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  1. I just want another good survival map. The Green Run sub-maps are tiny and disappointing while Nuketown didn't actually offer anything. And for the record, my name isn't Jack. I was just goofing around.
  2. Oh dear god no. The last thing anyone wants is ANOTHER Tranzit. Who are you, and why do you think you speak for everyone? Hi. I'm Jack. Everyone I know who owns and has played BO2 has hated Tranzit. It was very disappointing. The overall map layout was uninteresting and didn't feature much. Moving around is a pain because not only is 75% of the map is covered in fog, but the sub-maps are very puny and tight-closed. Which makes playing survival not fun at all.
  3. Oh dear god no. The last thing anyone wants is ANOTHER Tranzit.
  4. Honestly, I'd get rid of Nikolai. He's gotten way unfunny and annoying recently. In fact, 95% of the lines heard in Moon are Nikolai.
  5. There's a possibility of no dubstep. Wanna know why? Two words. Trent. Reznor. End of story. I hope Trent, Kevin, and Elena do the Zombie Music again. If Trent can make Quake sound cool, I doubt Zombies will be a problem.
  6. I'm pretty sure that second gun is an Ithaca 37. And the sniper is probably a Barrett m82. Update: After watching the video, it looks like the second gun is a pump shotgun with a collapsing stock.
  7. I've been wondering for a while now what kind of pistol he is holding. A lot of people have said it's the HK45 but the iron sights and the bottom rail look nothing like the one on an HK45. On the BO2 image, the rear sight has a screw for adjustment and the bottom rail is a bit spaced away from the gun. Two things that the HK45 doesn't have. I've also heard that it's a Desert Eagle, but it looks nothing like one. It seems like it could either be a tacticool 1911 or some other 9mm pistol. The rear sight seems to be a Springfield Armory made one, but the body design and bottom rail I can't seem to find.
  8. Here is a more complete list I made for another forum. Single Player: Add Training Level, American Levels, and British levels from Final Fronts into the campaign. (I'm pretty sure someone could probably go into the coding of the game and extract the maps and sound effects and such) Co-Op: More levels = more death cards. Spec-Op missions. Survival Mode. Zombies: Port/Remake Kino Der Toten from Black Ops, since it was originally intended for WaW. (Someone could use the beta Black Ops mod tools to help with that) Add "updated/modern" variants of maps that would add more perks and other features to maps. Multiplayer: Add British and other cut weapons (Sten, Lee Enfield, Bren, Grease Gun, Shoe box mine) Add maps based off the British Campaign Rebalance the weapons Add Gun Camo. (Was intended to be in WaW) Add more ranks Add the cut 4th Killstreak (Which was essiantally a bombing run) New game modes such as Gun Game, One in the Chamber, Sharpshooter, Kill Confirmed, and Classic mode (pre-set classes based on teams like in Call of Duty 1 and 2) Other additions: Hi-Res Textures More PC options like a fully functioning FOV slider. Controller support. NO PUNKBUSTER
  9. viewtopic.php?f=17&t=20754/ I have a mod idea that would suit your WW2 needs.
  10. 16 here as well. If they did the same thing as BO where it was a free bonus with hardened and Prestiege, I'd be fine. DLC wise...It'd make sense for it to cost something since porting maps over aren't entire easily. I can see things like Ascension and Moon being a pain in the ass to do. And on top of that, rather than 4, we're talking 8 maps. I guess. A good solution would be...I don't know. What I want to know is when the old WaW maps will be brought to BOZ on iOS.
  11. This. And what would be awesome is if that kept all the weapons to be appropriate. Like for example, you had to play through the WaW maps with WaW weapons.
  12. So...how will that work? Will it consist of old zombie maps modified to be played through? Like a linear Nact Der Untoten and Der Riese? If that's the case, that sounds awesome.
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