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  1. Good to know, thanks for sharing. PS3 and PC have the update too right?
  2. wish you could record the full game for us so we know what you did. nice find though
  3. Another reason this map blows on co-op, that's all people want to do. Then they fall off the map...rage quit...lose part...die...whatever. I hate Die Rise!
  4. Haven't played Die Rise in weeks due to the zombie spawn bugs and other game breaking glitches. But on the patch of 4/10/13, Treyarch said various bugs were patched. What exactly was patch? Any known difference to you guys? Thanks
  5. The zombie in the suit looks like a Vampire. LMAO! :lol:
  6. Check out this ranking system guide. Probably the best written guide on the web. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =132904305
  7. I can't see it. lol
  8. 243 is good enough for Shotguns man, you must be missing something else. Are you diving Kills by Downs or Deaths?
  9. Yup ^ EMP IS THE CAUSE PEOPLE I have my own proof of this except on Farm It's just another glitch that will never get fixed. 2y-CsESWe0Q
  10. Well this is one good reason to buy games for PC off Steam. Haha Also....what dog?
  11. Kill them? They hide back behind their team with the hardline perk so they get them even faster. I mean it only takes likes 7-10 kills in a row (or less depending on gamemode) for a good scorestreak. :roll: It's not difficult at all. I did this and go 3 orbital vsats, a vtol warships, loadstar, or whatever the shit that it's called. Easy win for us. :/
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