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  1. Unlike any Creepypasta I've read, this actually seems pretty well done. Keep up the good work. BTW There are times when I see the number 115 randomly and that makes this story a little more scary.
  2. I was looking around Die Rise to see if I could find any easter eggs, and I eventually found something interesting on a poster in the Mall (at the building where you start). You can find the poster down the purchasable stairways (when you open the first door), at the left of the doorway to the right. (okay now on to the easter egg XD) SO the poster is a nail polish ad, nothing special, until I noticed at the bottom it said, "Since 1996." Now this obviously tells us that Zombies in Black Ops II is not in the 1960's. But the question is, What year is it in? I can probably guess it's in either the late 2010's or the early 2020's. Now Treyarch said in an interview, that they like to put SOME things from Campaign in Zombies, but not too much. That's possibly why the buildings in Green Run and Die Rise aren't really "futuristic." BUT WAIT! If Black Ops Zombies on Moon and Black Ops II Zombies IS in the 2020's why were there modern weapons on the Moon and Future Weapons on Nuketown? Well, here's my theory. As our heros arrived at Area 51 and Moon they didn't know they were in the future, so our old announcer Samantha Maxis, didn't exactly want them to figure it out sooner or later, so she kept modern weapons on the Moon instead of Future Weapons. And another thing, if the Earth was demolished in the 1960's then Call of the Dead would have been more apocolyptic since it was either in 2010 or 2011, so that's another mystery solved. I don't exactly have any pictures at the moment, but I will eventually put it up on this post later. Unless any of you want to put one up yourself (which you don't have to but it's appreciated). If you have anything you want to add, feel free to do so. Regards, -ERich935
  3. Originally, I liked Richtofen, but then I lost interest in him as his big master plan began to unfold on Moon. So now, Michael Rooker is now my fav because be he voice acted on two different modes of a Call of Duty game (Zombies and Black Ops II).
  4. It's been a while since I last replied on this. I also found a couple sound files to the characters of Call of the Dead. Some of them are when they see George. These quotes were cut (or were they) and on the files they say vox_plr_#_engineeer_see_# . Just a little something I wanted to add. :D
  5. Marines burning... scientists burning... possibly we'll see something like this when entering a room before they're zombified. Also to the person who posted this, heres some [brains]
  6. Well I still see the monkey but after it dissapears then the zombies screen from 2010 appears but plays new screens.
  7. one thing though. The rockets hit America. Not Siberia. Also, I Highly doubt that the Hyena Infradead would explode the door. Unless a much bigger explosion hit it... ;D
  8. During Call of Duty XP the Call of Duty Zombies of Treyarch explained that Paris was the original idea before they came up with Moon. Here's my theories on what the story might be like after Moon. 1st- The original zombies crew take the teleporter and they arrive in Paris, France either in the past, present, or future. As they survive, they come across a locked door with some familiar voices behind it. The survivors of Call of the Dead. As they were surviving, Richtofen was in control and then brought them to Paris. Now the original zombie survivors need to save them! 2nd- We haven't heard from our office men in suits (except one in a more army uniform), JFK, MacNamara, Nixon, and Fidel Castro in a while. Just before the big explosion, they were downed, then they were teleported to Paris. the shock got them back on their feet. Just a second later it happens. The missiles hit America and the zombies run towards our survivors of Five.
  9. Woah... that's surprising. But I think 3ARC is mentioned in the credits, also for the reference for Lev Kravchenko here's some [brains]
  10. Of course we can all tell that these two act exactly the same. But are they. Strangely they are. When you look closely into the hole of the Gersch device you can see numbers coming out if it but only a little unlike the teleporters of FIVE. If anybody has any info on this just reply or somethin like that.
  11. Of course we can all tell that these two act exactly the same. But are they. Strangely they are. When you look closely into the hole of the Gersch device you can see numbers coming out if it but only a little unlike the teleporters of FIVE. If anybody has any info on this just reply or somethin like that.
  12. OK here's the reason why they used his Ascension/Moon model. When you look at the flag Nazi flag in Kino you see it has the Eagle and not the Swastika. The zombie's red patch has the Eagle too. How does this have ANYTHING to do with Richtofen in his space suit? Well you see, Treyarch didn't really want to "Reuse" the old model from CoDZ WaW for iOS. They changed it because it was the closest thing to Richtofen not looking like a stupid Nazi (sorry Richtofen fans, I hate him now) with his Swastika. Any other reasons why they didn't re use the old uniform I have no idea. So yeah theres your reason.
  13. UPDATE- Along with Zombie Deathmatch I have made custom games modes based off other game modes in Modern Warfare 3. I have made Zombie Infection which was originally made by my friend MoshpitMadnes based off Infection. I also made Zombie Survival which you play as our four zombie suvivors: Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Edward Richtofen (didn't do Samantha because I didn't want to dissapoint the Richtofen fans ) as they survive at the rendezvous point as long as they can using the main weapons of Modern Warfare (as well as some old favs ). They also have some assistance from above and below with some awesome killstreaks (note: I can't change the killstreak number on M.O.A.B. ). As well as these awesome game modes, i also have a picture of something... interesting on Mission that may be a slight reference to zombies. Hope you enjoy! I'll post some names I gave to weapons on P-A-P Team Deathmatch.
  14. Well Verruckt and Kino Der Toten are BOTH located in Berlin. Oh and like Black Ops, we were not sure if zombies were gonna continue. But it did. So I don't see why Treyarch wouldn't stop zombies. I mean... moon was the last zombie map of Black Ops. When they said that, did they mean they were gonna make zombies on their next Call of Duty (Operation Charybdis? http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Operation:_Charybdis)? We'll have to see... that is if they reuse GKNOVA6. And with all these references to zombies, somethin tells me theres gonna be an add on for it on Survival. :lol:
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