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  1. Sorry if this idea is already taken, I just didn't want to have to read all of the comments. Anyhow, the wunder weapon that I am thinking of is something completely different. How about a flaming sword that you can get from the Mystery Box that replaces your Knife/Bowie Knife that instant-kills zombies up to Round 30, and after that round, it would severly damage and light zombies on fire when they are hit with it. And unlike the Knife/Bowie Knife, the Fire Sword would never stab, it would only slash. And as for a name.... How does Wrath of Prometheus sound? And another thought- if you happen
  2. Heh... I didn't make it to the poster on time either, but at least we both still get to relive Treyarch's best map yet.
  3. Now that I think about it, I think I do agree with the majority here. But this would be a gameplay style that would be pretty enjoyable, if you ask me.
  4. Again, thanks everyone for the introductions to the site. And, yes, I do wish that I could take off a zombie's head with a ThunderGun XD. Oh, boy, talk about total "shock".
  5. Instead of having to try again and again and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN to get the weapon that you want out of the Mysetery BOx, perhaps we could earn weapons MW3 Survival Mode style? Here's an example using Black Ops guns.... Pistols M1911 [Lv. 1] Python [Lv. 8] ASP [Lv. 13] Makarov [Lv. 29] CZ75 [Lv. 40] Machine Pistols MAC11 [Lv. 3] Skorpion [Lv. 9] Kiparis [Lv. 21] MPL [Lv. 28] MP5K [Lv. 43] SMG's, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, LMG's, blah blah blah, you get the idea. Give me your feedback n this idea. Oh, I guess I'd better make one for the Wonder Weapon Clas
  6. Alhough this idea is among the best I have seen, I do think that there should be more new boss zombies than just 3 or 4. Here are my thoughts for this mode- Map: Nuketown 2025 Difficulty: Regular 1- 15 Normal zombies, Low health and speed 2- 20 Normal Zombies, Low health and speed 3- 15 Nova Crawlers, Very Low health, Medium Speed 4- 20 Hell Hounds, Spawn 4 at a time, Low Health and High Speed 5- (During ths round, all of the lights suddenly go out, and you will see one light suddenly appear in the middle of the map. This is the first official Boss Zombie, the Lanturn-Head
  7. Shadow Cocktail Cost: 3500 Flavour: Black Licorice Description: If you go to a dark area, zombies will not be able to find you, as your body has taken on a darker color. Soothing Scotch Cost: 4000 Flavour: Scotch Description: Relaxes your muscles, and makes you 50% more resistant to damage. (Great to combine with Juggernog) But, it also makes you sprint at 75% of your normal speed.
  8. This idea does sound quite creative, but there are several things wrong with this idea.... 1. What if you get Deadshot? No refunds? I'd end up downing myself and having my partner revive me JUST TO GET RID OF Deadshot, if it were the only perk I had. 2. 3000 is a bit pricey, considering that there is only 1 perk that costs more than 3000 points. If this were ever put into CoD Zombies, I'd say 2000 is a good price, kind of like a Mystery Box-Style deal.
  9. Hello, my fellow stiff slayers. I am NikolaiBelinski111, and I would just like to say a few things about CoD Zombies and myself.... I am a male zombie killer who loves to go for headshots whenever possible. Although I'm a head-shotter for the most part, my favorite gun in CoD Zombies is the ThunderGun, and, coinsidentially, my favorite Pack-A-Punch'ed weapon in the ZeusCannon. I have been playing CoD Zombies for nearly a year and a half, and I also have some WaW Zombies experience. Although I'm not afraid to say that I am good at CoD Zombies, I will admit that most of the guys on this sit
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