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  1. "Our most ambitious zombies stuff yet." Nice find, mate.
  2. Wood is probably being adviser of the modern Black Ops troops and helps them in their missions by giving advices. The fighting and missions take place in near future, +2012 Exactly. I don't get why people still think its going to be the 1980s.
  3. It said near future in the official site, so at least after 2012. Or maybe it's the future AFTER Black Ops. Which means 1970+. Plus it says 21st century so after 1999 :D
  4. no Kidding me? The soldier definitely looks like a skinny Spartan with a battle rifle.
  5. Anyone else think it looks like a cross between Halo and mw3?
  6. I was disappointed when they revealed the quadrotor and I realized it would be a futuristic game. (I know some of you were debating that but remember, Treyarch's clue are always intricate while at the same time simple). Looking at the photos I'm definitely intrigued. Especially what they'll do with futuristic zombies. But the MP part while I'm definitely looking forward to it I'm not looking forward to all the nooby crap they'll put it especially with futuristic stuff that they can just make up and all the kiddies camping for their KD.
  7. Guess that pretty much confirms it's going to to be a modern game. I'm disappointed, but I guess time will tell whether I'll like it or not. Plus you can't watch the video but you can at least see the screenshot. It's definitely modern/futuristic.
  8. Depends where you live I guess. Actually not, it comes to public for all at the same time. After the basketball game I guess. Probably halftime or inbetween the first and second period.
  9. I agree Wow, somebody actually thinks I'm making sense, instead of going into an Aspergers-fueled downward spiral! Thanks! Anyways, here's a good start to this thread. We know that Tacitus is probably going to be a 'futuristic' weapons manufacturer, but what could their role be in the Campaign (and, eventually, Zombies )? Begin speculating awesomeness.....NOW! Dude, I agree with you too. I believe some of it probably will play a part in zombies, but all stuff that is campaign related. But the quadrotor will be a killstreak in MP.
  10. I always thought Seelow would make an awesome zombies map. Imagine the zombies coming out of the tall grass where you can barely see them. Or Vorkuta from black ops. A labor camp like that would be awesome for a zombies map. But Chernobyl would be AMAZING if they go with a Cold War theme again.
  11. I think deadshot increased headshot damage, I have noticed this in call of the dead around round 25-30 If that's true i guess that makes it a bit better in my opinion but I guess I haven't noticed the difference because I never really used it. I thought it just aimed for the head. It also gives you steady aim. I hipfire a lot so I like it.
  12. It gives you steady aim. I like it because I hip fire a lot. Also, if you're playing on console the aim assist naturally points your gun at the zombies torso. With Deadshot it'll point your gun at the zombies head. There's no aim assist on PC so the perk only cost 1000 compared to the consoles 1500.
  13. Dude that would be a straight rip off of MW3's survival.
  14. Yeah they are releasing Elite 2.0, prepare for it lacking half of the features promised. I wouldn't be surprised if Beachhead studios couldn't still manage to develop PC version. They said they are making Elite with less features for PC, so I believe that would be easy to make but no. They can't even make that when they use their time fixing the console version and phone apps. Elite is one of the worst things happened to CoD. Its just developing to the fact that the game gets features cut and if you purchase elite you get them unlocked. DICE actually succeeded with their Battlelog which is just a stats and community service that is free for all. And it works. ELITE is bad because it caters to campers.
  15. Point wise they're fine because they're a pretty simple kill. But I love upgrading the double barrel on Der Riese and 60 spare shells just doesn't cut it, especially for an upgraded weapon. Give us somewhere between 90-120. (I upgraded the SPAS 12 once but it had such limited ammo that I said "not doing that again.")
  16. Good one. But do you think if you have Elite that you'll get the Zombie map one earlier than everyone else? I mean that'd be a good way for them to get people to buy Elite. I got Elite via the hardened edition of MW3 because I wanted to download all the MP maps. But damn, I don't even like them that much and can't remember the last time I downloaded any for MW3. However, if they have zombies I'll definitely be getting Elite to get it one month early.
  17. I wish they would make a lobby where split screeners can't join, like Mercenary TDM in multiplayer, because the splitscreeners always are bad.
  18. I find it harder with each person added. Like solo is the easiest then 4 player is the hardest.
  19. I'm one of the few who doesn't play zombies for the story but I can't help but hear things. Didn't Sam have her soul in Richtofen's body? More would be cool but I don't think it'll happen on this generation of consoles. Wait till they get the technology to be able to hold another couple of people. And I agree that the astronaut was a gimmick. But so was napalm/shrieker, george, space monkeys, and nova crawlers, and dogs, and basically anyhting besides the zombies.
  20. It would be laggy as hell with 5 people
  21. Without him it would be just be zombies. and the game is called ZOMBIES, right?
  22. While we're at it, have the option to turn off special zombies like george in cotd and the special zombies in shangri-la. Then I would definitely have more fun with the game if it were like the original 2 maps. To the OP: you mean you want 2 boxes at the same time? Or have the option to play shi no numa with black ops weapons or waw before the game starts?
  23. This. I'd rather zombies go back to the eery stuff they had going in the original maps. The last 3 were just kind of comical. Although Moon kind of had an eery environment with barely any sound so the zombies would sneak up on you. Saying stuff like add bosses and add melee weapons. There's a perfect game out there for you guys. It's called Left for Dead. I loved zombies when it was JUST zombies like in NDU and Verruckt. The added things take away from that. COD Zombies was built as a border defense game. Let's go back to that. But to the gun who said Mule Kick ruins the maps, yes and no. Ya it's stupid that they added but it doesn't ruin it for me since I don't buy it :D
  24. I see you play on PS3. Maybe it's different on xbox360 but the aim assist is VERY strong. For example, sometimes when I play Verruckt I stand behind the debris near where the box can spawn and aim down the mp40 hallway pointing at the wall where they can break through. If I ADS down that hallway andd those zombies that come through the balcony to the left run across to the room with the toilets, my gun will literally move from pointing at the wall where they can break through to the doorway where they come in to attack me! And in Kino, I like to sprint down those aisle from the stage to go back to the spawn room, if I pass by a crawler or nova crawler my view will sometimes be pointing at the ground. Can get really annoying especially when there's a horde chasing after you. 2) I was talking the WaW version of Verruckt. I seem to be able to last a hit or three longer. But maybe you're right. 3) I know what you mean about the zombies trapping you in WaW and you can't move because it's like they have a "magnetic" affect. I say make BO2 zombies a combo of WaW and Black Ops. Make it like BO1 where you can escape and can move but make it like WaW where they have to be right on your ass for them to hurt you and a swipe when I'm NOWHERE near them. 4) Another thing from WaW is the matchmaking is a lot better. In BO1 it'll say migrating hosts 1,2,3, etc. and then once it gets to 8 or 9 it kicks everyone out. Again, don't know it's like that on the PS3.
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