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  1. Verruckt - A little piece of Heaven (A7X) Shi no Numa - (or All-star by smashmouth lel) Kino - Holy Diver (dio) Ascension - Space oddity (david bowie) Five - Star spangled banner, as performed by Jimi Hendrix Tranzit - Fuel (metallica) Zetsubou - Spiders (System of a Down) Gorod - Rasputin (Boney M) Revelations - Stairway to heaven (led zeppelin)
  2. Nacht - In a gadda da vida (iron butterfly) Moon - Master of puppets (metallica) Der Riese - Mein herz brennt (rammstein) Call of the Dead - Snowblind (black sabbath) Shadows - My Way (frank sinatra) said to be Richtofen’s favorite tune. Shangri-La - Time (pink floyd) Buried - Wanted dead or alive (bon jovi) Origins - Rooster (alice in chains) Mob - Knockin on heaven’s door (guns n roses) just a few for now
  3. Gotta go with the shot of Misty from Blops2. That was our first ever glimpse of the Victis crew in any form of marketing, iirc. The good ol’ days post-moon when we realized “I guess at least SOME people survived the nuking of the earth, and one of them is this badass chick.” as far as visuals purely, gotta go with BO4. Also I’ve personally abused the hell out of my BO4 steelbook, using it for various purposes, so it’s got sentimental value.
  4. Well it’s good to know the Zombies story has fully embraced the Lovecraft mythos, since we recently learned that the carcass of an Elder God was recovered at the bottom of the pacific ocean, by both Ascension and the Americans. This was the source of the Apothicon Blood we see in Tag der Toten. A drawing in the comm room on the ship shows the dormant Elder-god at the bottom of the ocean, and it appears to be one of those squiddy Overlord-dudes that fly around and ate PaP in revelations. So, zombies pretty much implies that every world religion in history was based on different cultur
  5. O snap. I don’t even know what to say. Other than I love u Lenne. I really, really wanna write like, a college essay length thread just talking about how much the Zombies story has meant to me, just breaking down the symbolism and archetypes and everything. It’s truly, in my opinion, the BEST, and best-TOLD, fictional story I’ve ever experienced. Almost half my life has been spent loving it, and learning from and growing up with it. not to be all Cliché either but I could have totally killed myself at some point if I didn’t have such an open-arms yet tight-knit conspirac
  6. I’m currently messing with the brightness and colors in the above pic to try and make out some of the text. Here’s what I’ve got so far. The bottom-right says “Cuando los 6 _____ (cosmos maybe?) juntos, el poder sera de nosotros!” When the six ____ together, the power will be for us! If it does in fact say cosmos, he might be referring to “six degrees of freedom,” or the six directions in which an unfixed object in 3d space can travel. (Up, down, back, forth, left, right.) above that to the left, I first thought he wrote “Tanta en unos de los
  7. ...wow, this is deeper than I thought. That begs the same questions we had before though, like “How did Brock and Gary walk to mars?” If anything, it might be significant that they are bringing up Jeb the Blacksmith, whose Pack-a-Punch machine was recovered from an old west town buried in africa. They never mention recovering the Time-bomb, but thats certainly a plausible explanation for how a single town can teleport thru time and space. I’ve already talked about how the entire temple of Shang is basically a huge clunky low-tech teleporter. Maybe the time-bomb is an a
  8. So, since before the map came out, people were curious about a trophy that popped up on PS4 for Tag der Toten. It reads: In Tag der Toten, find the secret. welp, they found the secret. There’s a weird lonely iceberg with a pool of water that a few very lucky players have gotten to. I’ve seen people use Anywhere but Here and arrive there, but it seems like the “real” way to get there is to have the upper flinger throw you directly there. I’m not sure if it’s yet known exactly how to trigger this or if it’s RNG, but it has happened to some people.
  9. “Empty Discharge bottles / clear defication zone.” I think this is a cute nod to one of the Doc’s quotes from the Call of the Dead easter egg. If you idle near the metal door between steps, you might catch him saying:
  10. I bet they are gonna somehow condemn Victis to their own cycle for eternity as the conclusion to the story. That also opens them up for a Chronicles 2.0 starring victis. Chronicles was the best-selling DLC of all time on the PS4; no way they are skimping on that cash grab, especially during the zombies-free MW season. Also it would be cool if they just did a Chronicles 2 but where every map is a little continuation of the story in some capacity. Like the difference between Chronicles 1 and 2 would be analogous to Blops1 Der Riese vs “the giant.”
