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  1. Looking at Davids face...it is probably a poison to kill us all. :?
  2. I think they are two seperate maps. One MP and one zombie. True. My heart stopped for a seconed. ^^
  3. Wait...do we need the actual 2025 pre order nuketown special super duper map. Or will we get it on release regardless if we pre ordered it or not?
  4. Lenne

    Advice Center

    Thank you for your response. I broke up with my girlfriend a bit less than 2 years ago,since she thought,that I was some kind of psychotic lunatic. She said that she couldn't handle me anymore and since then, I wasn't able to get a girlfriend. I am in the process of changing schools. If everything goes well I am allowed to go to a new school in the next 3-4 months. Although it isn't exactly a proper school it is rather some kind of mental hospital school. (But better than nothing...I guess) I really try to be happy but the thing is,that I constantly have to think about so many dumb things,regardless if I play videogames,take a walk,watch Tv etc. I just can't properly distract myself. And I know that suicide is never an option,but sometimes you can't help it and you have to think about it,luckily I only got close to doing it once. Again,thank you for your response,it does help.
  5. Lenne

    Advice Center

    So,hello there. This will probably be very awkward for me and you,who are reading this,since I am not an active member whatsoever,simply because I don't have the guts to make a topic and if I do,I just discover that someone already made the same/similar one already. But I figured,that I give this a shot,since I am in a pretty desperate need for help. I have suffered from depression for the last almost four years and I never told anyone,or really showed it for the first two. But at some point it just got so bad,that I had to tell it to my girlfriend,I told her every single little detail,what thoughts are in my head,how I feel about myself,what I am scared of,that I am pretty broken...litellary everything. She said that she didn't really know how to help me,so she offered me to go to a therpist and that she would go with me,so we went to that therapist two weeks later and the first two sessions went pretty well,mainly because my girlfriend was with me,because I am not too good at that whole q&a game. After the seconed session the therapist said,that she wanted,that my girlfriend doesn't come with me anymore,we both agreed and the next three sessions,she treated me like a mentally challenged child. Needless to say,that I didn't want to go there anymore,so I didn't. Then two years ago,the last year of my school started and pretty much,out of the blue, I was supposed to know,what I wanted to do with my life,if I wanted to go get a job or if I wanted to go to a college (it isn't called college in Germany,but it's pretty much the same level,I guess...I dunno)as you can guess,I didn't have a clue whatsoever,never really thought about it,since I had my hands/brain full,with not killing myself,the two years before that. So they told me to think about it,but I never discovered anything,I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I pretty much finished school and had to say goodbye to the people I've known for four years,which I couldn't handle so it just got worse from that point on. Fast forward to the end of the summer break,last year. So,I had to go to a college and I tried it for one week and it didn't go well. I've been bullied (because I have a walking disorder,which isn't that bad...I just walk a bit strange) and I just felt lost in general. So i told my mother,who never helped me in any form and doesn't give a crap about me,that I can't do that and that I need help,so we went to a doctor,who said,that I should go to a psychiatry for children (young and old). I said "ok" and so did my mother,but as soon as we got home,she said that she wont let me go there. So I've been stuck at home for five months,until I got myself somewhat together (six months ago) and went to the therapist from two years earlier,I told her that I need help about myself and that I would appreciate it,if she could help me finding something to do with my life. Now,after six months, I still feel like a useless piece of sh*t,just like 4 years ago and tomorrow I am supposed to call a school for mentally ill young people and I don't know what to think about that. Now you may ask yourself,why do I tell you this,because I don't have any real friends,just the ones you joke around with. And I can't talk about this with my familly and since there are a lot of friendly people around here,I figured that I atleast could ask for an advice. So if you bothered to read all of this and want to help me,I would kindly apreciate it. And sorry for my terrible english.
  6. Lenne

    R.I.P. Superhands

    Why did you make a whole new topic for this? :?
  7. Map packs are too expensive. Elite is dumb. Activision is bad. I want BO2 zombies now. These are my thoughts. Read this in an robotic voice. Because I feel like a robot right now. [brains]
  8. We don't know what happens between moon and the new map,maybe they will switch bodies again. But Richtofen stays in control,regardless of that. It was just a guess. ^^
  9. Yea,I know. But Takeo grew older from Der Riese to Kino der Toten aswell. "In Black Ops, Takeo's appearance has become noticeably different. He grew a mustache, his face looks older and he sounds older. He might have aged while teleporting 15 years into the future, which would explain his changed appearance although this is not likely as the others don't look or sound any older." Maybe that happened with Sam aswell. Just a guess. :roll:
  10. i believe you just found our first look at zombies Maybe it is Samantha and she grew older? Takeo did that aswell,right?
  11. It is interesting,not really disapointing. The campaign will be good,no doubt. I don't expect anything from the mp,because it has been bad since cod2. And honestly I can not see Treyarch messing zombies up. No,I'm not. :)
  12. Perks that shoud stay: Jugger,quick revive,sleight of hand,stamin up. Perks I don't mind staying:mule kick,double tap. Perks that should go:Phd,deadshot. I like this topic. [brains]
  13. I know what you mean and I know that my avatar is a meme. ;)
  14. You can't do this by default and you can only do this on 360. So,no,your point doesn't stand at all. It rather sits,on the floor. (I know,bad joke...don't judge me.)
  15. But not zombies. I would like it,but on this console generation it will not happen,it would be too laggy.
  16. Read the entire thread before you post anything,this already has been discussed. ;)
  17. #BlackOps 360 hotfix just went live. v64.10.9.13. Routine game maintenance stuff. From Vonderhaar's Twitter. It may could be something? Or maybe it really is just some "maintenance stuff" :lol:
  18. Maybe to tell us that all clues have been found,about it. Or maybe to give this site more recognition. :D
  19. There are 5 days left in April, however there are more than 5 boxes left...there are 12. :shock: Probably for trailers/videos/screenshots which wil be released during the time after the first trailer. :D
  20. 74u without a doubt. Regardless of that though,everytime I get "nostalgic",I just buy both. The m16 is a good weapon on moon aswell,since everytime you hack the excavator you can buy ammo on your way back. :)
  21. :shock: ...Can't wait... [brains] I alreaddy forgot how special it is to play a new zombie map. :lol:

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