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  1. So difficult to choose my conscience tells me to pick Maxis while my love for Richtofens character tells me to pick him. Ill put myself in a survivors point of view and pick Maxia I auppose.
  2. or just ignore codz for a while? Don't make it so hard on yourself.
  3. It's just a game, you guys make a leak seem like a capital sin and the game is something to worship to. :roll: I mean yea I'm excited and I love playing zombies but exaggerate? haha no
  4. I noticed that too but there is 4 colors and it means for game only 4 survival maps? But we have Bus Stop, Diner, Farm, Facility, Town and Nuketown 2025 - 6 maps. Exactly, it just doesn't add up, on the contrary the modes make a perfect match. I bet you unlock it once you finish single player 8-)
  5. Because I'm human and it's an opinion? Personally , I think there's better possibilities than DOA but if it ends up in there, well what can I do right?
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm0abOWC ... ature=plcp When the zombies stats appear, MrDalekJD mentions something about the color wheel. It shows you how much you have played each game mode. We know there's 3, what is the 4th one? :shock: i hope it's not another DOA
  7. I think it'a just the zombie model, those two look very similar but in different clothes , you may be on to something though.
  8. Sorry about your luck, but the point still stands. Shit go outside and play some extreme frisbee or hackey sack or something(College kids still do that right?)But obsessing over a game to the point where you're frustrated and worried is very counter productive and will inevitably lead to dissapointment. I think the main point is: Get a life it's game, hundreds come out every year, if it's good great, if it's shitty then I'll trade it in and keep on playing Blops1 for my zombie fix. Aside from that it doesn't affect my life at all, nor does lack of new gameplay footage or other details affect yours or the people who are complaining. Haha ok man i get you are trying to be the solver of life, I do have a life. School, work and friends are there but we are talking about CODZ so of course there will be all kinds of complaining since it's a website focusing on the zombies franchise. In fact, I hardly play now, Ive only been playing zombies. I think the main point is: Deal with it, you are not going to change minds just as we have to deal with waiting. ;)
  9. All of you sound really stupid arguing,just let people be, you are not going to change their minds. For me I am disappointed but it's better than nothing. By they way whoever said to go play another NEW game, yea man some of us can't afford to buy more games. I can barely afford BO2, college is killing me. :(
  10. OR just don't go on the internet for a while problem solved :lol:
  11. Nah I know they will be back so I'm not sweating it really stoked for this!
  12. haha figures, I only check back once in a while, since I have other things to do, I'll give up on the posting i guess. :roll:
  13. http://www.joystiq.com/2012/09/26/call- ... re_twitter Tears of joy guys :)
  14. Check the article that Liam or I posted they clearly said there is a,big EE and it follows Moon. They even said somehow that the choices you made in Moon transfer over
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