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  1. Crap. Ehhh I think it was stupid of Treyarch to put it on mars. I mean it lessens the awesomeness of Moon to know that we have actually been in an even MORE radical environment before. The story's WAAY to spread out now. I hope it won't be like this in Black Ops 2. I'm not 100% convinced its on Moon, but I will agree that given this discovery, Mars is the most likely location. "Good find!" he said with just the slightest touch of disappointement.
  2. That makes sense, though it may be a stretch. Also, what about the waterfall dilemmna? The waterfall would need a continuous source of water, how do you explain this?
  3. Gentlemen I just want to establish the fact that we HAVE misproven Mars as a possible location have we not? Here are the 2 pieces of evidence that, I believe, effectively render the Mars theory debunked. -Gravity: While playing in Shangri-la we experience absolutely NO difference in gravity. If we were indeed on Mars, the discrepancy in gravity would be impossible to overlook or ignore. The Waterfall: The Mars theory says that Shangri-La was originally on Earth but was later transported to Mars. As FatedTitan (I believe) mentioned above, there is NO way that a Shangri-La that was transitioned to Mars would be able to keep a constant flow of water running over the waterfall. Upon teleportation, its source would be eliminated. If any Mars theory supporters can explain these to me and the Forums how these two anomalies are possible then I will agree that the Mars Theory is still plausible. If not, then I think we can agree this theory is thouroughly busted.
  4. When I hear the phrase "type of swastika I immediately think: Black Sun (Shwarzesonne), like the symbol we see in the Shangri-La loading screen. The Black Sun is a derivation of the Nazi Swastika; its basically a Swastika rotated 45 degrees I think. Connection? I think so!
  5. Here's my thoughts: According to wikipedia, Shangri-La is located in the Kunlun Mountains. Another phrase that could be used to illustrate the "Kunlun Mountains" is the "Kunlun Mountain RANGE". If this is truly what Treyarch is hinting at, why would they want to lead us to this mountain range? There is a mythology that deep in the Kunlun Range lies a mountain called, appropriately, "Kunlun Mountain" This mountain is the site of many eastern myths and legends, but here is one that caught my eye. "The base of the Kunlun Mountain was said to penetrate as far into the earth, as its above-ground part penetrated towards the sky" Sound familiar? Could this mythical mountain be the "Gateway to Agartha" that Gary and Brock were looking for?? Just a thought.
  6. This. Tac while I believe you are a brilliant theorists and have made ingenious contributions to Zombies, I'm not buying this theory yet. There aren't enoough connections to make me think this is plausible, and there are FAR too many faults in the theory like the ones above. I do firmly believe that Treyarch is hinting to something with all their "range" talk, but I think its something else.
  7. I'm not sure if theory has been said before but what if when we travel from Area 51 to the Moon were actually traveling backwards in time to the time of Pangaea? And the rockets we launch are actually the driving force that causes Pangaea to separate???
  8. I DEFINITELY see where your coming from but honestly, with the evidence we currently have I don't think we'll EVER figure out for ourselves the Storyline we already have. There are too many things we're WAYY in the dark with.
  9. I'd like them to elaborate and do more to reveal the Storyline weve already seen, and give us more clues to the already set plot then have them introduce completely new story elements get me? I guess that would be hard to do with NEW maps but i guess im a hard fan to please :D
  10. Well to me if one part of the article is confirmed then the whole thing is. It'd be weird to switch from confirmed facts to speculation halfway through the article with no warning. It's a bad writing technique, confuse the readers. And I doubt this website would have any ill will for the community; their not gonna knowingly feed us bad information. Anyway my opinion is that this article is 100% legit, but thats just me.
  11. What I liked about WAW was that all of the maps were closely intertwined. It elaborates on storyline that was presented in the last maps instead of how in Black Ops it introduces more characters and locations that we know nothing about. Like in Der Riese it elaborates on Dr. Maxis, who we had only heard of in SNN. In Shi No Numa it tells us about how "we failed to contain the Asylum". In Der Riese we obviously get a whole lot of information about Richtofen's background. It reveals more about the characters and setting we already know and love with every passing map. Black Ops on the other hand just branches out to sub-plots that are pretty much irrelevant to the overall storyline, like with the addition of the COTD crew and Gary and Brock and Yuri and Gersch and George Romero. Its cool that their showing how far the outbreak has spread but to be frank, I don't really care about all these people and places :| Just give me more story on the original crew and i'll be a happy man :D

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