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  1. I'll make a list tonight and post it tomorrow. Sounds like a fun thing to pass the time :D
  2. Nice find. Hopefully there's something deeper than that.
  3. [brains] I'm also gonna throw it out there that it seems to happen mostly when low on ammo.
  4. Sounds like it could work, but I never have anyone online to try this with, and randoms don't exactly cooperate.
  5. ... Holy crap, you've got a point o.O
  6. Talix

    Release Time

    ...You sure about that? EDIT: Oops, a bit late xD Yeah, my bad. Math has never been my strongpoint. lol, don't worry. I only know because I used to follow a radio show that happened at 11 PM PST, therefore 2 AM EST ;)
  7. Talix

    Release Time

    ...You sure about that? EDIT: Oops, a bit late xD
  8. Talix

    Release Time

    Craaaap, that means 5 or 6 EST D:
  9. Talix

    Release Time

    Does anyone know what the time will be when released on the 23rd (and what time zone)?
  10. Luckily, this isn't true. We've seen the Dual Wield Zap Gun in the box (both pieces at once). So once you get it you can just hit left on the D-pad to combine them.
  11. Yeah, that really sucks. Half the people I know have PS3s, and a large amount of people on these forums. I hate Microsoft sometimes :(
  12. Great, now I'm even more impatient for Moon D:
  13. There's a new astronaut zombie that seems to try to disguise itself as a teammate, even having a red Gamer Tag.
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