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  1. Yes! Which makes me think...does Nuketown have a stronger bearing on the story than we think? Well we know that one rocket hit Nuketown, since the end trailer and by the looks from it, one looks to have hit near Greenrun, It also goes along with the pattern, and location of Nuketown and Greenrun on the zombie world loading screen. I also remember seeing a picture, that i believe is a piece of paper in WaW, and it having two radio towers and a Nuke... So we have Greenrun, Nuketown and maybe China :/... I think its a good theory, and after china, one of the two's 'master plan' will be compete
  2. For me the RayGun is a no-no without PHD and if they dont include it in this map, i hope they have a different way of no fall damage or find another way
  3. To me its abit of a hint, that PHD will be in Die Rise. We see in the 'trailer' the GreenRun characters hoping down elevator shafts, all on different floors. So to me it seems obvious that we will be given PHD, i think. Since it will help us survive the falls... Just my opinion, why it must be in it, otherwise its gunna be annoying, getting chased my zombies, plus taking fall damage
  4. Also edit * Too me, it all works out if its Primary 3 +1 for extra attachment Secondary 1 +1 for extra attachment Perks 1 Equipment 1 +1 for double then box things 1
  5. About the create-a-class i remember a leak info saying that primary was 3 and most over stuff is 1. And in TmarTn's video he says about the bottom box's being special armour/ customize clothing. Also panic knifing hopefully has been gotten ride of, since i love running around with my knife getting streaks and then in the end gettting paniced knifed. Also it will make ever encounter more of a gun fight other than who can knife quicker. Face Camo, looks like its back, as seen some in the Dolphin Diving seen. Also even if right now we think something is overpowered, it will have its weakness' and i dont think they will let anything be OP
  6. Theater Mode in zombies??? first thought. Sniper and trick shooting :L, imagine getting like a awesome zombie rampage doing 360 and stuff :D
  7. I was doing abit of research and found the location of that picture. Its Mack Diner, New Brunswick, NJ. It comes up with a couple of places but all around that spot. also there is an article about it, didnt really read it, maybe it means sumin http://dinerhotline.wordpress.com/2008/ ... e-on-life/
  8. Through out zombies we know about some of the 'bosses'and maybe what happened to them. George, being a film director and Pentagon Theif a mad scientist. But one boss we havnt had a proper appearance or any explaining is the cosmic silverback. I reckon/hope since we may be going into the future, the cosmic silverback may appear as a boss or maybe some explaining of him. Ideas and theroies???
  9. hmm sorry if this has been mentioned i kinda skipped all the over replys Tmartn on youtube confirmed this and that is was said to be Team vs Team vs Zombies :D
  10. I dont know if anyone has said this, but i thought about the new zombies being on MP engine, will we have Host Migration and maybe voting... Ideas??
  11. The thing i can see different about the two and that bugs me, is that in the second picture, at the far right you see a perfect build that doesnt look touched and on the first picture, its totally destroyed
  12. I agree with people saying these are overpowered or not possible. I do have 2 ideas idea for Mule Kick 2.0- Carry 1 (or 2) extra grenades and special grenades and equipment (if claymores etc). reason: Since Mule Kick, makes you stronger to carry three guns, upgraded it makes your more stronger for more stuff, Mule Kick 2.0- Extra perk slot reason- makes you stronger and can take more people say that is cancels it self out, but it doesnt really, since u already have 3 guns and then if u want another perk u can just upgrade this one. Idea or feedback plz!?!?!?!
  13. I was going though some Dempsey quotes and one of them was from Moon and it was "Why they call this place Paradise Ranch is beyond me. Desert sucks." — Start of a game and in COTD wasnt they sent too paradise. Just a theory...
  14. Ok, ive seen around the forums, that some people are saying thats zombies will be in the past or the future etc. But all i have to say is that it could be anyway. We have seen it before, that we can time travel and i reckon zombies wont be set in a single time. This gives Treyarch, loads of things to play on, because one map we could be in the past using old Waw or Black Ops guns, then next we could be in the future, doing some mad skills will future plasma rifles or sumin like that. But i 100% think they wont stay in one time period.
  15. I would prefere some old remodeled guns like, AK 74u, Commando, but also would love some new ones, like that new pistol would be an epic starter, pistol, maybe they spawn in and they had that instead of the m1911 :D
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