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  1. What if the red-eyed zombies are only found in Purgatory?
  2. The bombs were massive nuclear explosions, they would vaporise bodies, turning them to ash so there are no dead cells for the 115 to reanimate. Illustrated in this graphic video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lDFLLKSkUg (go to 2:18) I like how you ignore the part where I pose the question of why Richtofen would kill those try to do his bidding. And we hit the earth with 3 missiles. I highly doubt that would be enough to vaporize the entire population of earth, once again allowing for higher ratio of dead rising to dead falling. Also I'm pretty sure 115 has to be weaponized for it to kill zombies, or else we would have seen zombies dying of 115 exposure all over the place in the nevada base. Lastly we hit hiroshima with atomic bombs I dont think those missiles were atomic bombs. I'm pretty positive that being able to control zombies has something to do with the Earth being whole. It would make sense as why Richtofen would want to mend the rift, he wants to fix the Earth so he can be in control. This is my strongest reason for not believing the garbled voice is Richtofen. If anyone can awsner this with a legitamate answer, then I'll be convinced. He can control time, just as Samantha could(Or possibly could, I'm not too sure). Everytime we start a new match of zombies is time being rewinded, so when the characters inevitably die time rewinds and we begin anew. Of course to us(the players) this is just seen as us starting a new game. Richtofen cannot take away our free will, so obviously he rewinds time again and again with faith that we do his side of the EE. It also probably takes a lot of his energy to do such a task so he must wait until we die to rewind time, instead of rewinding time whenever he feels like it.
  3. Why would Richthofen try to kill the crew if he needs then to complete the tower? It doesn't make sense, so maybe he doesn't control the zombies or he doesn't control them completely. Also wouldn't nuking the earth with 115 missiles create more zombies than it killed?
  4. He doesnt control them, I think. I'm pretty sure Maxis nuking Earth ensured he would not control them, or control them properly at least. I mean if Richtofen were actually the controller of the zombies and he wanted the crew to do something for him why send zombies after them at all?
  5. The "wrong part" was referring to the hatch area. Seeing as you were holding the turbine tail and were no where near the the bus driver.
  6. why did two threads with almost nothing in common get merged?
  7. I think the power plant would be a good one aswell, Bus depot i can handle as survival. But farm, no way! I love the farm, or at least on Tranzit. I just chill in the front outside of the farm, until the bus or one of my teammates teleports to come help me out.
  8. so the diner is too small, but the bus depot isn't? the hell kind of messed up thinking is that? I think the point is that they held the exact opposite as priority. Why use the diner, where two people on opposite teams can train indefinitely instead of an area where it is total trolling close-quarters mayhem? That is the point of grief mode. Also, it seems the portion maps are designed for grief more than survival (but still sort of survival (and don't start another discussion about that here!)) anyway it seems grief maps would be better if they are small. That's sorta the point. except I wasn't talking about grief, I honestly don't care much for grief aside from playing it when I have too may people in my party, I was talking about survival seeing as how bus depot is only a survival map. Diner seems like it wpuld be a pretty solid survival map.
  9. so the diner is too small, but the bus depot isn't? the hell kind of messed up thinking is that?
  10. more than one can be open at a time. but I dont know if connecting them is a possibility.
  11. i dont think the delete function actually exists anymore at least for us. we could just have a mod lock it or delete because i think they have that power. or edit it so its blank. edit: or apparently click the X next to edit to delete it.
  12. or just say old topic, refer to search bar when making a topic. helps spread the idea of using the search bar.
  13. when would disguising a robot as a zombie be needed? I'm not trying to start anything, i just really want to know, in your mind, what situation requires that a robot should be disguised as a zombie? To keep something away from it. well the zombies seem generally disinterested in nonliving things, so i would assume that a robot would be safe without a disguise. unless its like a special zombie. edit: except for the monkey, but i feel like that has something to do with the monkey being alive or possessed in someway.
  14. when would disguising a robot as a zombie be needed? I'm not trying to start anything, i just really want to know, in your mind, what situation requires that a robot should be disguised as a zombie?
  15. Agreed. Everything else is burnt, why wouldn't the robot be? I believe that several people have mentioned to Total Recall reference in this, and so far this game seems to really play off a lot of old movies from the 80s. (Which I must admit I am loving.) i dont think fake skin burns like that to where there are what look like bloodly gashes and holes in the skin. most robots that are made to look human generally dont have super realistic skin, is just latex or others materials made to look like skin but without any substance underneath aside from the robotic tech. However terminators simulate our actual skin, but the skin is so thin that really most damage done to the terminator will show its robotic structure. so unless this is some super realistic animatronic robotic driver tech during what looks like the 60's to 80's theres still a chance that this driver might be more of the undead variety.
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