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  1. Generally, the way i handle this sort of thing, i follow my own set of rules and force people to leave the lobby if necessary 1. All players must have mics 2. No children/squeakers/kids/low quality mics 3. All players must have at least the Skull w/ Knife rank 4. No Split-screeners I've earned my shotgun rank on six separate accounts on PSN already, and one account on XBL, so i do believe i've earned the right to choose who i will and will not play with. Call me a jerk, Call me a no-life, Call me a douche all you like. I've simply grown tired of putting up with the bullshit from other people these days, so i take precautions to avoid said bullshit in the future. A Necessary Evil, if you will.
  2. 1. Thou shalt not steal kills 2. Thou shalt not abuse glitches or hack/mod the game online 3. Thou shalt not ruin thy neighbor's strategies/zombie trains 4. Thou shalt communicate/use thy mic or headset 5. Thou shalt revive thy neighbors 6. Thou shalt worship The Great Doctor Richtofen 7. Thou shalt not play with people under the age of 16 8. Thou shalt not play online with splitscreeners 9. Thou shalt not tell me what to do 10. Thou shalt SURVIVE Simple really.
  3. well, i personally like most of those ideas, except for the denzien slowdown and the lack of a bowie knife. The Bowie Knife is a nice alternative for when some retard may put the hatch/ladder on the bus instead of the diner, making the knuckles unreachable for the duration of the game. My idea for a perfect denzien would be one that maintains it's speed, but simply latches onto your legs, not causing any damage, but slowing you down to the point where any following zombies may get to you, but you can still look down and knife it off with 4-5 knife hits, or 1-2 bowie/knuckle hits.
  4. honestly, this is the most ridiculous thread i've ever read on this forum.... if you're going to post something so stupid in the wrong section, i ask that you do it on a forum with less intelligent people posting there, as i think my IQ just went down because of this.
  5. it's the sound of a persistent perk being lost, in your case, that would be deadshot. Iv'e experienced this multiple times, and each time, it's when i lost a persistent perk, either the steel boards perk, or deadshot. since i haven't lost revive yet at all.
  6. as for the Marlton quote, he says that whenever you earn a perma-perk, like permanent revive, permanent deadshot, or the iron boards for the windows.
  7. My personal zombies psn is: xxRICHTOFENxx i don't see too many unique zombie psn's these days though, other than my own.
  8. unfortunately, there won't be any new additions to this particular story, i had three full text files written while i was stuck offline, but i lost them all when my computer fried. :s
  9. I'm not sure if posting non-zombie related stories/poems is permitted, but i'll submit it anyways, just to see. i wrote this a while back about the Uchiha Clan from an anime called "Naruto" and i got a lot of positive feedback from posting it on my old site, so i'm posting it here too out of curiousity just to see what you guys think of it. My family, once known for their visual might Vanished into darkness, in a single fateful night Friends betrayed for increasing power, with a will to fight Little by little you will see, your eyes shall lose their light Desperate actions and cold betrayal, a brother's eternal plight. Another's life mercilessly snuffed, to pull back from the dark. A cursed gift flows through our blood, igniting a vengeful spark.
  10. thanks! i've been into writing dark poetry for a while, but this was my first REAL attempt at writing anything zombie-ish.
  11. i should've added some base information in the first post, but he starts in a fortified hospital building on the 4th floor all alone.
