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  1. HitmanVere

    [BO1] Perish V1.1.0

    Map has been updated to 1.1.0 version! Full Changelog in main post under spoiler tag
  2. HitmanVere

    [BO1] Perish V1.1.0

    There are only few videos and streams, but nothing yet from bigger English speaking Youtubers. You play as Black Ops 3/Primis crew in this map and there is background story on what is/was happening in the map, but it isn't directly connected to existing story
  3. HitmanVere

    [BO1] Perish V1.1.0

    LinkerMod was created using Beta Mod Tools accessable through Steam, World at War Radiant and a lot of rewriting including compiler and numerous other things by SE2Dev and Nukem. All of it is accessable through GitHub: https://github.com/Nukem9/LinkerMod The project has been going on for more than five years and two of the years were for perfecting map compiling using Perish as a test/showcase map. As for creating map, as difficult as making a map in WaW, all of the knowledge can be transferred over pretty much. And the Claymores are from Ghosts campaign (Shockwave Claymores), never seen them in a custom map so I thought why not, lmao
  4. HitmanVere

    [BO1] Perish V1.1.0

    Posting in WaW-section since there is no BO1-section (understandable)
  5. HitmanVere

    [BO1] Perish V1.1.0

    Set your feet to the solid grounds of New Paris to unfold its mysteries. Will you find your way or will you perish in the darkness? Features: - Fully non-Black Ops 1 weaponry, such as some World War 2, Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, Killing Floor 2 and Payday 2 weapons - Black Ops 3 characters to play as - New enemies, Buildables, Time Trials, Dig Sites and more - Ten perks with one being custom - In-depth main Easter Egg and various smaller ones lying around Screenshots: Download Links: Version 1.1.0 Installer: https://mega.nz/#!x08xhC5D!ZvOEcJ82BOqrBeIpLYbr0N25uIXIszsrNfPiv2wVvGo Manual: https://mega.nz/#!kp82FSoB!6GsskQIo0EpBdqbu9wHIAgMgh06hqvOSjP6XVX331Yc Note: Installer will install game_mod for you, but if you are using manual download, you NEED to install newest version of game_mod first. You can download it from here: https://github.com/Nukem9/LinkerMod/releases Credits: SE2Dev Nukem DTZxPorter Ege115 Harry Bo21 BluntStuffy MAK911 Z0mbie1337 Fruckbatt lilrifa Scobalula ZeRoY ElTitoPricus The Meh CHN treminaor Gildor Spy Tom-BMX Treyarch Infinity Ward Sledgehammer Games Raven Software Tripwire Interactive Starbreeze Studios Behavior Interactive Voice Actors: Syphon TheWubstepBrony Emlbrough Music Provided By: Dillinger Escape Plan Bl00dBox Michel F. April RichaadEB ToxicxEternity Blonde Redhead Alpha/Beta Testers: Fruckbatt Z0mbie1337 lilrifa johndoe
  6. HitmanVere

    CITADEL | A Zombies Map Idea/Concept

    The mother of all map ideas is finally here
  7. Change PC's language to English or change comma separator, then close Launcher and reopen it
  8. HitmanVere

    The Time Has Come

    Suffering from same issue with forums, my dude. I have also lost the spark I had back in 2014/2015 when I was always active in forums and technically always reachable through PM. Can definitely relate in some way. When I was active, I remember discussion about forums with you, helping it in small ways possible (like Teamspeak server for a bit), good times. Never had unpleasant time with you while talking. Hopefully you come back one day with the same inspiration you had back then to make forums great again
  9. Theres already one released BO1 map before Perish, but thats meh map, lol. I am creating maps in BO3, was in Closed Alpha even Good place to start: https://www.youtube.com/user/JBird632/videos
  10. HitmanVere

    New Moderators, Veterans, and Legends, oh my!

    This post made me come back from the posting deadness as well, lel. RIP Chopper and Flammen and congrats Doppel and Doctor
  11. More group projects? Yay, lol. I might be able to help time to time, but not sure, if I can take on another project immediately on BO3 Mod Tools launch, got few projects already planned for it. What would be a good remake to see is Storm from Modern Warfare 2. Could do with CoD OL setting instead of MW2 one:
  12. HitmanVere


    I was told to drop comment here, lol. Anyone on PC coming to the Tournament? Im up for it, lol
  13. What image size did you get informed it must be? I appears it was less than 1MB for yer profile pic?


    Let me know and I'll have a look into it.

    1. HitmanVere


      0.2MBs or less. Got the image to that point and good thing it didnt lose quality, lol

  14. HitmanVere


    Imagine, if someone disconnects due to something that is not their fault, would they be disqualified still?
  15. HitmanVere

    Hidden evidence f3om bo1

    Not 100% sure, but maybe they have same kind of painting in Pentagon, since Five is based on IRL location?

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