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  1. Generally, the way i handle this sort of thing, i follow my own set of rules and force people to leave the lobby if necessary 1. All players must have mics 2. No children/squeakers/kids/low quality mics 3. All players must have at least the Skull w/ Knife rank 4. No Split-screeners I've earned my shotgun rank on six separate accounts on PSN already, and one account on XBL, so i do believe i've earned the right to choose who i will and will not play with. Call me a jerk, Call me a no-life, Call me a douche all you like. I've simply grown tired of putting up with the bullshi
  2. 1. Thou shalt not steal kills 2. Thou shalt not abuse glitches or hack/mod the game online 3. Thou shalt not ruin thy neighbor's strategies/zombie trains 4. Thou shalt communicate/use thy mic or headset 5. Thou shalt revive thy neighbors 6. Thou shalt worship The Great Doctor Richtofen 7. Thou shalt not play with people under the age of 16 8. Thou shalt not play online with splitscreeners 9. Thou shalt not tell me what to do 10. Thou shalt SURVIVE Simple really.
  3. well, i personally like most of those ideas, except for the denzien slowdown and the lack of a bowie knife. The Bowie Knife is a nice alternative for when some retard may put the hatch/ladder on the bus instead of the diner, making the knuckles unreachable for the duration of the game. My idea for a perfect denzien would be one that maintains it's speed, but simply latches onto your legs, not causing any damage, but slowing you down to the point where any following zombies may get to you, but you can still look down and knife it off with 4-5 knife hits, or 1-2 bowie/knuckle hits.
  4. honestly, this is the most ridiculous thread i've ever read on this forum.... if you're going to post something so stupid in the wrong section, i ask that you do it on a forum with less intelligent people posting there, as i think my IQ just went down because of this.
  5. it's the sound of a persistent perk being lost, in your case, that would be deadshot. Iv'e experienced this multiple times, and each time, it's when i lost a persistent perk, either the steel boards perk, or deadshot. since i haven't lost revive yet at all.
  6. as for the Marlton quote, he says that whenever you earn a perma-perk, like permanent revive, permanent deadshot, or the iron boards for the windows.
  7. My personal zombies psn is: xxRICHTOFENxx i don't see too many unique zombie psn's these days though, other than my own.
  8. I'm not exactly sure if this has been touched on before or not, but i have a theory on why Samuel is the only one who can hear Richtofen, and why in the radio messages, only certain people can hear him. I think it's because of the flesh. It's been hinted at multiple times that Samuel eats the meat from the zombies, and in one of the radio messages, the man says "I'll do it for you, and the flesh" To summarize, Those who consume the flesh may become mentally unstable, and only the crazy ones can hear Richtofen. That's the way i see it at least, it might not be the case, but it seems l
  9. I do apologize for my inactivity as of late, since i don't currently have internet at home. But i'm posting at the library right now to let you know i'm currently working on a new story that i will be posting parts of soon. to give a brief description of what it's about: A man, cursed with the inability to age or die, lives through both good times and bad. He is capable of both great good and unspeakable evils. I'll post more on it when I progress further into typing it up. I'll also be back online regularly within the next couple of months and i will be able to post more of my
  10. unfortunately, there won't be any new additions to this particular story, i had three full text files written while i was stuck offline, but i lost them all when my computer fried. :s
  11. i'm pretty sure we all know what anonymous is capable of, with their army of script kiddies with LOIC that can only DDoS people as some sort of protest. the question i'm asking is WHY would they target a video game company this time? they usually go after government sites. besides, like that guy said, Activision has quite a few computer geniuses in their ranks, so even if anonymous does try something other than DDoS, Anonymous is pretty much fucked.
  12. My advice to you comes from my personal experiences when i was younger. if you're having problems with someone making fun of you. ignore them and they'll eventually get bored and move on. although if they don't seem to be moving on, you could tell an adult, or do what i did to this one guy. i doxed the hell out of him and made a lot of his private information known, including some disgusting facts his ex-girlfriend added in after i originally spread the word, she said "when he took off his pants, i thought he was a girl at first, then i noticed the shriveled mess he calls "manhood"." b
  13. you're banned for having an Gamertag, but not a PSN. :l
  14. okay, so i've been dicking around with Fruity Loops a lot more lately, since i've got FLS Producer Edition XXL 9. (for free, yes i'm a pirate. yo-ho- arrgh me mateys, fuck it, you get the idea) it's not really new to me, but i've been getting better lately and actually given myself a name. the picture in the video is also something i made with Photoshop. i've made a total of 529 MB worth of music with FLS so far. getting to the point, here's my personal favorite.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ujh1cqo1ieA not my best one, but i personally like it much more than most of my oth
  15. I'm not sure if posting non-zombie related stories/poems is permitted, but i'll submit it anyways, just to see. i wrote this a while back about the Uchiha Clan from an anime called "Naruto" and i got a lot of positive feedback from posting it on my old site, so i'm posting it here too out of curiousity just to see what you guys think of it. My family, once known for their visual might Vanished into darkness, in a single fateful night Friends betrayed for increasing power, with a will to fight Little by little you will see, your eyes shall lose their light Desperate actions an
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