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Dogs Confirmed on moon and QED many uses


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The lighting is messed when he's shooting and in the inside xbox there is a dog spawning at 2 seconds and on the moon trailer u can hear a hellhound somewhere I'll find out tm

I was the first to make a thread about the lightning bolt in Area 51 and that wasn't confirmed to be a hellhound spawning. It was just a bolt of electricity, similar to how you get a powerup in Der Riese after teleporting.

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Yea I'm stupid, nice try though.
Okay, I'm not going to get caught up in a flame war with some guy I just met online over a misunderstanding. Goodnight friend, try not to jump to conclusions so quickly next time

I'd love if there were Hellhounds on the Moon map, if you find some proof I'll be the first to congratulate you.

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People have gottt to stop throwing around the word "confirmed."

shut the fuck up

why are you going off on him. he has a point.

thank you, Hammer.

I'm not about to go back and forth with someone who's only argument is, "shut the ---- up."

I'm pretty sure that's more of his problem than mine.

It wasn't out of line (in any way), and it kinda needed to be said. So, Relax.

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