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  1. Aaaaaand..., Make it so we can take our shoes off and walk Barefoot in the sand. ;)
  2. I think that I'm a good Zombie Player, Because I always devote myself to the team, Like, Say someone is needed to be revived, Say, For an easter egg, I take one for the team, And revive them, Right before I down. Also, If its me and one other person, and I'm not sure I can klutch it, I down myself reviving them (On purpose) So that they can revive me safer.
  3. Thanks, Hey, guys, I'm on my iPod and I'm about to watch NCIS in 5 minutes, so, If you would be so kind, Could someone please send this link to TAC, MrRoflWaffles, and MixMasterNut, it would be greatly appreachiated.
  4. I would like this to be as developed of a topic as the Woods tattoo between Op. 40 and the next mission. Come on guys, lets figure this out.
  5. Team Guy who almost hit Bella with his car.
  6. Aparently you also have a Computer xD
  7. If you have any free time, Don't forget about Dempshey and the Mystery Girl ;3
  8. So Freaking cool! Do you take requests? If You Do...
  9. Please! Make a message when people log on or something telling them to re-upload their profile picture if they havn't. It's gonna look weird. Regards, Tank

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