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  1. This kind of takes away the point of Jugger-Nog, but... Devil's Hand Take less damage from zombies' lunges
  2. I would like to see a perk like you can hold more grenades or ammo.
  3. Dude that would be a straight rip off of MW3's survival. I've never played mw3. This came straight out of my head.
  4. Dude that would be a straight rip off of MW3's survival. I've never played mw3. This came straight out of my head.
  5. What I think could happen is you get goals like, 'Kill 50 Zombies' or something or 'Survive till round 25.'
  6. I have this idea for a map. Name: Eisenbahn Setting: An abandoned subway station in New York City. Daytime. Details: This map is at New York City Subway. Occasionally, a train will go by. But you have to stop this. So instead of turning on the power, you have to turn it off. This grants you about half of the map you are standing on right now. In order to cut the power, you must get to the boarding terminal and go into traffic control. Then you must turn the switch down. I don't know much about New York. All I know is that you have to survive.
  7. Leveling Up When you complete a game, you get Experience Points (XP) and you can level up. Leveling up can unlock new weapons, new areas of maps that are only accessible by high levels or playing Co-Op with a high level, and new titles. As you get higher and higher in levels (ex, Lvl. 1: 5000XP, Lvl. 10: 700000XP) the harder it is to gain XP and you have to gain more to level up. Achievements/Trophies Professional Zombie Killah 25G - Reach Lvl. 100 Electronic Banking (EB) This sort of goes with leveling up. When you reach Lvl. 5, you unlock EB. EB is a machine that is set beside important obstacles like perks or mystery box stands. When you interact with EB, you go into a screen (which you will be vulnerable unless in solo) where you can take out deposited money that you can put in via game or main menu. Also, whatever you did not spend during a game is divided in half and that half is put into an EB machine. Achievements/Trophies My Very Own Personal ATM 5G - Unlock the EB machine. Zombie Tycoon 10G - Deposit over 1,000,000 points of earnings in the EB machine. Ammo/Weapons Tired of running around the map just to get MP5K ammo? Yeah, me too. That's why I came up with this idea. This idea is a box that looks like an ammo box in the campaign. You interact with it, a screen comes up with a variety of weapon types (ex. Handguns Submachine Guns Shotguns Machine Pistols Light Machine Guns Assault Rifles Shotguns) and you can decide to buy ammo, too. Prices will vary, like the number of ammo you shot multiplied by three. When pack-a-punched, the rounds you shot will be multiplied by nine. You can also not buy ammo for mystery box guns or buy them off of the weapons cache. This would help in occurrences such as being overrun, running out of ammo, or HAVING TO RUN ACROSS THE MAP TO BUY MP5K AMMO! Achievements/Trophies Mah Guns are the depended Ones 15G - Buy every weapon out of the Ammo/Weapons cache. WHERE ARE MY ROUNDS! 3G - Run out of ammo and buy rounds with your money. Big Spender 10G - Buy two pack-a-punched weapons and buy ammo for it.
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