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  1. Nope, I Have a cable that runs, From my 360, through two doors, up some stairs, all the way to the wireless router. :3 And, Thanks, SO MUCH for helping, please continue to send ideas. And, If anyone is good friends with a Treyarch member on this site, Could you ask them about it for me, Please? :D
  2. I got the 360 last Christmas, Do you still think that could be the problem? And also, Treyarch could patch it via updates, and Not new disks? If the laser reader is tarnished, it could have happened due to exposure to smoke. If you or anybody else smoke regularly it might contribute. I guess it's possible that it could happen in about a year. I'm not entirely sure whether it could actually be fixed via patch or not if it's a problem with development. Either way, I bet it will be fixed by the first DLC. After all it may simply require a patch. If not they may recall disks and repla
  3. I got the 360 last Christmas, Do you still think that could be the problem? And also, Treyarch could patch it via updates, and Not new disks? :o
  4. Hmmmmm.... Well, my friend across the street, Idk if I can trust him, He's just being an @zz now adays.... Ehmm, No, I Don't think so. Is there a way to download it onto my console, Like your used to be able to in Black Ops? Because, I spent $40 on the season pass.... :/ Hang on, Could you send a tweet to @Treyarch for me, I don't have a twitter...
  5. Aaaaaand..., Make it so we can take our shoes off and walk Barefoot in the sand. ;)
  6. I think that I'm a good Zombie Player, Because I always devote myself to the team, Like, Say someone is needed to be revived, Say, For an easter egg, I take one for the team, And revive them, Right before I down. Also, If its me and one other person, and I'm not sure I can klutch it, I down myself reviving them (On purpose) So that they can revive me safer.
  7. I got Black Ops II for the Xbox 360 the day it came out. I played it, and I noticed a bit of like tiny skipping, But just a little, Just in some dialog. Then, Yesterday (Dec 14) I would put it in, and It would automaticly pop up "Game disk unreadable" Even before that, The game would freeze randomly, and I'd restart it, and It would be fine for a while, Then random freezing, On Campaign, Zombies, and Multiplayer. There were NO SCRATCHES, And I Keep them in the special cases, But I Hadn't even taken it out of my Xbox since I got it. So, Today (Dec 15) I took it to gamestop (I bought warrenty) a
  8. Thanks, Hey, guys, I'm on my iPod and I'm about to watch NCIS in 5 minutes, so, If you would be so kind, Could someone please send this link to TAC, MrRoflWaffles, and MixMasterNut, it would be greatly appreachiated.
  9. I would like this to be as developed of a topic as the Woods tattoo between Op. 40 and the next mission. Come on guys, lets figure this out.
  10. Team Guy who almost hit Bella with his car.
  11. Aparently you also have a Computer xD
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