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  1. I hope they add the maps from BO1 in the final dlc like they did with BO1 and the WaW maps. The BO1 maps were some of my favorite maps. I was behind on getting the last two maps so I never got to play those much but I would love to get a chance to play them.
  2. Does anyone know what you're suppose to do after you have cleaned the 4 skulls and defeated the keepers? My game shut off right as I went to pick up the skull Nan Sapwe. I'm guessing this is the first part of the EE but not sure what to do next. The thread with the "steps" for completing the EE was lacking in detail. Is the skull the "secret weapon" that tread was talking about?
  3. Here is a combined photo of all sixteen dig mounds. This have helped me use the semtex trick to find the locations during a game. I've grouped them together by location for the most part. Sorry about the colored labels, my group and I use it with a bird's view of the map to make things easier. I also have each location in separate photos and in groups of four if any one would be interested in those as well. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9HSggnGsn9odWgwRTcza01KNkU/edit Sorry it's a link to Google drive, I can not figure out how to just post the picture. Hope this is helpful!
  4. So maybe i'm reading it wrong, but you can open every door, turn on every generator and still have enough zombies left over to upgrade staffs in the first two rounds? I also have never heard of a Panzer coming before round 8 so I don't know how anyone would have to worry about fighting one without a staff in round 2. I'm sure i'm coming off pretty negative here but I don't see how this is possible. I'm sure if you have the group for it, you can still have the lost girl EE done by round 10, I've have everything opened up and turned on by myself at round 7 so having 3 more players should only make it easier. I am interested in hearing if this pans out though. Like the thought, just think the math needs to be looked over again.
  5. Hey guy, i'm having trouble finding the pieces of the staffs. I know you dig up the ice one and i know you get to of the fire (orange) one from powering the 6 generators and killing that first robot zombie thing. I also know where all three of the purple staff pieces are and i can get the first one and the last one but i can't jump from the tank to the catwalk for the second piece in the middle. I have never found any lighting (yellow) pieces and have no clue where to start. Does anyone know where to get these pieces. Or a link that tells where to find them?
  6. This also works with the perma insta-kill. If you have the sniper out and the red icon, you get the bonus 300 points a kill when you walk into a zombie. With the PhD one, do you know if the bonus points double when you get multiple kills like you would when killing with the sniper?
  7. Pskgusky

    LSAT Chalk?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there is chalk for the lsat. I though I read somewhere that there would be but it is not with the rest of the chalk weapons. If you look at the wall where the chalk is, it looks like there is room for on my weapon on the left side. Maybe there is a way to get the chalk to appear. Maybe it's just me but if you step back and look at the whole wall, it looks like something can be done there. Ps. I can post a picture if anyone can tell me how to without needing a url for it.
  8. Hey everyone, last night i was playing zombies with my friend and i looked at my score and i noticed that i had 5 points at the end. I've never seen anything except for a 0 since the lowest points you can earn is 10. Has anyone is had this or did i get a glitch?
  9. None of those were happening. I have the clip saved and have it in the video format but it wont show up on my computer. Does anyone know how to get your videos on your ELITE account so i can post it?
  10. Hey guys, yesterday i was playing a round of zombies and late in the game i through a semtex and stuck a zombies. When the semtex hit the zombie, i got the green mist for a perma perk. I wasn't able to figure out what it was. Does anyone know what that means? P.s. I'm looking up how get upload game play so i get a video of it for you to see what i'm talking about.
  11. I believe the sounds are zombies. I think the only reason Samuel can here them is because he is part zombie. This would explain why only he can hear Richtofen's voice (the controller of zombies). When playing on Die Rise as Samuel, you can hear him say "I don't blame ya, I'm hungry too" and "You want to me kill the freaks right? No? The other freaks....". (It sounds more legit when you hear his tones while saying them). I also believe that there is a part on the loading cutscene where it looks like Samuel is eating a leg or arm. Unfortunately, I do not have any theories on what the sounds are suppose to be. I just think its the zombies communicating with Samuel.
  12. Hey guys, I keep reading about Xbox players finding new permanent perks in buried, and I know some stay with you in other maps and some don't ( PhD), but is there anyone who know all the ones that do and all the ones that don't? I've gotten the mystery box one and the double points (got mist but wasn't able to buy anything and test it) in die rise on ps3. Does anyone know about the sniper one and the tombstone one are available on die rise?
  13. I found out last night that they are available in Die Rise. I got the double points once a lot (never confirmed cuz I never had an elevator up when I got it) and I got the box one as well. The bear left after sometime and I never was able to test how it works since I only got one buy. Not sure if this is on Tranzit as well or not. I've read that the phd doesn't switch over to the others map. Also there is a sniper perk as well on buried I'm going to test on Die Rise today for ps3
  14. How do you set up a Private Match on ps3? The only option for me it is public match, solo or custom game. I would like to be posting to the leaderboard but I hate having to be paired with random people. I want to to play a game with 2-3 players but it is always trying to find other players and wont start till there is 4 players in the lobby.
  15. its a new Perma perk that came out with Buried. You get it when you get "Bad" weapons from the box. A teddy bear should appear above the box. It will increase the chances of you getting a "good" weapon from the box. I have read that it can take from 1-5 bad buys to get it and i haven't seen anything about how you lose it. You must pick the weapon up for it to count as a buy.
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