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  1. Anyone else experiancing problems with the Simon Says step? I keep failing no matter how quickly i press the coulours in the correct order.. i don't get the "hold square to activate tone" indication on the fourth speaker, even when i know the sequance is correct, have done it as quickly as the character can move and no zombies near me... constantly getting this issue on co-op and solo. Just wondering if it is a known issue.. i'm on PS4. The activation area just seems buggy as hell
  2. Lol good one not really bothered if nothing happens just think it would be pretty clever on 3arcs part if something did
  3. Well not long until 21/12/12 and as most of you have noticed it says 21/12/12 on the zombies woman's hat in the picture that was released for BLACK OPS 2: ZOMBIES! Anyone actually think something will be revealed tonight? :?
  4. Ok, I have found multiple songs in the hidden audio. Looking in the S / C though, I can see a couple of triggers, but only for stuff like dying. I could be wrong, but I think that the songs you're hearing aren't triggered by the bear. Could be like on MOON when you heard A7X - NIGHTMARE after being downed in that greenhouse thing?
  5. Is this code just from TRANZIT? Or is Nuketown in it aswell?...
  6. Hmmm...Now that is an interesting theory...I like it! OK, well rolling with that for a moment, presuming it is character-based, we should hear this voice every time we're that character, no? So, the question is, are you hearing it every time you happen to play as Misty? Now, even I was Misty last time I heard the noise but I don't remember if I was her when I last did the EE; I will, however, from now on be sure to note when I hear the voice and when I'm playing as Misty, as I know that I haven't done the EE again aince I last heard the noise. EDIT: Actually scratch that whole thing. In that video I linked, the guy hadn't even done the EE (there's a part in the vid where he goes through the cornfield, and the Pylon isn't glowing at all). I just don't know what to believe anymore! P.S. Do you ever get the noise to play when you start a game Solo? I only ever hear it when joining Public Matches with other people. Incidentally I even just started a Solo game as Misty and didn't get any voice. Ye I noticed it tonight when I started solo run was tryin to get Samuel to see if I could find anything on Richtofen EE and noticed the 3 times I got misty out of about a dozen starts I would here that voice and wouldn't with the others... But looking at what you posted might just be a big coincidence lol :)
  7. Strange... I can only get it with misty... I know this sounds a loooong shot but is it anything to do with which character you completed the EE with?
  8. On a side note I played with the audio settings in game to clear it up (SFX volume off and Voice volume right up) and u can't hear it. So it's classed as sound effect not voice..
  9. It does sound more like Sam when you do it yourself in theatre and yep 100% definately only Misty started about a dozen games with different characters one after the other and every time it was Misty I heard it ;)
  10. Heres a clip http://youtu.be/c4BJ8PLsD6I Like I say not as clear here try for yourself too :)
  11. Uploading to YT now link to follow doesn't sound as clear when you playback recorded for some reason but try for yourself too, you can clearly here a girl say "DANGER"
  12. And if there's quotes not showing up.... What else isn't? ;)

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