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  1. All around the SNN Storage area, in the swamp, through the little house....I feel it's the most difficult new place I've learned to train.
  2. 2 players, 4 players, 8 players, idgaf! As long as Nikolai's in the new blops game, I'm buying it.
  3. You're banned for disliking Rarity!!!! RARITY IS AWESOME! Even Spike thinks so!!!
  4. You're banned for having a loading screen that takes forever to load endless on your avatar. You're banned for having a double tap root beer avatar! Don't you realize how many bullets you're gonna waste? lol
  5. I was currently doing a Kino game when I updated...now I can't teleport...it closes the app :\ What to do...what to do.
  6. I hope it's Ascension!!! Can't wait :3 I hope they add Thundergun soon as well..
  7. Heya Mods! I'd like to apply for the Nikolai group, here's my video proof, I'm sorry if it's bad quality, I made sure to create 3 videos just for extra confirmation. My gamertag for Xbox is VitreousOcean if you need any further proof (SNIPPED) Round 32 on Der Riese- I went down like a boss lol (SNIPPED) Round 31 (SNIPPED) End game. Thank you for adding me to the group!!!!!! I really appreciate it!!!!!!! :3!!!!!!!!

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