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  1. Any news of TS @Hells Warrrior?

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Yeah, I've added it back in today, forgot about the issue after server move and switch to 64bit. Will sort details out and make it publicly available but not on TS3 server list.

  2. 2 weeks in China with family, so no modding for me D: Good thing I released update for Project C just before the trip, so you guys can have fun with that while Im away :3 


    1. Lenne


      Enjoy your stay in China, buddy. :)

    2. HitmanVere


      Danke :P I did enjoy the trip, lol

  3. Might drop something lit today...

    1. HitmanVere


      Dropped the lit thing :D 


  4. HitmanVere


    It is actually textured, just missing colmap :P Bumps in it mean it has normal maps and reflections means it has specmaps. Either missing colmap or they actually made white texture for it
  5. Eyyy, finally got that Regular award :D

  6. Why do I see NaBr's comment thrice? lol Maybe we could add some custom zombies medals, since BO3 might have mod tools coming up? To name a few possible ones: -Release a map, that is not a boxmap -Script a new feature in the game (BO3 only) -Add a CoDz-forum related Easter Egg in the map
  7. Played 14 rounds of Giant without power, no Death Machine powerup. So it seems DM is normally power-only powerup
  8. Harder first room challenges? Not as easy first rounds? Im going to play Giant tomorrow, so I can check it out, if Death Machine does not drop before turning on power. If it does, then its definitely bug with Dfabians version of game, lol
  9. We also have to remember, that they are made out of stone at first and can be 3 different dragons rather than one dragon with 3 heads. What mythology has a lot of stone statues and dragons in it? Chinese mythology, which could be reference to Takeos roots and/or next map Edit: Also, I do know, that Takeo is Japanese, but still, Asian culture
  10. Not necessarily. Usually in scripts they are just precaching the drops in start of the game and then giving them different abilities/ways to get. Its just one wait line, that can change when drop can spawn. For example: For Death Machine, they have one line saying wait for power and next line is making it being able to spawn in normal way. Then in other script (Gobblegum script) it just passes the wait line and just go straight in spawning the powerup. Hopefully you get what I mean If not, I can write basic functions, that explains it bit better
  11. DE is awesome :relieved:

    1. HitmanVere


      And here Im sitting, thinking when emoticons will be fixed in status updates

  12. Pretty smexy lyrics. I used to be in a band few years ago and I loved being in it, but it fell down due to other band members just losing interest :/ I had written few songs though with them and they had potential :P Need to start doing this kind of stuff again, lol
  13. 2 days to DE on PC! #Hype

  14. Yeah, that way it definitely looks like something. Blood on one image didnt show anything (as seen on my post), so this could be the thing
  15. Everytime I come on nowadays, nobody is in chat :c

  16. There are quite few methods on Mule Kick. One that is most used is just making inventory size 3 and when downed, make size 2 and remove third gun. This can be random, but thinking about it now, maybe first gun is the one you are holding, second and third are the other 2. Did you take into consideration what gun you were holding at the time?
  17. First try at Monty's Factory, maybe I should stop, when Im ahead, haha http://prntscr.com/9x0l7n

  18. I will try to find time to read all 3, probably not tonight though
  19. Wouldnt it be fair, if all contestants had their posts up before voting starts? Its fine, if you can read the posts already, but atm people wont see the whole thing and might already vote based on whats in there already

    So much fucking smexiness

    1. HitmanVere


      RIP, its not showing up in feed, so here www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMFRip412Vg



  21. Tuesday is the release day usually for Treyarch, right? Someone else might also release something in tuesday due to this :tounge_wink:

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I wonder who that would be?

  22. And your old body would become AI, following other people around and then dying at some point? Or you can find it still living, hearing same quotes on him and all... Im writing that down, lol
  23. That is actually an good idea. But wouldnt work that well in co-op, would it? If the map was solo-only, this would be so horrifying and cool
  24. New PC is up and running :D Finally I can play BO3!

    1. PINNAZ


      Nice one. Mind telling what your specs are & what hardware you used?

    2. HitmanVere


      ASUS G11CB, pre-built from Finnish website. Specs: WQEN6aG.png Also bought new 27" HP-monitor. BO3 is done downloading soon, so I will be playing tomorrow. Should run on almost all max settings :D

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