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  1. NDU: Origins Verruckt: Haunting SNN: Mysterious Der Riese: Revolution Kino: Cinematic DOA: Classy Five: Unloved Ascension: WTF??? CotD: Cold Shangri-La: Mythical Moon: Culmination
  2. Taking a bit of inspiration from FIFA online matches here, but anyway: How about you are only allowed a maximum of three pauses during one match, and each pause is only for a maximum of 15 minutes. This would only be available in private matches and would be initiated by the host. The game would then only restart after 15 minutes or when all players are ready. PS: Whoever mentioned the custom settings in Private Matches (a la Halo custom games/WaW death cards), awesome idea. Would have to make it so it doesn't go on leaderboards and all EEs or Achievements are automatically disabled for that match.
  3. Nice to meet you - I too was completely confused everytime I played a new zombies map, and was especially confused by perks, to the point that I ignored Jugg and always bought Double Tap for some reason. Not my best moments those! But anyway, if you need a hand with anything, feel free to ask anyone on the site. See you around, and hope that your Xbox decides to work, then we can play a game of zombies :P
  4. I agree with pretty much all of these, maybe 0.5 up or down or some. Does sorts depend on if you're playing solo or with friends or randoms.
  5. OMG. This would be frickin amazing!!!!!!! And could you imagine what they would do with zombies? Have raptors breaking down windows while you're getting pursued by a T-Rex. I think we just found IW's next CoD game!!!
  6. I used to enjoy it but now I just get frustrated with it, especially when playing as the zombie - evryone just camps in a corner where it is impossible to get within 10 metres of them. :evil:
  7. I have heard this rumour, and I've heard it far too often to be honest - there is no proof apart from the weird roaring that you occassionally hear. But anyway, welcome to CoDz. Need a hand with anything, then feel free to ask anyone for help. :P
  8. Heya, welcome to CoDz!!! I would say more but it seems that everyone above me has said everything there is to say, so instead... Have a cookie!
  9. Very good work, even if it is a bit weird that he somehow learns to fly a Harrier within only a few minutes (not to mention pulling off a perfect landing) and is quite at ease handling weapons, but nevertheless a very good read. Look forward to reading more from you! [brains] to you
  10. I just run at the zombies while shouting at them to "Get the f**k outta my way!!". It doesn't seem to work too well for some reason :roll:
  11. This would be pretty darn cool. I'm not sure how many different endings there will be in BO 2 though - it could just be two or three endings that have the same sort of result (villain dies etc) but just happens in a different way. Still, looking forward to seeing how Treyarch handle the campaign!
  12. You basically unfold it when lying prone, or you unfold it and attach it to a window/ledge. It means that while you're using it, you can't move, but only look around. It does however do something similar to Kick/Grip, but it is better as there is virtually zero recoil when using it. My only problem with this is that people would then use this to lock down chokepoints or camping areas. I also don't know how many people would use it, simply because you're so immobile in such a fast-paced franchise, that by the time you've actually started using it you've probably been knifed in the back. Also, many CoD maps are quite small so it would be too easy for people to flank round someone using a bipod IMO. I liked it in WaW, but that was because the maps suited it better, as there were more large maps than in MW3, where there aren't really very many large maps. I mean, WaW had Outskirts, Castle, Seelow, Banzai etc which were pretty large and so were slightly more suited to MGs and Snipers.
  13. Down to personal preference really. Where possible, I'll just get Bowie/Sickle before buying anything else. If you can get Bowie by round 5/6, then by round 10, you'll have made enough points for Jug, Speed and several boxes
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