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  1. I've had a similar experience, green puff of smoke, no idea why. Haven't discovered the use yet. -z99nuuAXjc
  2. Commitment could be linked to your rank - the slashes and blue eyes. I believe it has been suggested before, but maybe you can only see the glowing stuff and progress when you've played a lot, enough to have the blue eyes.
  3. Checked it too, you're right, just the hud.
  4. The red dot seems to have some connection to killing zombies. Some youtube video's seem to suggest this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=q9JmMS1CnZQ Zombies = element 115? Navcard needs 115? Points to 115? Also, people are suggesting that the card needs to be programmed before it could be used.
  5. You're absolutely right, I checked the formula again, and the 'points for dead zombie' wasn't calculated right, so most of the points would come from non-lethal hits. Shots are calculated at point blank range, with 100% accuracy. I agree it's not very accurate, since accuracy can change things a lot. Nearly 100% hits with a shotgun is very possible, but not with an smg, as such, full-auto guns appear better than they are. Also, explosives are off, it now shows the points you could get when shooting one bullet at one zombie at a time (and thats not the way you'd use explosives). (I've updated the chart)
  6. I've always had the idea that certain weapons were better in zombies than others, but could never 'prove it'. For example, I don't like the HK21, but love the Galil. Or my mate uses the AK74u but I think the MP40 creates more points. Well, I combined some data from the wiki in a spreadsheet. Damage: By waterstraat at 2012-07-23 Above shows damage/second, combining damage, rate-of-fire, reload time etc. Damage is head-shot damage. And revenue: By waterstraat at 2012-07-24 This shows the amount of points earned when shooting all the ammo in round 10, minus the costs. And see, the Galil is 'beter' than the HK21, and the MP40 generates more points than the AK74u Note: the data isn't very accurate, for example, splash-damage isn't used. (Edit: revenue-chart was off)
  7. Also, anyone noticed the floating stuff below 'Meanwhile...', looks like a shangri-la temple.
  8. If anyone is interested, Night of the living dead has no copyright, so its free to watch (and copy ). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85C2JnZOY4k
  9. My google search came up with Beyond good and evil, by Nietzsche. German title: Jenseits von Gut und Böse (JGB), paragraph 215. Something with when two suns shine on a single planet, the colors are mixed. And how this is similar to people who always are a bit good and a bit evil. Not sure about the 31-79... But I'm no philosopher :lol:
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