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  1. Who's to say "Round 1" ? As far as we know, there could be NO rounds at all. Afterall, it is a type of "survival" variant, as in the human has to survive through infinite mumbers of zombies. My question though; will there be an ammo count ? By this I mean needing to RELOAD AND MAX AMMO, sort of like in waw hacks, where you had infinite bullets in ONE clip. Thoughts ?
  2. This is just based off the top of my head.. but Would the Clocks change time everytime you turn on the Power ?? We need to investigate in the clocks part.. There must be something to trigger the clocks to change time.
  3. They put the images there mainly for the game to work, but also for us to go explore and dig them out, if they didnt want us to see them, they might as well just had locked them up, for us not being to see the images.. Either treyarc is trolling us or they are were trying to lay down clues for us to follow them.. Remember the tweet from Jimmy.. he was saying that we had all the pieces of the puzzle, we just had to figure out how to put them in place. I think he was hinting in that.. I dont have BO II, but this should be further investigated upon..
  4. So, most of us know that if the thief steals your 1st or 2nd weapon while having mule kick, when you get it back, it'll count as a 3rd weapon. Now, my question is: If the thief steals your weapon and you go down afterwards (Grenade Suicide), will you get your weapon back. If so, will it count as a 3rd weapon without having Mule Kick ? Sorry if this has been discussed before in the forums.
  5. Has anyone tried to stay in the pack a punch room in Town (Tranzit) and see the door shuts and you get trapped inside ? or will the door be kept open until last person leaves the vault ? Haven't tried it n'or seen anyone post anything about this.. so Yeah :)
  6. In all honesty, What's the hype going on with Paris lately ? I mean, sure, I heard it was supposed to be the last map intead of moon, but that still doesn't mean it WILL be featured in later DLC. A lot of theories have been made up based on Paris, like for example now for the EE. There has been theories concerning the parisian catacombs too.. I dont know, it's just that I seem too much effort has been put in to making theories and ideals into a map that might never happen.. for all we know, Paris was never in 3arc's mind and it was just them trolling us as usual. Of course, that's how I see things.
  7. Yeah, it's just that I was hesitating on waiting for christmas deals for Blops II 60$ is 60$ Plus ­~ 50$ for the season pass.. sums up about 120$ with taxes I've read around the forum and it seems like a good game, tranzit still has many mysteries surrounding it. I want the game for zombies/campaign purposes mostly, but the online issues really drag the WHOLE game down.. Many people are dissapointed about the maps and game in general (Online) But yeah, I'll just hold out for now, it's not like I'm missing a lot, there's just tranzit and NK with season pass afterall.. Thanks for replies :)
  8. I haven't bought the game yet and I'm still hesitating on buying it by christmas or before. Is the game (Zombies & Campaign) very good, as in I should buy it as soon as I can ? or is it waste of money for the time being cause of minor problems (Leaderboards for example, Lag on multiplayer and so on..)??
  9. I would check out survival zombie maps, read description, and play the one I find most intriguing, but only once. then i'll play campaign to get familiar with the storyline of blops II as that may come in handy in zombies. Also, i'll note the round i got in my first try of each maps, see if I can get to 20+ on first try, that seems like a good challenge
  10. In the speed-cola SS, is that a red ladder I see going down ? Or is that it just me
  11. to be honest, at 0:32 (the few seconds we see them running), to me it seems that the recorded part of it has been speeded up, just look at everything around the zombies, take a good minute or two and you should be able to see that the footage is sped up, in other words; that isn't the actual speed of the zombies, it was just fast forwarded Thoughts ?
  12. well.. you play as you normally would, opening the door towards the ship, LEAVING THE DOOR TO THE LIGHTHOUSE FROM THE SPAWN AREA CLOSED ! when you have good weapons and your crew is ready to hold off zombies, head over to the MP5K, going around the spawn area.. going from the lighthouse towards the mp5k. This is where the fun begins, seeing as there is 1 window needing to be boarded, 1 player stays there killing the zombies coming from the window and the one's coming from the ground (2 spawn points) while the rest stay near the mp5k for ammo supply, there is no path to run away, the only escape mec is opening the door towards the spawn point. Challenge: How long will you survive using this strategy ? I personally haven't tried it yet, I just thought of it while playing solo on cotd.
  13. ZombieFan4Life


    Put your answer in the poll section and then comment your answer after reading, maybe you would change your mind after seeing some ideas ? I know we have never seen this before in CoD (that I remember): a DLC for Campaign. Like, not a seperate DLC just for campaign, but if for example you would have ELITE, you would have monthly campaign content along with all the other modes.. It would just promote the campaign to keep the crowd interrested.
  14. I dont know if im breaking any rules, so i'll try to make it as simple as i can. I believe that the atomic bombs and 115 are related, why ? well because the 115 could be the atomic gaz found in the atomic bomb, therefor related to Avogadro's Gaz Law, this is just a hypothisis, so this could be a Great theory, as this could be a Great failure on my part. And the rockets on the moon (3), these rockets could have been filled with anti-115 element to eraticate the element on Earth, appearing as if it were destroyed, but it would just be the reaction of the 2 elements, so therefor the Earth would be habitable for any life form not have been contaminated with the element 115. At first glance it would be hard to understand, but it would explain as to how we could have BO2 playable on earth in the first place.
  15. I think Samantha will be long gone in Blops2, reason for this is she's still in rich's body, and the only way she could swap bodies with someone else again would be to have the MDT's powers back again or she could have retained small powers from being in the MDT or lastly not being Samantha, but her future Daughter or something along those lines

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