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  1. NDU: Origins Verruckt: Haunting SNN: Mysterious Der Riese: Revolution Kino: Cinematic DOA: Classy Five: Unloved Ascension: WTF??? CotD: Cold Shangri-La: Mythical Moon: Culmination
  2. There's a couple of similar challenges floating around (have to use a weapon till it's out of ammo then trade it or PaP it), but haven't seen anything identical. I'll be sure to try this soon though, looks pretty fun, especially if you get bad guns repeatedly - imagine trying to do this when you keep getting China Lake, LAW etc. Could be quite fun trying to clear a high round with only a crossbow!
  3. Taking a bit of inspiration from FIFA online matches here, but anyway: How about you are only allowed a maximum of three pauses during one match, and each pause is only for a maximum of 15 minutes. This would only be available in private matches and would be initiated by the host. The game would then only restart after 15 minutes or when all players are ready. PS: Whoever mentioned the custom settings in Private Matches (a la Halo custom games/WaW death cards), awesome idea. Would have to make it so it doesn't go on leaderboards and all EEs or Achievements are automatically disabled for that match.
  4. Nice to meet you - I too was completely confused everytime I played a new zombies map, and was especially confused by perks, to the point that I ignored Jugg and always bought Double Tap for some reason. Not my best moments those! But anyway, if you need a hand with anything, feel free to ask anyone on the site. See you around, and hope that your Xbox decides to work, then we can play a game of zombies :P
  5. That feeling when you don't know what the hell is happening.
  6. What's your favourite game genre and why? I personally like anything that's RPG (fantasy or otherwise), some Strategy, Sports and, of course, Shooters. Shooters simply because they are "pick up and play" games, that you can dip into whenever. I like sports games like FIFA cos they're addicting. RPGs - well, there's this little thing called Skyrim. Nuff said.
  7. From what I've seen and heard of Ghost Recon, the SP is quite good, but nothing spectacular. It suits players who play tactically and stealthily, so if that sounds like you, then it could be worth a shot. Multiplayer is apparently quite fun as well, with some interesting gamemodes etc.
  8. And you're banned for banning someone for being nice!
  9. It's not quite "hardcore sci-fi war", but still action-packed and slightly sci-fi-ish, sorta more X-Men: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gone_(novel_series) Or I could just give you this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/table/2 ... mendations
  10. That feeling when you realise just how much you have riding on upcoming exams. That feeling when you've found a community where you feel accepted and appreciated.
  11. Aww, schucks. Thanks perfect! You're welcome - you deserve them after all! :P
  12. I agree with pretty much all of these, maybe 0.5 up or down or some. Does sorts depend on if you're playing solo or with friends or randoms.
  13. Yep. That question has already been answered, though. I probably should've cut that part out for this thread. Ah, it doesn't matter. To be honest I'm just happy I managed to guess the answer, I'm normally awful at that sorta thing :lol:
  14. OMG. This would be frickin amazing!!!!!!! And could you imagine what they would do with zombies? Have raptors breaking down windows while you're getting pursued by a T-Rex. I think we just found IW's next CoD game!!!

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