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  1. But you realize that we are going to watch the movie/show whether they target us or everybody else, because we are hardcore zombie fans. And they have to appeal to everybody else to make profit. And it's not like those people are taking credit for discovering the story, they're just watching a flick. Plus, it would be released (most likely) after the story line is revealed completely and the movie/show would fill whatever few plot holes there are left.
  2. Watch out guys, we're dealing with a hipster over here. Or they could pull a LOTR and do a 3 hour movie and release another 3 hour in PT 2 I think the idea of a TV show revolving around new characters with hints to the old crew is a great idea, and if it doesn't work on television then bring it to Youtube. If Treyarch was to make a movie or TV show, what should it be called? Nazi Zombies? 115? We need names people.
  3. I have been thinking about the story a bit and started wondering how Treyarch could translate the storyline to a movie, something many people here in CoDz want. But these individuals overlook what the funnest part about the story is: discovering it. How could Treyarch make a movie that covers the storyline well enough, with enough easter eggs for the zombie fans yet revealing enough so it can be entertaining to regular movie-watchers? In my experience, when you don't know the story to a movie, then it becomes more entertaining as you find out things for the first time as the movie goes, but when you know the backstory it just doesn't feel as good, because you know what is going to happen. So to which group should this movie be made to be more appealing for: the hardcore zombie fans, or the regular people? Think about the budget that they would get and the earnings depending on the target audience.

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