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  1. Who's to say "Round 1" ? As far as we know, there could be NO rounds at all. Afterall, it is a type of "survival" variant, as in the human has to survive through infinite mumbers of zombies. My question though; will there be an ammo count ? By this I mean needing to RELOAD AND MAX AMMO, sort of like in waw hacks, where you had infinite bullets in ONE clip. Thoughts ?
  2. This is just based off the top of my head.. but Would the Clocks change time everytime you turn on the Power ?? We need to investigate in the clocks part.. There must be something to trigger the clocks to change time.
  3. I dont know if im breaking any rules, so i'll try to make it as simple as i can. I believe that the atomic bombs and 115 are related, why ? well because the 115 could be the atomic gaz found in the atomic bomb, therefor related to Avogadro's Gaz Law, this is just a hypothisis, so this could be a Great theory, as this could be a Great failure on my part. And the rockets on the moon (3), these rockets could have been filled with anti-115 element to eraticate the element on Earth, appearing as if it were destroyed, but it would just be the reaction of the 2 elements, so therefor the Earth would be habitable for any life form not have been contaminated with the element 115. At first glance it would be hard to understand, but it would explain as to how we could have BO2 playable on earth in the first place.
  4. I feel as if the avogadro's law is reffering to element 115, that's what started it all in the first place anyways.. Maybe 115 was in the atomic bomb and that's what made it explode (in cod). That's just my point of view anyways

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