  12. Diary of the Damned: The Evolving Dead November 1st, 2012 - Diary of Dr. Nathaniel DeWitt It's been almost nine months since this horrible plague sent the civilized world as we knew it spiraling into destruction. I'm now continuing my brother's journal whom died a few days ago saving my life.... in his honor, i will record every detail of these creatures as they continue to change and mutate.... as of now there are several varied mutations, "Reaps","Screamers","Psychos","Brawlers", and let's not forget to mention the highly dangerous "Witch" as they've come to be called. Reaps are the general run-of-the-mill slow, shambling rotting bags of meat that are extremely abundant in large cities. Screamers, while still somewhat abundant, aremostly found inside buildings during the daytime hours, and are creatures that crawl on all fours and their faces have mutated into a massive mouth filled with razor sharp teeth and they scream, this scream attracts the Reaps to them. Psychos are similar to Reaps in the sense they maintain a humanoid shape and posture, except their arms have mutated into bony sword-like structures and they like to sprint towards their victims, swinging their arms while they make strange laughing noises. Brawlers are generally pretty dangerous, in the sense their massive arms can lift and throw a city bus with little to no effort at all. Fighting a brawler in CQB is not recommended. Witches are to be avoided at all costs.... if you ever hear what sounds like a young woman sobbing in a dark room, for the love of god, stay quiet and get as far away as possible.... that is unless you have a fetish for getting your flesh torn away from your bones by a fast, bloodthirsty woman with claws. This is to be my first Interactive Story, suggest where you would like the story to take place, but it must be within the United States, since that's where the first parts took place. you can also suggest other characters you would like to join our Main character, Dr. DeWitt, in his journey to survive and document these monstrosities. i'll also accept decent suggestions for new mutant zombie types. ;o
  13. I sort-of attempted to write a poem in the point-of-view of a person who is in the process of turning into a zombie, this is what i came up with. Shut myself into the blackness, i'm nothing in this world. My mind full of madness, my inner plots unfurled. I think nothing of the family, whom I happily left behind. I only wish to rot in the dark, where happiness i find. This black mist covers my soul, like night takes over day. My tears and sorrow long gone, forever locked away. I've been cursed and forsaken, to the devil my soul I give. I only hunger for one thing, The flesh of those who live.
  14. Journal of - William DeWitt March 12th, 2012 - 11:02 AM It's been almost two weeks since patient zero became infected with a mutant strain of the flu virus that seemed to make the dead walk over in Tokyo. I've decided The radio broadcasts from Tampa earlier today said the cause of the viral mutation was a direct effect from the nuclear disaster in Japan last year. I will be keeping this journal to chronicle this obviously unstoppable pandemic as it unfolds. March 18th, 2012 - 12:38 PM Grave news has come in over the radio, Washington DC has been completely overrun, and most of the northern major cities are in total chaos. Nothing here so far, fortunately. Although, some of my neighbors are acting strangely, and my roommate and best friend Mark is on bedrest from his fever. I'm almost finished fixing my car, so i'll be fine if the infection does spread this far. No new information on the disease has been released yet. March 21st, 2012 - 1:45 PM The infection has hit home, the city of Venice, just a few miles north of me has been completely overrun and North Port is total chaos. I watched Mark bite a chunk out of his own mother's neck and.... god this is straight out of a nightmare... I barely managed to escape from a small group of them out of pure luck that my car started first try. I'm currently holed up with 6 other people in a pawn shop in Venice, plenty of weapons and ammunition to last us a while. Those things don't know we're here yet thankfully. I'm suspicious of one of these people, he seems a bit at-ease considering the world has gone to shit. Radio communications are still up fortunately. There's a refugee camp in Gainesville that the radio operators say is safe and secure, not like we have a chance of getting that far... April 2nd, 2012 - 6:30 AM We've had a while to get to know each other... most of us.... that guy.... "Stanley" as he calls himself.... he doesnt want to talk much at all. he's still a bit calm for my liking. Julie and Mike, they're your average newlywed couple from Massachusetts. they were on their way to Miami when the infection hit, their plane landed in Tampa when it all fell apart up north. their car ran out of gas in front of the nearby Lowe's store