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    1. anonymous


      "All this talk about energy, it's so vague, ja? It's best not to worry about it. Just think about the big ones, positive and negative, North and South, light and dark, good and….HAHAHAHAHAHA…..EVIL!"



    HOLD ME 

    1. anonymous


      Just a moment. What time do we know the result?

    2. Lenne


      Though me and my family couldn't vote, due to getting the permitions too late, I am glad it turned out allright. The world doesn't need yet another Disney villain calling the shots. <3

  3. It's also just super satisfying to take somebody's money.

  4. Yes, I'm Richtofen.

    1. GRILL


      You know, I actually considered going back in time and ensuring you were never conceived. But then, I remember how much of a fool you make yourself out to be! Its all quite funny, how terrible you fail.

  5. "Pre-order now and get this Exclusive Bonus Map we'll totally not give out to everyone for free 2 weeks after release"

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DeathBringerZen


      inb4 it's another version of Nuketown.

    3. Boom115


      Fan favorite

    4. DeathBringerZen


      Bonus zombie map will be Firing Range, only 10x smaller due to fallen rocks and stuff.

  6. If you're PS4/PC and want to play Infection early, print out a picture of your fav fastfood restaurant and one of an angry George Romero, place them on the top your TV, then fire up Outbreak.

  7. Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this.

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      It's true, voice recognition just doesn't understand us.

      Surprising, as Scotland is deemed one of the better voices for call centres.

  8. 7 zettabytes of explicit images.

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Sounds like Bender's files...

    2. InfestLithium


      Bite my shiny metal ass!

  9. Kicked ass on Hardline with @Lenne. Now if only this shit happened during my night shifts.

    1. Lenne


      It was lots of fun. :D

  10. So that's why they never released Kino's trailer on launch. Interesting stuff.

    1. Flammenwerfer


      Yeah, I always wondered that too. I just figured they didn't have enough time to release it and decided to throw it in at CoD XP.

  11. Flipendo!

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    2. InfestLithium


      Ahhhh, leveo-SAAAAAHHHHH

    3. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      "So I heard JK Rowling is writing a spinoff about the next generation of wizards under harry and co."

      me: WHAT!?!

      *Storms into her office where she's writing the book


      *Pencil goes flying from her hand.

    4. Tasha


      *casts alohomora on Slade's belt*

  12. I would give a really vague tip but it's very useful. Shoot everything. Just shoot everything.

  13. So Unity is going to be 900p/30fps on PS4/One to avoid "all the debates and stuff". Nice try Ubisoft.

    1. ZombieOfTheDead


      Lol, that's really dumb. Just make the game right

    2. DeathBringerZen


      The difference between 900p and 1080p is unrecognizable with the human eye, so why is it such a concern? Not having a pop, just saying that people will barely noticed any kind of difference. It will still look beautiful, and will still be in HD.

    3. Slade


      The human eye cannot distinguish the difference between 1600x900 and 1920x1080? Uh... 900p is not even full-HD, a standard from 2008. Come on, it's supposed to be a "true next-gen" game. Even Black Flag had a higher resolution. What gives.

  14. Hahaha, good one SHG. Now show us the real co-op mode.

  15. Pokkén. Hahahaha.

  16. Robin Williams truly was a Legend. What an unbelievable loss.

  17. About time they brought back War! Nice job Sledgehammer.

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0


  18. Avoid double posting. You can edit your OP at the bottom, right underneath your User Awards.

  19. Off to Mother Russia. Enjoy your Summer Season, slayers!

    1. way2g00d


      Bon Voyage playa.

  20. Anyone know any fun drinking games involving Zombies?

    1. Undead


      Yeah here's one: Everytime you buy a perk it's two shots. Everytime you hit the box, it's a shot. And every 5 rounds, the person with the least amount of head shots, takes a shot.

    2. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      hmmm. we used to do a fun drinking game in MP in BO1 where for each kill you gave out a drink, each time you got killed you took a drink. Every headshot kill you gave out 3 drinks, each time you got killed by a headshot you drink 3, and each hatchet kill you gave out 5 drinks and took 5 if you got killed by a hatchet. It was a blast

  21. @way2g00d @Samara one day I'm going to hug-- kill you both :) *no winks for you*

  22. Maar, maar, ik ben blut :D

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    2. way2g00d


      or maybe you can go shopping while he recovers ;)

    3. Boom115


      Love you too babe

    4. Naitrax


      Spend his money pls

  23. Lost $450 to @Samara but who cares, we won again ha!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. way2g00d


      I think the only bet you may win that night is if you rightly predict who wins the french soccer game, the poker wins are all 'in' mine ヽ(ヅ)ノ

    3. Tasha


      @way2g00d hahaha suuure ! You share @Slade 's weakness. I'll be walking out with your chips and your clothes before Al can even swear in Dutch at the referee. ヽ(ヅ)ノ

    4. way2g00d


      You can have my chips but not my clothes, I like to do my own laundry.

  24. Youtube finally supports 60 fps. Embrace perfection!

    1. Lenne


      "Youtube" and "perfection" in one sentence?!

    2. Boom115


      Youpr0n supports 60 faps. Beat that.

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