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  1. I would agree, i liked it better when weapons had to do with nazi experiementation and actual real world weapons that could be used. The more believable zombies is, as just 4 guys, a russian, a nazi, an american and a man from japan, (all with guns fighting for their lives in a WW2 type setting fighting the NAZI zombies) sorry for the digression, but thats what makes the game great the setting, the maps, the bosses, the story, AND the guns! thats why the maps before shangri - la feel better. The bottom line is that you have to make guns that feel like they have a place
  2. The ability to store a powerup. When you run into a powerup you automatically store it. When you want to activate it, you press Up on the D-pad (a different direction could be used if needed). When you have a powerup already stored, the game operates as it does now, when you run into a powerup, it's automatically used. I think this would be grossly overpowered, because lets say you have 3 spaces on the D pad, you can pull any 3 max ammos or nukes for four players in a game. These 3 ideas pretty small, but I think they would be pretty effective in making the games better. One of the biggest complaints my friends and I have about Zombies is the length of time of games. We simply don't have the time to play 4, 5, 6 hours or longer. Games often get to the point where the time spent in between rounds (with a crawler or 2 roaming about) exceeds the time spent in the rounds fighting the horde. One of the major reasons for this is that everyone has to hit the box numerous time in order to get the gun they want. There's several ways to combat this -Give everyone the ability to refill their ammo. I love the way Spec Ops Survival did this in MW3, you only had to run to the gun crate and spend the $750. Putting a machine on the map that refills your ammo would be the easiest way to handle this. Call it the Ammo Box. Make it 1000 points, that's fine, but having the ability to refill your ammo is a must. I think that is also way to overpowered, also if you want to play survival then just play survival, if you want an ammo box make it something that would cost a ridiculous amount like 4000 points for ammo, because there is no reason people should be running out of ammo before round 21 or something, so make it out of somebodies price range -Once every space on the map has been opened up, what's the point of the bear in the box? All it does is waste time because you have to chase it down. Once every door has been opened, the box should no longer move. I would be in favor of having multiple boxes on the map, one in each spot that it appears regularly. However, if need be, just put switches near by possible box locations that you activate to make the box appear there. This is much like how you can call the landers on the Ascension map. I agree I think both of these ideas would work well together, and I would include them both. The rest of my ideas are more general ideas. -Include as many perk machines as possible. -I also think you should be able to get as many perks as you want. Ways to handle this would be, your first 4 perks are normal price, every perk after that would be double price. Or perhaps just allow you to get whatever perks you want, for the original price they are. A lot of these perks are very specialized anyway so it's not like they're vital. I think that that's also a little much and takes away the challenge of picking your perks like picking a strategy, BUT i do think that they must increase the perk cap to 6 especially if they are going to add new perks which i hope they do. -I like the idea of pro perks. However, I favor the idea of killing a certain number of enemies or accumulating a certain number of points in order to get the pro version of a perk. Just having pro perks would be great to me, though, no matter how you get them. I agree, but just make it like twice as expensive -I like having multiple paths and verticality on the maps. I liked the catwalk on Der Riese because enemies would be under you and also right in front of you at the same time. You could jump off the left side or right side and actually be in different spots. I like the idea of having different ways to go in order to reach a destination. Agreed -Being able to buy killstreaks would be awesome. Buying a chopper gunner, calling in napalm (especially if the pro version of a perk gave you immunity to fire, like Flak Jacket Pro in BO), caling in dogs, being able to set down a sentry gun, calling in a carpet bomber. How about a RC-XD that has a Monkey Bomb on it? You can drive it anywhere you want on the map, assuming you can avoid the zombie horde stopping you, and they'll follow it. I agree, but again with the overpowered stuff, like a placeable sentry gun that can break after a few rounds sure, but i would say if you want killstreaks, make most if not all of them interective like, you or even the whole team can buy a chopper gunner for half a round and revive people/ shoot down on the zombies but it must be extremely expensive like $5000 -Speaking of Monkey Bombs, why not have them as well as Gersh Devices and any other specialty grenades you can think of available to you? You can only have 1 at a time anyway. There is litterally no need for gersches and monkies on a map even though i like monkeys better -On that same note, I would be in favor of eliminating the box entirely and just adapting the same model that Spec Ops Survival uses, where there are multiple crates on the map that you can buy weapons, grenades, killstreaks, perks, etc. from. I realize that may be too much of