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  1. Yeah I've had the turbine just vanish when I pull them out a few times, then Richtofen laughs like you've just pulled the teddy bear in the box.
  2. Well whether its a glitch or not I really doubt he edited it to be a troll like some people think... But at the same time doubt its anything to do with EE. Hope I'm wrong though :)
  3. So what's the update on this? Did he upload the whole vid?
  4. So apparently JZ didn't make the new year since he got hit by a meteor or something. https://twitter.com/zielinskijimmy/stat ... 8569713664 guess we'll never know if there was more to Green Run lol :D
  5. Looks legit and easy enough to try ....
  6. The only way you will convince anybody on these forums anymore is with a short vid clip mate, but GL hope your right and it is something new :)
  7. Fair enough, but am I right saying u can't go back from a skull to bones or has someone had this happen too And ye as I said you can lose blue eyes whichever rank you are if you don't play for a day. :)
  8. Lol he's never giving anything to us :)
  9. Lol good one not really bothered if nothing happens just think it would be pretty clever on 3arcs part if something did
  10. Loved zombies since WAW keeps gettin better anyone want a game I'm on XBL always high rounds and EE hunting. Gamertag - Welsh Skipper88
  11. That kind of impossible to answer per round since it keeps increasing ? Which rounds ? 1? 20? 30? All I know is 24 zombies max are on the map at one time whether it's 1,2,3 or 4 player...
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