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  1. Well in the beginning of the WAW trailers we got visuals. Not visuals of characters, but we did get non-gameplay footage visuals, like while the characters were talking at the beginning of Der Reise? Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5QEHtEaZuA Look what they do from 0:11 to 0:20. I would be fine with something like that, but elongated to cutscene length get me?
  2. If they did the same thing they did with the begginnings of the SNN and Der Reise trailers and just elongated them into the length of a loading screen would you consider that a cutscene? Because I would be perfectly content with that. Something like the loading screen of Kino except with visuals instead of a constant background.
  3. @ MurderMachineX When did Treyarch say they wouldn't do cutscenes? Im not doubting you I've just always heard this but never heard when they said that. And also, what about the WAW trailers? Weren't those essentially cutscenes? No one complains about those ruining the core of Zombies, and honestly, if they did do cutscenes i don't think anyone would really care as much as were making them out to.
  4. -just a teaser, I wrote this for fun. No planning (which is new to me), I just started writing. Enjoy! Pain. It flooded his head and coursed through his body as he sputtered back to consciousness. He inhaled and his lungs were set ablaze by the hot air that filled his lungs. He rolled over and tried to wipe the ash from his eyes as his body heaved and tried to vomit food that wasn’t there. Momentarily, his body relaxed and he sat up and took note of his surroundings. He was in a city, or rather, what had used to be a city. The sky was red, tainted in certain parts by towers
  5. thanks for the feedback. I'll make sure to use lighter colors for the next chapters. p.s. I'm a huge fan of your stories on these forums Thank you very much By the time this post gets up i'll probably have another short story up.
  6. Personally, (and I know i'm gonna be the minority in this argument) I would prefer it if the Zombies were SLOWER. Slow speed has always been a key characteristic of Zombies (though not necesarily Call of Duty Zombies) and I am a player who enjoys realism. Classic Zombies have always killed by numbers, not speed. Being clawed down by a hoarde of Zombies is in my opinion a MUCH more intimidating, ominous, and above all zombie-esque way to die, rather than a few fast Zombies. I realize slower speed would make the game easier and I admit that it would make gameplay less urgent and, there
  7. My input: First off I wanna say that I for one am thrilled to see this bus system being put into place and I can't wait to see what new innovations await us in this "mega-map". Job well done Treyarch! My speculations: The voice heard at 0:09 sounds very southern to me, could this be a map somewhere in the southern US? It sounds like he either says "were in the house" or "were in Oz". "Oz" maybe is like a spinoff of the phrase "were not in Kansas anymore", hinting that there have been major changes. The voice is unfamiliar, leading me to believe we will get a new rand
  8. Hey buddy I started reading this and it looks like real good stuff but the dark text proved too much work for me to finish. You should change the color to something a little brighter, text like this can be tough on the eyes. EDIT: Maybe it was just that I was reading this on an ipod at the time.... :oops: Anyway, after reading this: I like the sentiments you are going for, the dark lonely transforming power the apocalypse has on this kid. If your going for a critique, I felt you layed this on a little thick here. Some subtlety would do you good. Wise man once said, "Show me, don't
  9. How long did that cake say to cook for? I mean "you oughta know, you bought it!" And if James C Burns is really doing a Zombie breakdown this week as it sounded like he said, he will most likely be doing it after the Reveal's release, which would narrow the time of the release down to early this week.
  10. ^^^ yeah... I was thinking this but wasn't a jerk enough to say it that's what we have Tankeo for! Not hating, you've been putting alot of high quality threads on here, but this one seems a bit pointless
  11. I know James c burns put out a video that released the deadline for completion, so this isn't a leak. As to whether the date is correct, I'm not sure
  12. Some men just want to see the world burn. Besides, does he really look like a guy with a plan?
  13. Wait wait wait.... Did he say "also coming out next week is a zombie breakdown"?? So that means it's this week??? Or did he say "more multiplayer coming out next week. There will be a zombie breakdown"? I can't tell :?
  14. This is a beautiful piece of writing. Great detail, realistic chronology of events, and an awesome and creative layout. Can't believe I didn't see this earlier! Great job man, you got a gift. :)
  15. Amen brother!! I think alot of pepole would be pissed if they involved campaign characters in zombies but I would love the idea :P
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