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  1. I know that voice at the end is Rictofen. However, if you listen there is what sounds like another voice that you can't understand, the voice that Stullinger tells "what if I don't want to mend the rift."
  2. @Bagel I have a theory about the monster you are talking about. In the opening cutscene from Die Rise, there is that deep unintelligible voice who is talking to Stu. Stu then replies "what if I don't wan't to mend the rift?" This voice could be some sort of monster that wants to enter our universe to destroy it. Now, after you go back to Earth at the end of moon, you can look up and behind the teleporter area and you will see another Earth which looks properly messed up. Now most people have written this off as a glitch, but I think the devs put it there on purpose. This second earth is an earth in another universe, possibly even in the Ether. Now, if you look at the world of BO2 zombies, it seems like an alternate earth from another universe. What appears to be 1950's USA, Green Run, has a robot driving a bus, there is a version of Nacht der Untoten in a cornfield there, and in general it seems like a different version of our universe. Looking at the loading screen from Die Rise, the Earth in that universe has massive chunks missing from it, there are entire skyscrapers that have been flipped upside down, and everything you see seems to have been damaged on a level that cannot be achieved with any weaponry or devices that we know of. Thus, I am proposing that the BO2 zombies world is in fact where the Monster you are talking about resides, and he want Stulingher to mend the rift so he can enter our universe and destroy it also.
  3. 1. Richtofen in crazy, evil, and also has other people working for him. Also, the N4 have been working for Maxis also. 2. Maxis is in the aether. As for whether or not Maxis wants control of the zombies, we still aren't sure what he wants. 3. That is possible. You could start a thread about it. I was just letting you know about the rules of this forum, and suggesting that you would be better served in the general forums. hope this helps. :)
  4. Questions like these aren't for the Asylum forum, this forum is for people with a strong grasp of the back story. You should post these over on the general discussion forum. Here http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=25013 is a beginner's cheat sheet with most of the info on zombies all laid out. if you have any more questions just ask over on the general discussion forum or feel free to pm me. ;)
  5. Here's how Richtofen could connect these two world. Imagine parallel universes as baking sheets stacked on top of each other, with bugs crawling on them (the bugs are living beings in each universe). because of the arrangement of these universes, the bugs cannot see that there are other universes and thus are oblivious to this fact of the world. However, it is theoretically possible to make a "rip" in the space time continuum of one universe allowing things in an adjacent universe to enter it and vice-verse. This could be what Richtofen is trying to do, merge the universe of campaign and multiplayer with the zombies universe and maybe the aether as this could be another parallel universe.
  6. most of your information is wrong. The US vs USSR arms race started after WWII, not before, the Russians did not ally with the soviets they became the soviets in 1917, and espionage was conducted stealthily not through obvious channels like a phone.
  7. I just realized, the fact that Castro was at the Pentagon, seemingly having a meeting with Nixon, JFK, and McNamara, confirms almost beyond a doubt that Communists, including Russians, were working with the Americans. Also, great find with the red phones, I completely overlooked that myself.
  8. the missiles could have been sent up to the moon in pieces, where the low gravity would have made assembly relatively easy. http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=103&t=29325&p=282574#p282574 this thread also proposed several ways of producing massive amounts of power as well as how to create an anti gravity device and even a spaceship. The designs and calculations for these devices were on the chalkboards at der riese, meaning that the Americans could have discovered them and tried to build them. Massive power sources, AG devices, and even a spaceship would have made it very easy for the Americans to get missiles to the moon. As for why the Soviets would be working with the Americans, the moon landers on Ascension look a lot like an American moon lander with a flat platform in place to the capsule. It is possible that the Americans traded technology related to space exploration for nukes and possibly the Thundergun.
