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  1. Excited for Voyage of Despair

  2. Here is Origins in a nutshell (taken from Deviantart and not mine) Tell me how you think of it -CODBO2RGM2
  3. Theory on why the old guys are back!!! The Theory: "As heard within this URL's video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nze7RzwfXgg), if you've listened to the audio/video it starts out with the new Bonnie talking to a kid, then moves onto her talking about "Freddy Fazbear's afterhours", and then we move onto the new Bonnie talking shit about the old Bonnie with having "no face" and "her being the better one" and "nobody liked you anyways". So, this might have a link to (as seen in the trailer) the dismantled Bonnie having been reactivated "mysteriously." Now with the evidence shown, here's th
  4. Forget FNAF, It's all about that SNAS now. Seven night at Skydoesminecraft's

  5. Veteran's Day at school. IM IN 2ND PERIOD AND BORED ALREADY!!!! D:

  6. Not really much different than the original ending. I think it should've been better than a ripoff of the original ending.
  7. What you mean by whoa??? Is it really that good???
  8. Avenged Sevenfold > any music trolololololololololo :3



    Hey you might already know me as CODBO2RGM2. I am a big zombies fan. my highest round is round 23 on town solo. I hope to all new users you would like to get to know me.
  10. I say we should put new zombie maps adding more story between buried and origins
  11. Hey guys!!!! I am here with a poll for more people to be aware of the call of duty zombies!!!! have you ever dreamed of drinking a Juggernog soda??? Or ever dreamed of having a wind turbine fan??? Well, here you can let your voice be heard!!! give your opinions guys! Come on! Cannot wait to hear your opinions
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