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  1. I've been seeing a lot of people on Youtube saying to let Rusmman bleed out as the blood sacrafice. Some people are saying by the Nav Card table.. Others in the Buddha room.. Seems like a decent next step, but I've seen no video proof so I can't confirm..
  2. itstheref


    Could be the directive for Homeland security and/or FEMA? http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/foia ... cement.pdf
  3. I actually believe this guy... Why? Because the devlopers want to release the next wave of maps in about a month and a half or so.. if nobody has completed the EE fully then it'd be stupid. I've been seeing a lot of odd trolling on different boards and I'm starting to believe its not trolling at all.. but developers diguising trolls as vague hints.. *shrugs*
  4. Dope! Yea I cant stand micless kids..
  5. Its based on ingame.. Just like the multiplayer can track the zombie side can track.
  6. Its based on ingame.. Just like the multiplayer can track the zombie side can track.
  7. Actually I take that back. The same guy that posted that video just posted a new one playing by himself and he still gets the lighting effects. It's in a different language so I have no idea, but the lights are still going from the laundry mat when he's solo: http://youtu.be/AUJ9pCK-HHc
  8. That is a dope video. So basically it's still commitment you have to have 2 commited to one side and two commited to the other side. Very nice.
  9. I'm constantly on other forums and Youtube trying to figure out new stuff for this easter egg and stumbled across a dope theory. Jimmy Zielinski had a tweet about "Commitment" https://twitter.com/ZielinskiJimmy/stat ... 9865874432 One guy said he finished the Rictofen side of the EE about 8-9 days ago and NEVER did the Maxis side. He's played everyday since then and each day theres more and more lights and sounds. When he first did it there wasn't any he was really aware of in town etc.. So the theory goes as if you "commit" to one side long enough perhaps the story can progress. Also NGTZombies posted a video minutes ago eluding to this as well and had the quote from the start of a game when it says "This is a marathon, not a sprint" So perhaps you must play and stay commited to one side for a certain amount of days or times played? It makes sense given the fact nobody has figured it out and most of the people who are trying really hard to have switched over from both sides over and over again. Thoughts?
  10. Could be. I'm going to tes some stuff out in about a half an hour.
  11. When you fly around in theater mode and go towards the roof of the church and approach it at an angle you can see inside of it. Theres nothing but the boarded up window in there that you can see from the outside and some fire. Now thats not to say that the church has no importance and isn't a part of the EE, but theres nothing inside of it.
  12. Yea I wasnt saying the church clock literally I was just rambling about clocks and places and theories.. forgot there wasnt one on the church lol. My mistake. I still think the X2 on the sign has something to do with the raygun though.
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