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  1. The highest score i got was MAYBE 30 kills and something like 18 deaths. :x :| Got any tips for a higher score and tips for a higher KD? It would be great I'll give you some [brains] for GREAT tips
  2. Lol, thx bro! Yea you should read Phase 1, in my opinion it's better. And you really wouldn't know what's going on.
  3. Last time i wrote we sat there. Now, everything has changed. For my family at least. Let me get back to where I left off. We're sitting there, silent. Not moving, not talking. We only hear one moan. We don't hear anything else. We're to scared to go to a window and look to see if it's dark or at least sunset so we just start whispering. Talking so low we whisper into each other ears just to make sure we're quiet. But, we all know no matter what, if you even almost move they'll find you. Those things out there. And yes, they find us. We had no idea WHISPERING would be loud enough for them to hear us. Whispering in each other's ears. Even breathing, we're terrified that they'll hear us. Basically, when we say the first word, they're at the door. Wanting in, begging for food. But, not regular food. Our Blood, flesh and brains. They're hitting the door. Begging for it to open. Then they barge in. They all rush through, racing to see who can get the first food, since they've haven't eaten for days. We don't know what to do. We stand up and grab the few weapons we've gathered since the first day this whole nightmare started. We throw the few plates and bowls. Nothing happens. A few grunts and moans as if they're saying "Don't even try to fight out your death" or "Don't resist." CLIFFHANGER!!!! Phase 3 will be coming soon!!! :D
  4. Thanks alot guys. I will definately continue. Do you think i should continue but instead of saying the same things maybe the character gets stuck outside? Please post a few suggestions for, PHASE 2!
  5. I was trying to go to sleep. Trying to force my eyes shut. But, I could'nt. Not with the sounds outside. Screams. Cries. Moans and Groans. You may be asking what I mean by moaning. You know. The sounds those things make in the movies. Yep. The MOVIES. Fake. Not real. Thats what my old man told me when i watched those type of movies. "It's just a movie, boy, its not real." Nobody can say that now. All you have to hear is the sounds. The horrible sounds. And for some reason its at night. During the day its perfectly fine. Going to school. Eating with your fam'. Watching movies. Laughing and having a good time. But, everybody knows about what happens when it hits sunset. The things come back. At night, When were supposed to be sleeping. Dreaming. Instead, were locking doors and windows. Not moving because those things can sense fear and smell us from miles away. Gathering anything that will at least damage them. Anything will work on just one. If your lucky, you'll get just one. Mostly its hundreds of them. Thats when you need to be Silent. And if you make a peep, they're already banging at your door. Instead of sleeping i get up and walk into the living room where my familys doing nothing. Sitting there. Scared out of their minds, because they know they can't do anything with volume. You have to be absolutely mute. So, we wait till morning. Not talking. Not even looking at each other until morning. Its finally morning when we tell each other our expeirences of the day before. It's basically the same every day. Mom goes out to shop and has to speed back home before sunset. Little Billy crying to stay home because hes afraid he wont make it back home in time. Me telling him i'm going to school too and I always walk home with him and we make it back fine. Dad going to work, worrying about the things he loves more than anything. His family. And before sunset we talk as much as we can before we hear the first moan. That's when we don't do anything. Silent. How'd you like it??????? Should i do more????? PLEASE give advice and suggestions, jamienewman3
  6. I've heard that Black Ops Zombies mode was a test to see if anyone liked it. If they did, which OBVIOUSLY we did, they would make Black Ops 2 a full zombies game. Anyone hear this also???
  7. I usually encounter one of those almost every game, either a Know-It-All or a "Rape Train" Grenade thrower/ruiner. I'll be running a train and they'll either run through it and take it there selves and i'll have like 3 zombies left or they'll chuck grenades over and take all my kills. Gets REALLY annoying. Sometimes when someones running a train, i'll ask them FIRST and get their permission but, i don't throw grenades or take the train. I'll camp aside, WITH THEIR PERMISSSION, and shoot the zombies feet but not kill them, just getting hitmarkers. Good strategy for Huge amount of points. And they can also, of course, kill them. Wanna play together? Add: jamienewman3 Kino: 26 Ascension: 32 COTD: 16 Shangri La: 14??? Moon: 19
  8. I think Treyarch was just too lazy and i dont think it means anything. But i could see where you see the connection possible. Wanna play zombies? Heres my stats: Kino: 26 Five: 19? Ascension: 32 COTD: 16? Shangri-La: 12?? Moon: 19 If you want to play add me, PSN: jamienewman3
  9. They should release the 4 WaW Zombie maps for Black Ops for like $15 or FREE!!! Because I LOVED Der Reise and i HATE the graphics for WaW! I want the Zombie Maps with Better Graphics, Cleaner, and Sharper!
  10. Hey, i'm Jamie. I live in Hendersonville, North Carolina I play on PlayStation 3, Wii, and 3DS! I'm hoping to get an XBOX 360 soon! So anyways, I play CoD and AC on the PS3 most of the time! I am on YouTube if you want to check me out! If you want to add me go ahead! YouTube: jamienewman3 PSN: jamienewman3 WAW Zombies: Nacht Der Untoten: 32 Der Reise: 46 Black Ops Zombies: Kino Der Toten: 35 FIVE: 27 Ascension: 37 COTD: 18
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