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  1. Must have all Maxis Easter Eggs don. Message Gunslinger979 for invite
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  3. We are going to show the truth of Dr. Maxis message Gunslinger979 for invite
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  5. There is a new persistent perk were a teddy bear appears on the top of the box. Post your thoughts.
  6. I dont know if this was already discovered but the EMPs will cancel out all drops from zombies.
  7. Message Gunslinger979 for invite
  8. After DLC 3 I think it would be descent if they would an old zombies map per week starting with Natch and going to moon. This would kinda keep the zombies mode interesting for long time players, yet fresh and new for people who only started at Black Ops 2 Just an IDEA. no hate please...
  9. message gunslinger979 for invite
  10. The past 6 (not Nuketown) zombie maps have been of the large scale. This is beginning to annoy the Hell out of me when playing solo it takes forever to set up because everything is so far away. Maps like Kino, Ascension and Der Riese are what I want to see next they are medium sized maps. Not to big and not to small. They could also easily fit a story line in this sized map for solo mode to.
  11. So apparently the campaign team have come up with Mob of the Dead. If this is true then I have two theories. Theory 1 The zombies team have let the campaign team take control of a filler map so they can work on making a better zombies map for DLC 3 and then DLC 4, which might be a zombies only DLC. Theory 2 The zombies team is taking a break because they are too tired to create a map. I'm hoping its my first theory.
  12. If you do some research you will see that all of the voice actors with the exception of Takeo have been signed on by Activision to be the voices of their old characters.
  13. There is one thing that could tie the story together. Lets think Arlington seems to know a lot about the perk machines and pack a punch, and the other characters always ask him if its safe to use or drink. There could be a possibility that Arlington was part of Group 935 and was in America got arrested and sent to Alcatraz.
  14. Rückkehr 8 Player map maximum Takes place on the moon and a new area. The new area starts in a place similar to Der Riese where there is a teleporter receiving pad. There are two doors each 750 leading down to hallways those hallways have small rooms where the box and perks can be found. The hallways connect to the main hub. The main hub has the main teleporter and the starting area for the Earth box. The teleporter will only work if all players are there and if the players on the moon are all on the teleporter there. On the moon the four people will be the four original characters. On Earth Misty, Marlton, Russman and Samuel. The original group will follow Maxis while the other has a choice. Eastetr Egg The choice of the New group will decide. If they choose Maxis then all 8 players are on the moon trying to force Richtofen out of the machine and return Sam to power. Sam will then cease the madness while the others eliminate the Rictofen Character who will be given a new wonderweapon which is a one shot kill. (If they fail to kill Richtofen then a cut scene will Maxis will cause a shift of the Earth's gravity causing it to freeze over.) If the New group chooses Richtofen they will obtain a Wonderwaffe and have to eliminate the Old group. If they succeed then a cut scene will show Richtofen killing them and find Maxis and kill him too. If they fail then the game will end showing a cut scene of the old characters being swarmed by the zombies. Of course this is only an idea I just think an 8 player moon/earth map at the same time would be cool to have.
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