  9. This seems strange, given the antagonism between the two cold war superpowers, but Black Ops is littered with hints that the Soviets worked with the Americans. First and foremost, the thundergun, a Russian weapon, shows up in the lab area on Five. You cannot get this weapon from the box, but you can see it in the lab looking like it is about to be dissembled. What would a top secret Russian weapon be doing in the pentagon, unless the Soviets gave it to the Americans. I doubt that the Soviets would have let the Americans just take such a powerful weapon, instead I believe they would have destroyed it. Moreover, the lab area is filled with canisters of the Nova 6 gas. This gas was originally, according to the BO campaign, developed by the Nazi scientist Freidrich Steiner, and then perfected by him while he was working on for Dragovich, a Russian. The nova 6 bears a striking resemblance to the Russian http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novichok_agent nerve gas. In addition to this, Daniel Clarke, a scientist who worked on Nova 6, bears a striking resemblance to the Pentagon thief. Both have markings on their face, and the thief has a bullet hole in his head where Clarke was shot. So what are the remnants of a Russian chemical weapons project and one member of this project doing in the Pentagon with a Soviet secret weapon? Most likely they are there as a result of some agreement between the soviets and the Americans. Looking at the missiles on Moon, they look suspiciously like the Soviet r-7 missile. The only possible explanation for there being three soviet missiles on an American moon base would be for the Soviets and the Americans to have been working together. Finally, here is an article from NASA itself that discusses talks between the U.S. and USSR and even hints at US-Soviet cooperation in the area of space rockets and exploration. In the end, the only possible all encompassing explanation for all of these things is that the U.S. and the USSR worked together in more ways than one.
  10. Huh, I never thought that the Shanghai skyline being in province 22 could be Treyarch showing us how messed up the world could be. Maybe they are doing that also with Green Run. I get the feeling that there is something majorly important to the zombies story line that is staring me in the face but I just can't see it. Maybe this whole cities in places where they shouldn't be is part of it. I don't know, I just don't know.
  11. PINAZ, I did look up the Green Run project, I was really just grasping at straws with the connection between Hanford Washington and Hanford California. Late nights aren't great for uncovering the mysteries of zombies.
  12. I know that there has been a lot of talk about whether or not Green Run is Hanford Washington, and there seems to be some kind of consensus that it is. If you look at the train schedule on the multiplayer map Express, one of the stops is Hanford, albeit Hanford California. However this makes sense as on the world zombie map selector screen, Green Run appears to be almost due west of Nuketown Zombies, which on the world screen says is in Nevada. Thus it seems that the train schedule on Express is telling us that Green Run is in Hanford California, not Hanford Washington.
  13. Richtofen was not all that bad until he touched the MPD. In fact, all that he was interested in was teleportation, not creating an army. As for being mistreated by maxis, maxis makes fun of him teleporting walnuts as part of his experiments. In one of the radios you can here Maxis saying something about how Richtofen's experiments would revolutionize the walnut industry and how he could see it not "Richtofen's walnut delivery business." It was only after being shocked by the MPD Richtofen became what he is now.
  14. I can find significance for the name "Green Run". Green Run was a secret U.S. government project that involved the release of radioactive fission products. It took place at the Hanford Site plutonium production facility. Now, Hanford Site is located near Hanford, Washington, a small agricultural town. Hanford is a very close match to Town from BO2 and the fact that this is an agricultural town could explain Farm. Now, the release of radiation could in fact be the cause of the forest dwellers, and even the zombies if the radiation included some element 115, which we know, from moon, that the U.S. government had. If this is the cause of the zombies, then I would place the time period of Green Run in the 1950's-60's. In addition to this, the bus in Tranzit looks like a GM "new look" transit bus, a vehicle produced from 1959-1977. The semi truck in Farm looks like a ford C series from the 1960's, and the architecture style is very late 50's, early 60's. Thus, the name Green Run gives us the time period of this map as well as a possible cause of the zombies at Green Run. Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Run http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanford_Site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanford,_Washington http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GM_New_Look_bus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_C-Series
  15. we've seen from the Die Rise opening that the Earth is broken into a bunch of pieces, maybe the heroes will have to use this "black box" to put the earth back together.
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