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  1. brk3485

    Hells Redeemer

    I literally posted the above theory like two posts befor this
  2. brk3485

    Hells Redeemer

    There has to be something more to this. We've used the retriever to "retrieve" the skulls, what do we use the redeemer to redeem. HERES ONE! What about killing the weasel with the redeemer to end the easter egg, or killing the other three as weasel with the redeemer, mayben to redeem your sins etc?
  3. brk3485

    Hells Redeemer

    has anyone tried collecting the crystal skulls while you have the hells redeemer instead of with the retriever?
  4. brk3485

    Hells Redeemer

    Has anyone tried killing the Guard with the hells redeemer? Theres a thought for ya. Or how bout with the golden spork? Maybe one of those two will do something special.
  5. brk3485

    Which mobster do you want to be?

    Why disappointed so far??
  6. brk3485

    Which mobster do you want to be?

    I'm just glad these guys have some "moxy" yah know? Sure beats misty and russman lol
  7. Personally I want to be Chazz but thats just because I love "A Bronx Tale," anyone else have a preference? Any theories on how these guys will tie in with the zombies storyline or with maxis/richto

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