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  1. great im looking todo maxis ee ill add u tomorrow
  2. why when only one sliquifier is being used i had all four players using it ealier and it seemed fine.
  3. LOOOL some funny replies and tbh i agree ith all of you the map is just as good as the rest if not better. i just thought there would be travelling it puts zombies on a massive scale i liked it.imagine die rise the way it is but there is 5 skyscrapers and we travel with zip wire which would link with the map in bo1 that had zip wire i cnt remember the name but it was a oriental themed map.
  4. start off i love the map actually havent stopped playing it, but just in comparison to green run its small.No bank or fridge again i love it, just was expecting a few skyscrapers and actuall travelling i thought tram maybe. i love all zombies but i thought treyarch was onto something with the big maps and the travelling in between (although waiting for the bus sucks) anyway bit of a moan really shame as the map is siiick. Soo....did you expect a bigger map or atleast to have more levels of the highrise. end on a good note the squilifer is very easily built,if anyone needs to do Maxis ee on tranzit add me xbox swanst1991 i know how to do it all just need a 2nd man safe peeps.
  5. this exactly i feel there is no bank or fridge bit annoying but im just glad we dont have to wait for the bus
  6. If I have enough time to reload an RPD without Speed Cola while navigating my way through Round 30 zombies in Diner, then I'm pretty confident I can handle a similar setting in Turned. then you just havent seen how fast they ruun its nothing like ai zombies
  7. mkzombens

    EE ON solo

    isit possible maxis still speaks when u turn on power
  8. when im on the bus i get downed and put out of the game till next round this has happened a few times now and a few of the times i kknow for a fact i didnt stab grenade shoot tedd atall whas going on man?
  9. yhh id say it confirms a wonder weapon tbh i wuld like ray gun plus wonder weapon in box.then a super weapon thats buildable
  10. they didnt mention one and we didnt see one used in the trailer after releasing black ops 2 without a wonder weapon already surely there will be one with the dlc.
  11. in survival u can buy 3 perks then buy tombstone then go down towards the end of the round.then when you come back after the round starts buy tombston again the two perks u didnt have then grab ur tombstone in the place where u died and you will have all 6 perks ps.you gotta b wuick on the late rounds
  12. thats wants to do maxis side of ee or richtofens i just know maxis is easier if ur up for the challenge add me swanst1991
  13. no prob thanks for telling me ill delete and join that one
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