and they ended up here. Samantha and Alexis are identical twin sisters, whom lived down the street from me, which i didn't know. And Fred is a crabby old man who only cares for himself, typical self-centered 80 year old racist. Hopefully we can help each other survive long enough to figure something out. April 7th, 2012 - 4:30 PM We've collectively come up with a name for the infected. "Reaps". Next thing we need to do is try to make a break for the bus parked out front and hotwire it. there aren't many Reaps out there right now, but if we blow our cover, we're fucked. we only have one chance at this. we'll try tomorrow. April 8th, 2012 - 2:13 PM We lost Alexis and Fred today in our escape. we managed to get in the charter bus, but they were surrounded before we could do anything to save them. i blame myself for asking them to carry the extra ammo supplies. IT'S ALL MY FAULT! I SHOULD HAVE CARRIED IT MYSELF! April 13th, 2012 - 5:30 PM we arrived in Gainesville today to a very unexpected sight, the whole city was in ruins. Reaps everywhere. but we encountered something new.... something worse than the Reaps.... it was some sort of mutated Reap, with blade-like arms made of what looked like bone, and its whole face was basically just a mouth with razor sharp teeth jutting out. it emitted an ear-shattering scream that makes your head feel like it's about to explode. and it's fast... very fast... Samantha managed to incapacitate one of them when she shot it in the legs with her shotgun. after closer examination, it looks as if it hunts by smell, as it has no ears or eyes. only two small holes above the mouth. we decided to call this new... thing... a Screamer. April 14th, 2012 - 1:02 PM I've made a strange discovery today when we stopped in St. Augustine, i witnessed a Reap stumbling around and taking pictures with a disposable camera, as if it were a tourist or something. Stanley had the nerve to shoot it while i was trying to see what exactly it was doing though unfortunately, stupid redneck bastard. it seems when they're not trying to eat the flesh of the living, they act as if they remember what their lives once were. very strange, i know, but it could become useful if we can try and domesticate one to see how they tick. May 9th 2012 Reaps are no longer the main concern here, massive black clouds blotted out the sun about a week ago and still show no signs of clearing up. the temperature is dropping and we're keeping warm in an abandoned prison in Alabama by burning prison records. it's a secure location against Reaps due to the heavy locked gates, but there's no telling how long it'll stay safe against the Screamers, they are smart little fuckers, they learn. May 10th 2012 This is just fan-fucking-tastic, now we're dealing with undead fucking dogs! this is just fucking great! Stanley was almost bitten--- luckily the body armor he found in the prison was torn away instead of a piece of his flesh. the time we've spent in this hellish reality is starting to take it's toll on us, even i am feeling a bit nervous, and beginning to question my own sanity. May 20th 2012 It's been ten days since i've been able to write anything, we've been moving north on foot in this cold dark weather for a while now. we're currently taking refuge in a hotel building not far from the outskirts of Washington DC. if we can make it to the White House, we can probably use the bunkers under the building to rest awhile. There's a heavy military APC across the street that we've gathered fuel for, we can travel in that tomorrow morning. May 21st 2012 Stanley is injured, he was bitten on the arm before we could shut the door to the bunker. I didn't like him that much before, but i respect his bravery. i've never seen a man who stares death in the face with a solid demeanor such as his. We cut his arm off in an attempt to save his life and cauterized the stump with a blowtorch that we found in the APC we used to get here. I don't know if he's safe from infection or not, but hopefully he'll live. May 23rd 2012 Stanley's not infected, we took his arm off in time to keep it from spreading. But something strange happened, his arm began moving on it's own-- the one we cut off-- it choked me but i managed to get it off and crush it between the doors to the storeroom. it's still flinching around but it's not going to hurt anybody. i'm going to keep it to see if we can understand more about this plague by examining it later. To Be Continued in the Next edition: "The Diary of the Damned: The Evolving Dead"
  15. this was a kind of rushed writing since i didn't have much time to type it up when i did, but i usually do a lot better than this. i've been working on a journal entry style story about a group and their journey through the apocalyptic infestation of the walking dead, but i haven't done much with it lately, i'll be adding that to a new topic in a few minutes.
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