means the fight with high efficiency even though there is teleporter. When a lot of bugs in MOON map are removed,
  3. A bit high playing skill is necessary for measuring when the zombie's number is actually measured. All zombies have to be killed by only guns and don't take nuke. I have made the formulas for 3 and 4 persons by results of 1 and 2 persons because I couldn't play with 3 and 4 persons with such skills. But recently I have felt a bit strange for the zombie's number when I played with 4 persons. I apologize for late confirmation. So I'm checking actually the number for 3 and 4 persons. I'll report the result soon. For the formulas of 1 and 2 persons, I have already confirmed those are acc
  4. Royal Gambit: Thanks! I would like to report it when I play other maps and the map played already. More data may lead to some new strategies.
  5. I just updated this report. I measured time per round in Shi no numa with Hellhound and traps. Please check it out.
  6. Rissole25: Thank you for your comments. I want to know such information for each map although much time is necessary for it. About Shi no numa, I have just thought that I would play it because the map has dogs and traps. About Moon, the map sold in Japan has a lot of bugs now. We are troubled by it. So I'll get the information related to time per round when the bugs are removed. Tom852: The time for taking easter egg is useful information. Also I think that much time is necessary to get easter egg although getting it is good to play the map.
  7. Duckcall00: Thank you for your comments. I'm glad you are interested in this report. I agree with your comments. It is necessary for my data to add more data. For example, those are different play styles and people as you say. The data using at my report have to be taken under playing with players with other styles. So I would like to take such data by making more friends in the future. My report will be grown by more data. Thank you.
  8. Superhands: Thank you! I'm glad for your comments. birdman22: I'm interested that speed to advance round is changed by each strategy. I use a wall gun until about 20R too. Many points make me relieve. But the speed is slow. I want to consider high efficiency strategies.
  9. Tom852: Thank you for your comments and your data. I'm surpriging for the time with solo too. It's very efficient. I have just thought that I wanted to investigate some maps with dogs and traps. So your data is great I think. Sigint: I'm honored for your comments. Thanks alot!
  10. evilmonkey1216: Thanks! birdman22: Thank you for your comments. I have always felt that the appearance velocity of zombies may become faster for round, but it was only inference. I could confirm actually it by this investigation and your agreement. Thanks!
  11. Introduction Hi everyone who loves zombie mode! I love the zombie mode too. One day, I thought that I want to know a tactics for going smoothly to the higher round at zombie mode when I was playing it. So at first, I investigated time taking for each round and the number of zombies as the basic information. I would like to report it here. I’m glad if you are interested in it. Results and discussion I investigated about 2 maps as samples. Figure 1 shows time for each round until an only one zombie from a round start. Map Shangri-la with 2 persons, my friend and me
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