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  1. Just got offline, but tomorrow around 11PM EST when I get off work? GT is in the profile
  2. According to some research Sal is the only one who can hear the bells. Perhaps this is a Sal related easter egg like pop is related to the weasel. Lets explore more of Sal's history and see how church, bells, etc could relate.
  3. There's a church in transit, and clearly in this game what you do in one map can register in other maps (see nav cards) perhaps ringing the bells would change something in transit? Though I doubt it. What about completing the easter egg after ringing the bells. Or perhaps can you ring it multiple times? get a set of 4 + 1 island one round, next round do the same, does it do the bells again?
  4. Okay we can reproduce the bells. What next? Anyone throw any grenades in the pit after the bells? Anyone throw redeemer in the pit after the bells? Anyone try to spawn any more Brutus's after the bells? Anyone check the wardens office after the bells? What else could we check?
  5. This is different than the single bells this is a chorus of bells that ring after knocking off 5 consecutive brutus helmets. I will link a clip of it. The sound takes place around 2:07 seconds
  6. Or we try to figure it out ourselves! What ideas do you guys have about this? Obviously we need to be on the bridge and on the island at the same time, so if we can get this sound steadily replicated, 4 brutus' on the bridge and one on the island, then what sort of steps should we try from there? Check the pit? Check the warden's office? Thoughts, ideas?
  7. So apparently there is a new sound clip you can achieve by having 4 simultaneous wardens on the bridge and 1 in the prison, and killing 5 of them in a row produces a sound effect that I have never heard before, the clip for it is on PTG's youtube entitled Hell's Bells. I'm not useful at embedding youtube stuff but I'm very interested in what this could mean for anything left in MoTD. Apparently this is also a part of the Omnia ambientis easter egg, which is still cloudy at best. Please give me some thoughts or ideas on what could change after hearing the bells. Perhaps no more wardens?
  8. yeah i'll see if i can get the video of it its from last night
  9. has anyone been killed by the sniper trap before? I got shot in the back of the head last night by it for a game over when I was just screwing around with it. I ran up to stab a zombie and boom dead game-over (as I had used my afterlife). I was rather upset. I understand the concept of the other two traps hurting you but has anyone else died to the sniper trap?
  10. in that post on reddit theres a part where they make the code into sets of 3 digit numbers, has anyone considered putting any of those numbers in the number zap machine?
  11. alright how bout this, what if we had sean connery, james earl jones, morgan freeman and clint eastwood as the voices for our playables. I'd pay to just sit in a room and listen to these guys argue with each other. If you had your choice of 4 actors to play in a new map who would you guys pick?
  12. I literally posted the above theory like two posts befor this
  13. retrieving the spork is not nescessary to complete the easter egg, all yoou need to do is rip down the poster, go behind it in afterlife and shock the spoon, then throw your retriever at the spoon in the back of the cafeteria to the left hand side when looking straight back, from there you are done with the spoon
  14. theres also glitches with the ghost mode doors where you can pop behind them when you revive yourself, people need to understand its not up to treyarch to fix things like this its up to trolls and nerds to not do it. Someone asked me to revive them into a wall the other day and i told them to screw off then they cussed me out and quit and ruined the game for everyone
  15. I like the fact that there is an ending and i think we have yet to find all the variations to the ending
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