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  1. Yeah I've had the turbine just vanish when I pull them out a few times, then Richtofen laughs like you've just pulled the teddy bear in the box.
  2. Lol I love roundin them all up and then BOOM bye bye zombies with 1 tiny claymore :mrgreen:
  3. Actually I'd love a Clay-MORE perk that doubles your claymore capacity, there my best friend on high rounds especially low on ammo :)
  4. Well whether its a glitch or not I really doubt he edited it to be a troll like some people think... But at the same time doubt its anything to do with EE. Hope I'm wrong though :)
  5. So what's the update on this? Did he upload the whole vid?
  6. You just done it for me basically the actual map for TRANZIT mode Is the main map in this case DIE RISE like green run is the main MAP and the rest are just part of it that you can play other game modes on
  7. How bout JET FUEL COLA? Makes the jet gun last much longer and cool down quicker!
  8. Well I'm thinking that Die Rise is gonna be the same as Green Run. One big map for TRANZIT mode and parts of this map for Survival/ Grief, and there's gonna be another pylon we have to power up on the Die Rise TRANZIT Map too If not I can just imagine how annoyed everyone's gonna be if its just a survival map and doesn't have anything to do with Green run Easter egg lol after all the "it's going to carry on in future DLC"
  9. So apparently JZ didn't make the new year since he got hit by a meteor or something. https://twitter.com/zielinskijimmy/stat ... 8569713664 guess we'll never know if there was more to Green Run lol :D
  10. Looks legit and easy enough to try ....
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