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  1. If we were to play as the O4 in the next map, shouldn't we start like we did back on Moon ? By this, I mean start in a "Revamped No Mans Land" and hop in to a teleporter which would then transport us at the center of the Earth ! We would play in Argatha, as the O4. Everyone would be happy.. Right ? I mean, we all still love the O4 over the N4.. How about they make a Grief map like they did in Buried, play as O4 and N4 in this twisted playing field called Argatha. Thoughts ? **EDIT**: Forgot to mention we start off on the Earth and not on the Moon. I have no idea where the starting location would be on Earth.
  2. Possibly the NavCards being inserted into their respective tables ? I didn't have this "tombstone" before placing the buried navcard into Tranzits' table and Die Rises' into Burieds'. I mean, there should be a reward for completing the navcard tables and placing the respective cards in them, other than the two EPIC easter egg endings in Buried. Food for thought :)
  3. Hi guys, I've just recently seen the song trailer for the map buried. Here is the link to the trailer in question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwU7FR0u ... e=youtu.be Something caught my eye. It would seem that there is indeed a way of getting back to spawn, but this time, UPSTAIRS. Yep, in this trailer, at exactly 1 min in (1:00), you see Stuhlinger dolphin diving from the spawn into the hole in the ground that leads to the buried city. Now look closely, notice anything strange ?? He is jumping from the catwalk, and what is he holding ???? A RAY GUN MARK II. We know we can come back to spawn using the teleport found inside the maze, but we haven't been able to climb up(to the ramp/catwalk whatever you call it). I know this IS a TRAILER, so it is possible it's simply Treyarc trolling us, but I have a feeling that as more time passes by, more secrets are uncovered. We may discover this hidden method of going UP in the days to come, if even possible. Thank you for reading, leave a comment expressing your opinion on this possibility :)
  4. Apparently Treyarc fixed it one way or the other, because I can now freely build the buildables at any work bench I want it to be placed. Furthermore, I think you should maybe add little tips or "know hows", like where to conveniently place your trample steam, how the Head-Chopper works and how you can place it (On the ground and on walls), etc. **Trample Steam Tip: Place your trample steam facing Speed Cola, near the roof of the house where a work bench is located near Juggernaut. This is good if attempting to complete the achievement Awaken Gazebo.**
  5. Yeah, well I've tried that before, and it always says "Incorrect part" or "additional parts required" even though there are no parts there. For example, I once wanted to make the Trample Steam at the Saloon, but it wouldn't let me, even though I only had a part of the Trample Steam on me at the time. Maybe it's just my imagination letting me down, I'll come back and see what happens this time around. Thanks BS !
  6. How to build buildables at different work benches ? I know this could seem to be a silly question, but I've never been able to build the buildables at different locations that I currently know of, mine are as followed. Head-Chopper: Church Turbine: Building near Juggernaut Trample Steam: Saloon Subsurface Resonator: Courtyard If you know of a video or anything visual that can help explaining, please post it. Thanks !
  7. But how do you deal with the ghosts ? To take your points, they don't even need to hit you, they just need to be within melee distance range of you.. I've tried countless times meleeing trying to see if there was a way to time it right to no avail, and I hardly think you can get time bomb AND decent weapon out of box on round 1.
  8. The Head-Chopper is the buildable I had in mind; Where can I get its parts and is it like the Trample steam as in you can use it anytime ? Thx for info
  9. In the Church, the building where the new Vulture-Aid Perk is located inside, there is a buildable. I was close to finishing the item, but was one part short before dying on round 18. My questions are : - What is the name of this item ? - What does it do and what it's best suited for ? - Pros and Cons of the item (ex: needs turbine) I cannot play at the moment, reason for this post, but to also help others who haven't seen this and/or haven't finished building it. Thanks in advance ! :D
  10. On a non-related note, I was thinking with my brother about the upcoming zombies map Buried. We were both thinking that the starting area would be like Area 51 the Moon map. Reason for this is because the achievement says to PaP in round 1 without using the bank and/or the Weapon Locker. So there are 3 definite key things in the starting room: PaP, Bank and Wep Locker. Zombies will probably spawn in like they did in No Man's Land, infinite number of zombies, but the round counter will still carry-on, hence the emphasis on "Pap a weapon in round 1". How will this be introduced.. No Idea. Also, there is a maze of some sorts in the map. Will we start out in this Maze ? Maybe if we explore deep enough this maze, we could find free 1000 points powerups, Double Points, things that could potentially help us with gathering enough points to PaP at round 1. There are so many ways Treyarc could implement these ideas without making them either too easy or too hard, like for example accessible Quick Sand traps. Speaking of buried, I strongly believe the new Wonder Weapon/Buildable is likely to be a HandGun because the map is believed to be set in Western times, a time where HandGuns were popular amongst CowBoys and others.
  11. Ok, but would the teddy bear disapearing without using the box be a clear indicator of whether or not you have the persistant perk ? I promise that is the last question ! :)
  12. Thanks for the explanation, but I have two questions: - I obtained the perk at the start of round 3, I lost it at round 6. I knew I had lost it at that time because I hadn't hit the box, I was in town. I couldn't have lost anything else either because I had perma-jugg and head-popper, which I had kept after close observations. My question: Is this also a time-related perma-perk. If I don't use the box or anything else that is related to this particular perma-perk, Do I lose it ? -Why did it get it in the first place ? Was it effected by the fact that I got a lucky spin and got the Galil ? The fact that I also have it in my Weapon Locker ?
  13. Ok so I'm currently playing on Tranzit, I hit the box two times. It's round 3. All of my team members have recently left the game. On my first box try, I get the war machine; Yay ..! On my second hit, this gets interresting. I get the Galil, great, right ? Well I also get a "perma-perk", a green burst of light emitted from the box, I looked around and sure enough, my character had a dialogue although i cannot fully remember. I look at the box, there is a teddy bear sitting on it. Any thoughts ? I still have this game up and I'm planning on waiting before I continue playing, maybe do a few tests that you guys would suggest doing. Has anyone encountered this ? Now I know there is already a thread made about this, although I didn't find it. i found this however: viewtopic.php?f=100&t=32998 People think it's a way of getting better weapons out of the box or something along thos lines. EDIT: THE GUN I GOT WHEN GETTING THE PERMA-PERK WAS THE GALIL, I HAVE A GALIL IN THE WEAPON LOCKER. That can possibly hint towards the weapon locker seeing the perma-perk recently got added with the addition of the weapon locker in Die Rise, Am I Wrong ? EDIT#2: I was in town and heard the sound of a perma-perk loss. I was shooting zombies in the head so it couldn't be the head-popper..
  14. Yeah my bad, I just saw the achievements a few seconds ago, I saw the site come back and wanted to share my theory with you all. Guess I sort of expected it to come back in the next map. Mod: Can you delete this topic or bury it ?
  15. In tranzit and Die Rise, there is the fridge, which lets us replace our current weapon with one in the fridge we have stored either another game or earlier the same game. With the addition of the fridge in Die Rise lately, could the fridge and/or bank make a return in the new map Buried ? In any case, I advise you guys to store a good Pap weapon in it, for safe keeping ;)
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