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  1. ZoMBiE MaSSaCrE

    Highest Round on Buried!

    50 Solo then suicide. Paralyzer is overpowered and made it easier than it should have been.
  2. ZoMBiE MaSSaCrE

    I've got my shotguns...

    Someone described my Shotgun rank as a Skull coming out of a metal vagina. lol
  3. HUGE PROBLEM ON PC After Host Migration, it reconnects the other players except for the new host. Please add it to the list because this is ruining many games out there and very serious one. http://youtu.be/8cLZeSlulhA Another PC problem (not sure for consoles) is in the menu when choosing Die Rise map. After you select it and click Esc or whatever it will sometimes crash. I'd mention the PC leaderboard crash but that is already added. I know more minor in game gltches but these are the most important. I WISH ROUNDS WOULD STILL COUNT WHEN THESE RAGE QUITING BITCHES LEAVE THE GAME. I don't know if this a glitch or was intended but I hate it.
  4. ZoMBiE MaSSaCrE

    Tips for elevators?

    Thanks for the replies again I wish we could just call the elevator with no keys like on Five if I remember right. Which leads me to another question. lol After we pick up the key and use it, is it gone forever or does it respawn in the same spot?
  5. ZoMBiE MaSSaCrE

    Tips for elevators?

    Thanks for the replies. I thought you could fall off the elevator at first but there's an invisible wall to keep you on top. I still think it's glitched though. When the elevator is moving, somtimes the zombie will stay still and other times he will be running full speed. Another question: If I have a full horde of zombies and I hop on top of the elevator, will they all follow me on there? How am I suppose to get from the power station to the roof with 9843519813 zombies trailing me? lol
  6. ZoMBiE MaSSaCrE

    Tips for elevators?

    I started playing yesterday and this map is awesome. The only thing I find frustrating is the elevators. I died on my 2nd map attempt with jug trying to run in circles with the zombie in the elevator. I went red, tried to kill it quick, but too late. Fail. So I make like literally 15 crawlers, hop in the elevator and they all die and new round starts. Wow, what the hell? Next, I run away with the one running zombie and quickly hop in the elevator before he can get in. Now the motherf*cker respawns in the elevator with me. Okay at this point I'm ready to kill Treyarch. What am I suppose to do effectively to get around the map? I really really enjoy Die Rise but that quickly fading away. All Treyarch could have done was slow the zombie down like they did on bus on TranZit. I eventually made it to round 39 on my 3rd overall attempt of the map. Could have went further but when I was revived, the elevators are just a pain and I can't get anywhere to rebuild myself. Any suggestions?
  7. ZoMBiE MaSSaCrE

    Death Slide glitch at the bottom of the elevator shaft

    could I see a video of the glitch and what is happening?

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