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  1. every time i listen to the easter egg song coming home, people always say samantha is mad/pissed off because of the screaming, but here's what i think. I think that samantha is worrying/panicking that Richtofen is closer and closer to fuffilling his dream to controlling them, and that she is also upset on not avenging her father like she promised. but that's just what i think. thoughts? :?:
  2. **UPDATE** it did look like when you throw a gersch device, the light that beams down form the sky on the gersch device, not the box. the thing was, however, i did not have ANY gersch devices at the time, and it was ther when i sent the rocket up there to.
  3. true but you have to remember. treyarch never originally planned on even having verruckt, or any other map for that matter. so of couurse, they probably didnt plan on having any official charatcer voices/design at the time. that being said, one of them could be dempsery, because this was before an "official" character design
  4. wasent a gersch device. It lasted through the whole game and it was more purple blueish light not a mystery box. Hmmmmm
  5. nope. It was direcly on top of the rocke. Plus I was to thick colored o be a mystery box light. Also it was more purple than a typical mysery box light
  6. sorry if this is already reposted, but I was playing ascension and happened to take a lander. I saw this weird purple light glowing off the top off the rocket. Was it always there and I never noticed, or could it symbolize something. Thoughts?
  7. during a thief round on FIVE, these kids were being annoying, so i pack a punched and while my fists were cracking after i put my galil in the machine, the thief approached me, and it took us ALL back to the main menu. we were on round 20. XP
  8. all i know is i STILL play world at war zombies, even with all the BLACK OPS maps. modern warfare 2.5 ain't gonna change me. i'll proly be hooked for like a couple of days but then come right back to zombies after i find out how shitty it is :mrgreen:
  9. yup. idk how many can go at a time, but ive had tunnel 6 and the biodome both breached at the same time :lol:
  10. Why would the mp40, an old remnant that can't(in terms of efficiency at least) be on a high tech moon base? Why would the people working there need electroshock traps? They're on the moon, there's not much that can get there. not trying to be an asshole here. so by your logic, there shouldn't be electro shock barriers or fire pits or an mp40 or even a whole teleporter in a MOVIE THEATRE? i know why the teleporter is there though......
  11. from what i'm told to believe, (btw, yes it was edward that teleported) after what happened in der riese, samantha and fluffy went to griffon station where she accidentially became stuch inside the pyramid. Fluffy ran away i guess. As for maxis, pretty sure he also transported to shangri la but then was found to calm his daughter down
  12. ohhhhh i get it now......thanks. god im so happy this is going somewhere!!! [brains] :lol:
  13. so then shouldn't trap switches make a comeback? The mp40?
  14. why did treyarch decide to bring back the everything from past maps? gas zombies? hellhounds? gersch device? bowie knife? i'm not ranting i'm just curious..... :shock:

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