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  1. This is PINNAZ, typing from the 21st Century. Finally got my home Internet working again!!!

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    2. Chopper


      @PINNAZ this is why I want to come back. Want my boys to be nippers, cos I can't think there can be a better way to grow up. I miss the surf myself too :(

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      @PINNAZ, I was dealing with someone in Perth looking to buy some windows.

      For the type of timber (Accoya) which is from New Zealand pine. It was costing him less to order from the UK, ship from Lithunia to Perth. Than it was costing to buy and ship from Sydney.

      I couldn't quite understand it to be honest. Must be a very expensive place to live.

    4. Chopper


      @Hells Warrrior - it's all relative mate. They have a high min wage, and workers get paid well. Welders in Aus for instance get nearly twice what my guys do, for the same work. However, we ship a lot of stuff there as our access equipment is much cheaper than theirs, even with shipping.

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