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  1. Spent over an hour last night playing with 3 randoms on kino going really well. we were up to round 22, I had all perks, over 20K points, upgraded Ray-gun and RPK, most kills, most headshots, 0 downs and over 20+ revives. It was also my highest ever co-op round so far and id say we could easily of gone 30+ Rounds due to the other competent player doing well being the host so a host ending game didnt look likely. And then, with things going so well, my Xbox just disconnects from Live. out of nowhere, and then I could sign straight back in after. absolutely fuming about it. so no new l
  2. after playing online tonight on BO 1 a few more suggestions.. Host Migration. there is no way a game should be ended by one dickhead who decides as soon as he goes down the game should finish. Id imagine it will be easy for them to implement this in BO II since its on MP engine. If a game ends early (eg host ends game or the player leaves) the round should still be recorded and leaderboard updated if its a high score. They could then just put 'final round time' as 0 seconds. Again this will probably be easier to put in BO II since its similar to the MP function where all stats are re
  3. No a good idea to me. Would take away the impressiveness of high round games. The most amazing detail of high round games is the concentration the player was able to keep up for 10-20+ hours (granted with breaks, but not coming back to it over the course of weeks) so allowing someone to take a break as long as they wanted would be terrible. And being able to reload where you saved would be an even bigger disaster. people would just save every round. then if they downed, just reload and go again. would never work.
  4. Rydo


    Timaaaaaaaaaaaayy haha Welcome to the site mate.
  5. Damn! good effort! how long did it take you?
  6. Combat Record and a ranking/prestige system. If they bring that in I probably wont play anything but Zombies for 2 years
  7. Probably depend who's on tbh. most of my friends only really play multiplayer so i'll probably have a few hours in multiplayer seeing if i like it first and then get stuck into zombies.
  8. Congrats on the new WR and best of luck with the last 5 rounds! out of interest, im sure it wont happen, but what will you do if you go down before 115? will you still finish it or just end it there happy with a WR?
  9. Just seen your vid super, honestly mate you should go for the record, you'll probably never get another crack at it and regret not going for it. just grind it out mate, its as fast a strategy i've seen on five, the groups were going by pretty quick. Best of luck
  10. Id rather easter eggs could be done on solo yeah. Its mainly what i play because of a combination of friends not really liking zombies too much and having the whole map and responsability for myself.
  11. I will be absolutely RAGING if the game release is cancelled. been buzzing about it since the trailer came out. Id think the worst that would happen is ubisoft settling out of court with the guy. they'll make so much from the game it would be worth their while losing out on a wee chunk to make sure its released
  12. Is this some kind of poor tribute act to that guy who was pretty good at No Mans Land?
  13. What author? what parts of the story?
  14. Yeah im sure i've seen them say before they wont be putting in any sort of game-ending nuke or even things like moabs. i thought it was him writing out the feature but covering it up, hangman style. no doubt someone on here will figure out some theories on it.
  15. Only really Fifa tbh. played others like the batman and GTA series, and Red dead redemption is imo the best video game ever
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