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  1. That would seriously (sadly) not surprise me, although I truly hope that there is something more to this that we haven't discovered yet, and that this is not the case.
  2. I like the general fact that the clock in that room shows 1:15.
  3. Actually, The Temptations has nothing to do with this song. It's by The Penguins.. Just felt like pointing that out! :)
  4. Yeah, I guess that just stands for Zombies or something though. Like, you have "DayZ", "The War Z", etc. Although it may just as well mean something else, who knows.
  5. Yeah, this song reminded me very much of the song at the ball, Earth Angel..
  6. I modified it some more. Seems like a Perk machine up in the right corner in my opinion.
  7. Well, just making the thread easier to read, keep the flow of the topic. That took up a lot of space.
  8. Please, for the love of God put that into a spoiler in the original post.
  9. You have to use both "open" and "close" tags. I see you want an image too, so that'll look like this: Code: [spoiler=Hectic] Hi I'm Hectic, I'm new here and I just joined today. I have been around this forum for a while but have never had the time to make an account that I would be active with. I'm a Diehard zombie player and my favourite character is Richtofen ( Quite common I know ) I hope to be quite active. [img=http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/1561/d6bfa25ce69b27a5b7edbd8.png][/spoiler] This topic written by Shooter explains all the codes included in CoDZ, read it. viewtopic.php?f=93&t=22624
  10. Then how about a Scavenger type perk? You buy it for 7000 points. This adds a new power-up, which is a random mag/grenade for any of your guns/throwables. The zombies will have a 1/50 chance of dropping it when killed. It would count as any other power-up, and therefore not drop if the zombies were killed by any type of trap, Thundergun, Wunderwaffe, or any other major wonder weapons. I think this would be a balanced way of getting ammo, since you will have to shoot the zombies to death to be able to get it, which again makes it a challenge in the later rounds.
  11. Other than his grave in Call of Duty: Zombies..? Nope.
  12. Well, if you have nothing to make a thread about.. Then there's no reason for you to do it either. A good start is to get into it by replying to other threads. It will make you think, and suddenly you get the urge to start a new discussion/thread.
  13. Yeah, I agree with Shooter. Richtofen is not the only charcter that's off. Take a look at this collage i put together: In my eyes, noone on the poster looks like themselves, other than Takeo. Nikolai is close, but there is some minor errors. This is definately an artist rendition.
  14. The screenshot you posted is actually from a T-Shirt, mate. I own that shirt. http://www.amazon.com/Call-Duty-Black-Zombies-T-Shirt/dp/B005TL9B5U Oh, thanks for clearing that up :lol:

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