Set your feet to these solid grounds of Paris to unfold its mysteries. Will you find your way or will you perish in the darkness?   What do you get when you combine a well-known standalone mod maker, a level designer who was behind creation of Rainy Death and Project Contamination, the community's most loved scripter, and Black Ops 1 Radiant? A Paris-themed map with high quality features and unique ambience. We as a team want to bring an authentic zombies feel to Perish, as if it belonged with the other maps already in Black Ops 1. In terms of the gameplay and level design, we are drawing upon inspiration from Kino, Moon, and Origins to make a balanced feel between what is just normal gameplay and objective-focused. Special thanks to SE2DEV for making this project possible in the first place.       Features:
-Custom weaponry, such as some Black Ops 2/3 and Ghosts weapons
-Black Ops 3 characters
-Buildable Shield from Der Eisendrache/Origins
-Ten perks, including PHD Flopper, Electric Cherry and Widows Wine
-Very in-depth main Easter Egg and various smaller ones lying around