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  1. What if........Mob of the Dead is the cannon story? I mean sure she has a motd zombie, but, as far as we know that purgatory ACTUALLY happened unlike the other events apparently
  2. So this whole thing happened in her head? I got the weirdest feeling treyarch has heard of "the rugrats theory"
  3. In addition to zombie blood, there's a new power up (or rather a returning power up ) called blood money. It functions as bonus points and even has the same pick up icon. I found it while digging
  4. There are a ton of theories on why richtofen looks at his hands like that. My theory is that after that "procedure" he's in shock that he enjoys what he did and slowly but surely starts turning into the sadist doctor we all know and love (albeit the voices)
  5. I'm talking about the person on the operating table. A lot of people say its Maxis. But I believe it's the unknown Mexican test subject whom richtofen killed. Anybody agree? Disagree?
  6. MaxisIsAlive


    It would seem we are getting the long awaited return of the mp40, as evidenced in the trailer. Takeo is holding it. Thoughts?
  7. before i begin the credit goes to liamFTWinter for the video. listen to this scream and listen to sal's scream at the end of the mob of the dead cutscene. maybe kino and mob of the dead are connected in someway. or its just 3arc reusing sound clips. whatever works
  8. a formula i noticed was the original 4 perks (minus quick revive in favor of afterlife), 1 new perk, 1 black ops 1 perk. we got deadshot, staminup, mule kick, so its only a matter of time till we get phd back
  9. me being late to the party as usual :|
  10. watch the opening cutscene. did anybody notice in the beginning when the voice is like "weasel breaks in to a song and dance routine." did anybody notice what time he said? 9:35. 935
  11. if this has been posted before my bad. but take a look at this screen shot if you look to the all the way to the left you can make out what appears to be a trap switch? are purchasable traps back after a very long absence?? leave your thoughts
  12. If this has already been posted my bad. Whenever I knife a zombie without insta kill their head explodes as if insta kill was on but it's not. Why is this and has this happened to anyone else?
  13. every time i listen to the easter egg song coming home, people always say samantha is mad/pissed off because of the screaming, but here's what i think. I think that samantha is worrying/panicking that Richtofen is closer and closer to fuffilling his dream to controlling them, and that she is also upset on not avenging her father like she promised. but that's just what i think. thoughts? :?:
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