a departure from tradtitional Zombies for most, though. This is wayyyy too far, trying to make it survival mode, in zombies if youre running with a team and you need to buy a gun off the wall fast, you can its in a crate half the map away, it takes the difficulty of spending your money on a godly box that could give you the wonderwaffe or a carbine (I realize that may be too much of a departure from tradtitional Zombies for most, though.) Yeah that would take away from half of the gameplay of zombies -Every gun that's in Black Ops 2 should be available in Zombies, whether in the box or on the wall (on in the gun crate, if that idea were to come to fruition). I never understood why this isn't the case in the previous games. I agree, and if they could put in more usable guns, like WW2 guns from WAW, I used to love the flamethrower, and the MG and the Browning etc. -I like the idea of a ranking system specific to Zombies. I'm not sure what would be the best way to handle ranking up, though. What would you get for gaining experience and levels? Perhaps this is the way to handle how many perks you can have at once? Agreed -There should be more things to buy. You should be able to buy and place a turret gun that a player has to shoot themselves. You should be able to buy and place barbed wire or decoys. You should be able to buy and call in a support team, with varying levels depending on how much you spend. For instance, the lowest team could consist of some shotgunners and it goes higher and higher until you reach ray gun wielding assault troops. They could either be there for a limited time, or until they die, depending on how much they cost. Ehhh, i mean you could but i think it would take away from the team effort in helping others survive, having to depend on the man next to you, but being able to call in a team should be available in solo if youre tired of running circle after circle
  3. I would personally love to see a World War One game, maybe some very influential battles; even storming the Argonne Forest with mortars flying everywhere, gas attacks and armed with only a a lewis gun or a browning, cutting down lines of german infantry, sounds good
  4. I personally like the older slower type mechanics, like in CoD 5
  5. Yes but this map would have to be very, very open or else it would be horribly difficult to move around the map with all the variety of hordes. Also think about the difficulty mid round trying to kill many of these new zombies, it would be like call of the dead all over again, extremely difficult for inexperienced players. I think that generally in BLOPS 2 there should be alot less of the mid round boss types, and that Treyarch should just get more creative with more boss rounds/ challenge rounds
  6. What about if these perk zombies became there own round and like some of them would spawn in over the course of this "boss round" culminating in the mule kick perk zombie or the juggernog, in later rounds just have there be more zombies spawning from each perk, making them stronger might be ill advised because even the zombies can become over powered
  7. This is a pretty great idea, I usually dont like ideas that involve too many melee weapons because i dont want to play a Dead Island spinnoff i want Nazi Zombies; but this seems pretty awesome
  8. Undead xP: I think your idea is fantastic and it would be cool to make a new topic out of that, maybe a poll or soemthing hahaha. It would definitley make the maps more customizable and fun
  9. How about no hiding from zombies at the port at night just has the regular zombies with all of the shops and houses, but because it is so narrow (in the style of a main street with shops) it would be very difficult to manuevur and very dark therefore making it hard on its own, you can keep the monks because that would be awesome but no button prompts, just make them lunge at you and be faster than normal zombies i.e the shrieker zombies, otherwise this map sounds awesome
  10. I think this map is a really good idea, except for the zombie boss, I think they should put in maybe a lightning round of zombies with 1/4 more health and also have them be 1/2 faster from there previous state this could reward you with a max ammo at the end and in later rounds possibly a perk bottle or other powerups. I'm personally getting sick of the zombie bosses that appear during rounds, i don't think they're hard, just annoying and are getting overused
  11. Difficulty: 2 i like it to be difficult but not like shangri la tight spaces Setting: 1 I just want nazi zombies to be nazi zombies again, keep it as creepy and interesting as possible Innovation: 3 I think that each map should be different but you dont need a new wonder weapon or a new perk to change a map, work with the map itself! Storyline: 4 One of the things that keeps nazi zombies nazi zombies for me is the storyline, most other people i know (not on this forum) don't even recognize it, i think that the gameplay value is 10x more important. Size: 5 I dont care how big it is, i just need to be able to revive my teammates if they go down somewhere on the other side of the map, just to make it possible
  12. I have to say that this should be the most important topic, all of the ideas here are excellent, except that they should have more maps and only a couple that do not include the world war 2 theme. I especially like the world war 1 map. A worlds fair theme that includes a large fountain and technology room that shows off all of the wonder weapons would be interesting. In any case i think this should be shown to treyarch ASAP :)
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