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  1. Does this mean I can finally meet Nikolai?? !
  2. I used to like it...well, LOVE it....but then... (I took an arrow to the knee.....jk) They changed it a lot, idk how, but It used to be a lot better!! It was always fun and I played it every. single. day. It seems it's harder to find survivors now, like they buffed them and their survivability in some shape or form.
  3. Call of Duty: Dinosaurs. JK!! Whatever they do, I hope they do it right >_> I personally loved the Modern Warfare franchise, I especially loved that they put Actor Craig Fairbrass in Every.Single.One of the MW games!!!!
  4. Yeah it is spelled Nikolai. It's very irritating to us Nikolai fans xD I think it's because Nikolai and Richtofen are soooooooo cyoooot together. That's a good theory that I support though, minus the illuminati. Nikolai isn't that evil.
  5. Interesting!!!! Why do you call yourself Killerussian?
  6. I like Rarity because she has a lot of the same problems I do, but my real favourite character is Minty from G3, but she's only found as a figurine and a future release doll in this new series....so Princess Luna/ NightMare Moon from G4 Like her, I feel misunderstood too. Glad to see more MLP fans though I'm glad to be your fellow Pegasister!! hehe Thanks for all of your warm welcomes :)
  7. Activision f*cked with the wrong people. If it happens, it happens. I'll understand.
  8. I absolutely LOVE werewolves, but I'm not sure I'd like to see them in Call of Duty.
  9. Hello Comrades! I've been on these forums for a few months now, I didn't introduce myself before though. I'll start by saying who I am, how I got my first xbox/got into Cod, & how new I am to CoD. Somethings may drag on, but it's your choice to stop reading. My name is Robyn. I'm 19 and from Las Vegas, NV, USA. I got my first Xbox on Black Friday 2011. (Yeah, I have the MW3 Xbox too) My boyfriend came to visit me from Australia and he'd never experienced Black friday before so we spent thanksgiving evening and into the morning of black friday standing in lines an
  10. I don't laugh at your opinions, I back you up when I can/when I agree with you. Hail Tankeo!
  11. That's why you don't [REDACTED] with anonymous. Seriously, how stupid can you be to pick a fight with people who are known to wreak havoc to servers and such? Why couldn't they just leave them alone..
  12. They'll really be catering to bronies/pegasisters :P
  13. Yeah, not nice at all. I did know Paradise was Shangri la but hey, it was a good theory.....thinking outside the box.
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