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  1. Round 37 playing Solo. Had a few downs which i could have prevented early on, took me 3 hours as i wasted sometime trying to find dig sites and staff parts early on. Had the ultimate ice staff which is my favourite tbh. Was running a train around the middle for most of the rounds until i ended up getting swarmed.
  2. Having some internet issues, will add you's though. Have alot of COD players from my clan on my account but nobody plays Zombies, lol. Play with randoms and you get crappy connections and the host always leaves.
  3. Hello everyone. Stumbled upon this forum while looking for Zombie help, looks pretty good. I'm from Scotland i'm mainly looking for PSN players to help with EE and general fun playing Zombies. Majority of my friends list have either stopped playing Zombies, don't like it or don't have the DLC which is a shame. I normally play solo or with randoms which is never really that fun, lol.
  4. Welcome to the forums Jamiesti :)

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