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  1. And don't forget they have time traveled before, remember the original cast time traveled the the room in call of the dead, Dempsey asked where are we and Richthofen said we must have gone to far into the future
  2. I believe it could just be time travel, if you have ever seen Back to the Future there could be two of the same person, when Marty and doc go to the future there are two of Marty and two of Doc, same deal the the origins characters
  3. Well the regular cover had blue in it, and It could be photoshopped but idk. I'm just putting it out there
  4. I believe I have found the Call of Duty: Ghosts Hardened Edition cover!! Do you guys think this is real, it seems to be legit to me! http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=oa2es4&s=5
  5. I can't wait for zombies in Black Ops II, one question im asking is who will be the characters? Is Richtofen, Nikolai, Dempsey, and Takeo dead? Also we will be able to play up to 8 players because they are gonna run zombies on the multiplayer engine instead of the campaign engine like World at War and Black Ops Zombies. If we are gonna have 8 players, we will have to have really big maps, and im glad well can have more players because there is that moment when you have 5 friends who want to play zombies and there are only 4 spots. And it would be cool to see host migration within the game like
  6. Good point, although there is a possibility it could lag pretty hard with up to 8 players, but online multiplayer has about 18 players and dosen't lag that much, the reason it lags is not about how many players you have, but how good or bad your connection is. I think the possibility of adding a 5-8 characters isn't out of the question, but highly unlikely. And they need to make it where if the host has to quit, instead of making everyone quit, it migrates to a different player to make them host, like in online multiplayer, that would make the zombies experience much better.
  7. You make a good point, Black Ops has hinted at a possible 5th character or more. For example, in Kino Der Toten there are portraits of all 4 characters and when X held down while looking at one of them, the character will say something about that portrait, on the dar right you can see a 5th portrait that has been blacked out, and if I remember correctly there is another one on the floor. Also in the staring room one can read "Beware of the Six!", i am not 100% sure what it means, but it could be hinting to 6 playable characters.
  8. I think Elite should include zombie stats into it, like if in Black Ops II when you play a map, it saves your highest round, kills, points, headshots, and gun you had the most kills with. Also in zombies they should make it where if you dont have enough points to buy a door or a fun, you can use COD Points, like in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for the iPhone and iPad.
  9. I have to agree with you on no second chance! Its made for n00b's!
  10. Ok the founder of this site is carbonfibah, he is a Production QA for Treyarch, and QA stands for Quality Assurance. Just because he is the founder of callofdutyzombies.com does not mean he will have anything to do with the making of zombies in Black Ops II, Jimmy Zielinski is the Creative Lead for Zombies at Treyarch. If carbonfibah is a "tester" for Treyarch, doesn't mean there will be zombies, and certainly not forever.
  11. Well there is no doubt it should return after the huge success of zombies in World at War and Black Ops, along with the DLC maps and fans of the hidden music easter eggs (which I love) written by Kevin Sherwood and singed by Elena Siegman in the maps.
  12. In Black Ops II i would really love to see the return of zombies. For my wishlist I would like to see new maps, and also add a dlc of all the previous Call of Duty Zombie maps, from both World at War and Black Ops, upgraded to the Black Ops II style graphics and weapons. I would like to see more of the back story on Group 935 and element 115 as well, along with backstories on all of the playable characters as well as Samantha, Dr. Maxis, and others. I really would like a zombies campaign, although I am not sure what it would be like, maybe it could show you a cutscene (that you can't skip) at
  13. Thanks man! Ill be posting more theories soon, and probably a YouTube video on it soon!
  14. I believe that Black Ops II will not be a "direct" sequel to the first Black Ops, but set sometime in the future, about 10-15 years, most likely 10-15 years from the present day and not the 1970's setting of Black Ops. As for if Mason will be the main character again, I don't believe he will be, but may possibly be in the game. I don't believe the campaign will have the same approach as Black Ops had, with mason in the chair the entire time until the very end, they will most likely make it more like previous CoD's. And as far as the May 1st reveal, it will probably be a teaser trailer along wi
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