  11. Alright, so as I’ve said before, every season finale for zombies tends to also work as a tentative “end” to the story. Almost as if they’re shooting the end of a season of a TV show without knowing whether or not they were cancelled. That being said, I doubt DLC4 will be the last zombies map, and maybe not even the last Aether map. But who knows. So, to rephrase in a more palatable way: how do you think this season of zombies is going to end? I kinda want this thread to be a collection of people’s specific hail-mary theories. So here’s one for starters. I
  12. Honestly, the way Treyarch ends each zombies season is pretty much the same. It reminds me of when a show gets picked up by a network, so they write a full season, but they don’t know until it airs whether or not there’s going to be a season 2. So they end up having to make the season 1 finale something “reasonably conclusive” so that it’s a satisfying ending in case they don’t get another season, while still leaving it open for continuation. So like, at the end of Moon everyone thought the story was over. Oh snap, no more earth. But then woop nope, we didn’t destroy the ENTIRE ea
  13. 1. The One 2. Coming Home 3. Mad Hatter 4. Cold Hard Cash 5. Lullaby 6. Rusty Cage 7. We All Fall Down 8. Pareidolia
  14. 1. The One. Dead flowers is definitely my favorite Malukah song though, followed closely by always running. Dat high note. But The One is almost too classic to handle. And the fact that you can flush the toilet and activate it in Blackout is great. 2. Nightmare. I do love A7x, but also I just respect the obscurity of how you activate the song. Get cut off by the excavators on Moon in multiplayer, then bleed out and re-spawn on the other side with your friend. “Bridge the gap” by dying. Pretty neat. Imma try it out worked really well in Campaign and Multiplayer tho. 3.
  15. So, there's a special conversation you can trigger between Ultimis Dempsey and Peter McCain if you linger on the second-to-last step in the AO egg, and you have that Dempsey in your game. The conversation goes as follows: Dempsey: "That really you McCain? I gotta know for sure. Tell me something only the two of us would know." Peter: "You sure you want me to do that Tank? we go way back. I could embarrass the heck out of you if I wanted to." Dempsey: "Ok, let's keep it cryptic. Me and Phoebe. Sum it up in three words." Peter: "I. Forgive. You."
  16. That is a very good point, that it might not be a fracture, but we’re just actively re-writing over the original timeline. Since the cycle has been broken, I guess the previous / final lap around the cycle is “the real one” that gets cemented into history.
  17. Mkay so, Alpha Omega doesn’t take place in the original timeline, but a pretty similar one. The key difference in the AO universe’s timeline of events is that Avogadro was created in the 60s, as opposed to 2025 as it was in the original timeline. That’s seemingly how a lot of fractures work. Two universes are identical up until a certain point, until a single event causes them to diverge and grow apart. This is also true of the Original timeline and dimension 63. They are Identical from “In the beginning...” up until the end of the first apothicon war in the 1300s. Th
  18. Do australians run their zombie-trains counter-clockwise because of the southern hemisphere, like how their toilets flush? I’ve got a bunch to say here, when I have the time, I’ll edit this shortly.
  19. Anyone else wanna raid area 51 and chill

  20. That’s actually entirely possible, because we see the V-R11 Instantly revert someone from dead / zombified to living and awake. With the Elemental shard though, Pernell had to rig peter up to the shard for a longer duration to very gradually bring him back to life.
  21. Another interesting property of the shard is revealed in one of the Alpha Omega audio logs, where Pernell raves about "MKAlpha," a successor to the real-life CIA MKUltra mind-control experiments. He states that the shard would allow them to "Interrogate the subject from inside his own subconscious," or something to that effect. Sawyer: I'll admit I had my concerns Cornelius, but if what you say is true MKAlpha could transform interrogation practices. Pernell: Not just transform, Sawyer, revolutionize! Using the APD to harness the power of element 115, we'll be able to interro
  22. “Speaking of which... prepare to get your hands on some newly-upgraded hardware courtesy of Broken Arrow.” This was in the patch notes.
  23. I thought the year said 1945 at first, but zooming in I think there’s just a diagonal slash across the page, and it’s actually 1965. That would put it about 2 years after the events of “Five” and the subsequent formation of Broken Arrow. Looking reeeeeally closely at the text above the date, I can kinda make out the bottom half of the word “GUN” near the beginning, so I’m reasonably certain it says “Ray Gun Mk2 Prototypes.” The most likely culprits for the designer are gonna be Pernell, who got folded into Broken Arrow at Groom Lake, or Schuster, who hone
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