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  1. Wow, didn't know you could lunge that far. Good find.
  2. Zombies would be way too easy. it's not that hard to hit a zombie in the head, so having a one-hit headshot at every round... Yeah, too easy.
  3. Just thought it should be mentioned, this quote is originally Alexander Hamilton's. He phrased it as "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything".
  4. Same here, had the achievement in 7 or 8 rounds.
  5. "Regan" is a typo, the correct spelling is "Reagan".
  6. Takeo isn't a boring character anymore. His lines have been as humorous as the other ever since Ascension. For that matter, he has the funniest quote on Ascension: "I will make the last stand of the 300 look like amateur night!"
  7. It is possible to kill him, however he has loads of health. The easiest solution is to pack-a-punch the VR-11 and take the guy to the water. Once he's in the water, shoot him with the PaP'd VR-11 and he'll disappear into the water for a round or two.
  8. Good job! Looks good now that's it more accurate. Of course it still can't account for splash/explosive damage, but other than that it's great. [brains] for you.
  9. The original poster said the chart applies to round 10. The stakeout can get one-hit kills up to round 12, and is reliable to get one-hit kills up to round 10 or 11. Since it can reliably get one-hit kills at the round the chart applies to, we can assume each shot produces a kill (this won't be true if you're outside your effective range, but then the HK21 stats aren't accurate if half your bullets miss, so we're going to assume you're in effective range). Every kill generates at least 50 points (if hit in the legs; kills can generate up to 130 points depending on what killed it and if using a
  10. The time-travel aspect might have been completely unrelated to Kino's storyline. Think about it: in WaW, all the maps take place in the same era as the game (World War II). Clearly the developers intended the same thing with Black Ops, at least at first: Kino, Five, and Ascension all take place during the 60's. After Ascension they let the zombies storyline go off from the time setting of the main game, but it's clear that at first they intended to keep all the zombie maps in the same time period as the rest of the game as they did in WaW. With time travel not being a part of Kino's storyline,
  11. There's no way the Stakeout loses that much money. I know for a fact the Stakeout makes money.
  12. Nova gas crawlers have never annoyed me.
  13. I think it's very possible. I remember seeing a poll somewhere with several options where people were voting what they were most excited for, and about 60% voted zombies. Most people prefer IW's multiplayer to 3arc's as well (though I've always disagreed), and a lot of people are only going to get BO2 for the zombies. With that gamemode being such a massive selling point, I think it's very likely a zombies trailer will be released.
  14. First off, while I thoroughly enjoy the Survival mode on MW3, I don't want to see the level system implemented in Zombies. At all. Furthermore, I like the fact that getting the really good weapons requires you to gamble your points. In fact, I wish the mystery box were more of a gamble (as it stands most weapons in it are at least decent, and even some of the one's that aren't have unique uses when PaP'd (crossbow and ballistic knife)). It makes it more interesting.
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