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  1. Oh ok then that sounds great! Id love to see some designs, i personally love to draw maps
  2. I think this would be awesome, maybe an underground train system to get from place to place! The only thing i don't like is that zombies can use guns, not attracted to monkey bombs fine, but i think it would be extremely difficult if massive hordes of zombies could actually shoot you, everything else seems awesome, excellent work!
  3. I always thought it would be cool to be able to build the parts to like an AA gun, and since there will be twice the amount of zombies (supposedly) you could bomb the entire tree line and have the effect of a nuke, I was thinking of a cool map with the AA gun, a nazi post in occupied poland surrounded by forest and snow
  4. The latest all zombie map pack was extremely profitable and Treyarch even said that they were making zombies bigger, better and more expansive. I think this could be a clue to more ALL zombie map packs and even this could open new possibilities. What if for each map pack they would start off a storyline and end it in 5 maps. The stories of a group of survivors including the Pentagon team is a possibility. We could even have old characters brought back and others from the storyline have their own pack possibly back in time in a WaW setting (fingers crossed). Now that they have permission to make all zombie map packs it would make sense to release complete storylines within the map packs themselves except for the crew, Treyarch would always want us to be on the edge with more cliffhangers and easter eggs ;)
  5. Maybe Gregor Grip could be like Quick Revive in Solo and you can only buy it twice, and yeah i agree with it being more money. Also 10,000 thats not overpowered, i usually play with my friends we get up to round 30 but they also keep going down and spamming the box, eventually racking up the most points, and they rarely get to 10,000. I know we like to make the game harder but sometimes harder isnt always better, look at ascension or der reise, they are some of the funnest maps (opinion) but theyre also probably the easiest.
  6. ^ thats not even funny (referring to the Rebecca Black, the Bieber I wouldn't mind)...just kidding *what would be funny though is one of the easter eggs activates Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry Be Happy, it would make my day and be hilarious. Also it would be awesome with some more AX7 songs and not specific zombie made songs because i like the regular songs better, and maybe some more pop songs, such as won't back down
  7. ^ I think it would be amazing to have a world war 1 map, running around in the trenches and instead of dog rounds, we get like 2 full hordes all at once of marching WW1 german armor clad zombies with like 1.5x the difficulty
  8. I would love it if snipers and shottys were more powerful in zombies, Heading shotting some zombies while your friends are covering your back, now thats some enjoyment. Also shottys from WaW like the trench gun should reclaim the further shotgun glory of the one shot till like round 17
  9. Perk 1-Juggernog Perk 2-PhD Flopper Perk 3-Speed Cola Perk 4-Quick Revive Weapon 1-Wunderwaffe (World at War) Weapon 2-PPsh-41/The Reaper (World at War)
  10. I think that this would be WAY too confusing and hard for other players i mean maybe if it eventually teleported them to some other part of the map where something is at least tangible. I know most people would start playing it and just think ...what? Its not like nacht which is just small and protected, it just seems like theres no limits, no real goals and no fun except surviving in something you can barely even see, sorry dude
  11. They also must tie in the in-game weapons with the main campaign/multiplayer with futuristic weapsons, unless they tie it in with another disk making zombies just be zombies. The farther into the future they go the more gimmicky the game gets, hopefully they go back more to basics and try a few different things, like things that weve been suggesting for months
  12. Yeah i can see it too, i think what they needed was farther in the past than in the present, Treyarch does not know what people truly want, they may put all the fancy gimmicks on moon with the zero gravity and the ridiculusness but if they keep bunching all of this crap in there then they just lost a true fan, truthfully nazi zombies is the only game i play and its what me and my friends play at least every other weekend, if this is what its going to turn into then they just lost hundreds of thousands if not millions of players flying into the future
  13. I think these new additions would be amazing, i would love messing around on recruit!
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