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Everything posted by Lenne

  1. 0_o I am sure they were done with moon as soon as bo1 was ready to be sold.
  2. I like it. Everything in one place. Brains to you!!...oh wait...sigh
  3. I like that idea. NML was the best thing of moon. (regarding solo players)
  4. I think there is no need for this topic. (since the dubstep topic pretty much transformed into this) But oh well. "The one" is probably my favourite song. And I like Elena more than ax7 or eminem. I wouldn't mind something more calm,like the Nacht der Untoten song it was nice to listen to.
  5. I think most of the stuff they tweet these days. Is jsut general trolling and doesn't really give any hints to anything. They just laugh their asses off at every new topic,which is made to talk about the new tweets. :| :mrgreen:
  6. But don't make a drastic change in the genre. (for example dubstep) But who knows maybe it could work out. Although I wouldn't turn it on more than three times. But I personally would enjoy some jazz music. :D
  7. And that is why I wouldn't want it to change too much.
  8. I don't know how that would be useful. But thanks for the bacon,I guess.
  9. I liked "the one" and boa. The rest was good aswell,except for coming home. I wouldn't like it too much,if they would just pick a whole new genre. And after all, you can still listen to your own music,while playing.
  10. That is good to hear. Now watch them give us a 30 seconed teaser and that's it. :lol:
  11. Besides,a zombie trailer at the end of this month would kinda make scence. Not too early and not too late. Well...if they release a zombie trailer before the 13th november at all.
  12. Good job at crushing my hopes. Appreciate it,really...not beeing sarcastic right now. :evil: :lol:
  13. By "the original point of the topic" you mean James' mustache,right? But honestly I look forward to his channel beeing more active. I like that guy. Although I am sad that he won't make videos after the release of BO2. (probably)
  14. Well I only got really into this recently (thanks to the 2 controversial topics ) and as stated before: Those were/are really fun. And I can only imagine how much more fun this whole forum will be,as soon as BO2 is in our hands. That game can't be released soon enough. :D
  15. I think this is what we should really be discussing. I actually think Treyarch put themselves in a rough position in regards to this. I agree that giving players permaperks is far OP so now the question becomes what is our reward for completing the EE. They can't do anything more rewarding than permaperks; however, giving us something less might seem like a let down to some. In my opinion, I think they should either introduce a new Wunder Weapon upon the completion of the EE or grant all players in the lobby the ability to have a Wunder Weapon at the same time. What if they just let you have all perks until you get down and as a bonus you get 20.000 points and no perk limit? And they could let you replay the music ee whenever you want. It would be less op and still something good.
  16. I like the Soul Reaper. And since I can't really decide which map I like the most,I will make my descision based on the traps and since "Tractor Attack" made me laugh,I am going to pick farm. You have nice ideas.
  17. First off: *hug* what a long post. But since I am tired right now. I will read it tomorrow and give you proper credit. ;)
  18. If that isn't a bomb...wow. And I like the premium idea. Thought about donating,since I have some money to spare,look's like I am going to wait with that. :lol:
  19. Now that would be an anticlimactic transition,between BO1 and 2 zombies. :lol:
  20. Let them talk about it. And even if all of this turns out to be wrong. They still had fun talking about it. And if all of this turns out to be right. Well then they deserve a medal. So uneless you have a theory yourself. You should search for a new topic. :roll:
  21. Okay,a better example would be: I disliked mw2 (and not only because of grenade launchers etc. I just disliked the look,the maps...pretty much everything in that game) but only because they put out a dlc with the map "strike" in it (which is my favourite map in any CoD ever) didn't mean that I started to like the game. And don't get me wrong. I don't seriously think that Nuketown zombies will be bad.
  22. Hopefully that won't backfire. I mean...I like cheese and chocolate,but I would never eat chocolate wrapped in cheese.

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